Analysis of Hemingway’s “A Clean Well Lighted Place” Essay Sample

Writers use many tactics to uncover a character’s personality. In the short narrative. A Clean. Illuminated Topographic point. Hemingway exposes the properties of his characters through narrative and duologue. The older waiter’s features are exhibited through the waiters’ conversations and the observations the storyteller makes. The writer smartly associates the older server with the old adult male. This connexion gives the audience a clear apprehension of the solitariness and old age the server faces.

The older server in Hemingway’s narrative identifies with the old adult male. This is apparent through the statements he makes to the younger server. In the begining of the work the younger server is kicking about the old adult male remaining at the coffeehouse. The older server takes up for the old adult male by explicating that the old adult male. “stays up because he likes it” ( Hemingway 160 ) . This is the initial clip that the older server indicates that he identifies with the old man’s feelings. This designation becomes more evident farther in the work. For case. the older server categorizes himself as being one. “of those who likes to remain tardily at the cafe” ( Hemingway 161 ) . With this declaration. the older server topographic points himself in the same group as the old adult male. Hemingway’s comparing of the old adult male and the server becomes unmistakable through the words of the older server.

Loneliness and old age are the common bonds that the older server portions with the old adult male. This is manifested through the duologue between the two servers. For illustration. when the younger server boasts about his young person and assurance. the older server jealously answers. “I have ne’er had assurance and I am non young” ( Hemingway 161 ) . The older server goes on farther to exemplify that all he has is work. The older server later displays his solitariness through his compassion for the old adult male and others like himself. For case. when the younger server comments that he wishes to travel place for the dark. the older server says. “I am loath to shut up because there may be some one who needs the cafe” ( Hemingway 161 ) . Through the author’s comparing of the old adult male and the older server. he reveals the waiter’s solitariness and desire for young person.

The narrative communicates the personality of the older server. For illustration. the storyteller depicts the old server as. “not dressed to travel home” ( Hemingway 161 ) . The writer is connoting that the older server will be in hunt of a imbibing country. much like the coffeehouse. after the cafe stopping points. Similar to the old adult male. the older server does non desire to travel place. Subsequently in the narrative. the older server is at a saloon imbibing. The storyteller references that. “it is excessively late at dark for conversation” ( Hemingway 162 ) . This image reminds the reader of the old adult male sitting mutely entirely at the coffeehouse. Again the audience sees the old man’s solitariness illustrated in the older server.

The connexion attaching the old adult male to the older server enabled the reader to acknowledge the waiter’s solitariness and broken spirit. The conversations between the two servers besides discloses many of the older waiters’ dispositions. Hemingway reveals his character through address and statements by the storyteller.


Jenn Smith
Instructor Brian Lambert
May 3, 2015
Christianity and the Religions Essay
Can Christian dialogue with other religious traditions be a part of the calling to proclaim the GospelThis message additionally characterizes the relationship of the Christians to individuals from different religions, and the way that the Church relates to them. This does not require a fearful separation from these individuals, their understanding of God, their manifestations of love, or their morals. Understanding that these are individuals who are additionally adored by God, the Church should relate to them consideration and respect. Christians look for contact with individuals from different religions and are not put off by things that at first have all the earmarks of being outside and incomprehensible. Taking after their bonus to witness additionally to Muslims that they are God’s dearest manifestations, these Christians will likewise remain for appreciation for the Muslim religion (Zaehner, 78). This, in fact, reflects the dignity and consideration with which God experiences each person.
 The Christian mission incorporates the witness to the Triune God, who, through Jesus Christ, liberated individuals to enter genuine humankind. For the Protestant Church, staying noiseless on this affirmation, and not imparting it to the followers of different religions is impossible. That would render the experience, even with Muslims, not exactly honest to goodness from the earliest starting point, and steer it in the wrong direction. The Christian religion discusses God in the assurance that God is indeed uncovered to humankind through Jesus Christ (James, 75). Individuals can unequivocally depend on God’s truth as communicated in the Bible. Indeed, even individuals who talk about the Triune God are not ready to possess this truth or make their particular utilization of it. They remain miscreants who rely on upon this truth to free them from sin and blame. They…

Seligram Case Study Essay Sample

There are chiefly three factors taking to the failure of the bing system at ETO. First. there has been a steady diminution in direct labour hours per tonss and fewer trial tonss. Such a diminution is chiefly due to an increased dependance on seller certification. which is a cardinal constituent of JIT bringing. Number of trials being done by ETO reduces because the providers did the testing by themselves. Second. there is a displacement from simple review services to broader-based trial engineering. Although ETO provides technology supports on complex parts. outside proving services are even cheaper. esp. on big tonss when merely simple testing is required. Last. the bing testing equipment is acquiring out-dated and is unable to get by with the gait with new developments in high-technology constituents. Besides. the really expensive extremely machine-controlled equipment is required to prove the new high-technology constituents. That equipment provides longer trial rhythms and more trial informations per portion. Such an increased mechanization would cut down direct labour needed to absorb depreciation costs for ETO.

Charges for proving travel up due to an addition in burden rates. Therefore. ETO notices that the figure and frequence of ailments from the clients are amplified.

Question 2

The Reported Cost of 5 Components under the Existing System

ProductDLBurden=DL*Burden RateAllocated Overhead

ICA $ 917 $ 917*1. 452246. 65

ICB20512051*1. 455024. 95

Capacitor10941094*1. 452680. 3

Amplifier525525*1. 451286. 25

Diode519519*1. 451271. 55

Total:12509. 7

The Reported Costs of the 5 Components under the System proposed by the Accounting Manager ( Two-Cost Pool )

ProductDirect Labor $ DL $ RateMachine HourMachine Hour RateAllocated Overhead

IC A9171100. 418. 514802580. 4

IC B 20512461. 24032005661. 2

Capaciter10941312. 87. 56001912. 8


Diode519622. 8129601582. 8

Total12767. 2

Reported costs of the five constituents described in the system proposed by the adviser

ProductDL DL rate * 0. 2Main Test * 63. 34Mech. Test * 112. 63TOTAL

IC A917183. 4538. 391126. 32765. 09

IC B2051410. 2886. 762928. 396276. 34

CAP. 1094218. 8190. 02506. 8532009. 673

AMP. 525105253. 36112. 63995. 99

DIO. 519103. 8443. 38563. 151629. 33

Total13676. 423

As for the comparing of the 3 methods used. the first method. the bing 1. would comparatively bias against occupations with high direct labour cost but low machine hours. But for the 2nd method. the one proposed by the accounting director. penalizes occupations with comparatively more chief machine hours than mechanical machine hours. The 3rd method. the one proposed by the adviser. is comparatively the best among the three as it divides direct labour cost from the machine cost ( Main-Test Room and Mechanical Test Room ) . which makes more sense and more just. giving a more accurate estimation. The downside of it. 1000. is that this method would increase the entire cost

As for recommendation. we would propose the company to apportion their cost harmonizing to the existent use of the stuff. With the cost being driven by the ingestion of the resources. the production capacity is likely to be at it’s fullest as it utilizes the resources more expeditiously. It besides has a higher opportunity of ciphering the true cost of a merchandise which would take to better direction determination.

Question 3:

Under the bing system. whether the fabricating division of Seligram should be required to buy their proving from ETO depends on the simplicity/ complexness of the review services. Since “low technology” outside research labs is frequently cheaper. particularly on big tonss. the division should be required to buy the proving from outside services. On the other side. since “complex parts” require sophisticated technology resources in which ETO has its competitory advantage in making that. Therefore. ETO could supply cheaper. rapid and cost-efficient technology services. the divisions should buy their proving from ETO. Furthermore. the bing accounting system may profit these “complex parts” by apportioning relatively low fabricating operating expense of ETO to those complex parts.

Under the new cost accounting systems. the divisions should buy their testing for both low and high engineering parts from ETO. Implementing two- and three-burden-pool systems utilize separate load centres for accounting could apportion the load costs based on machine hours and rate per direct labour dollar. Both of the new systems are more sensible and relevant than the bing one in footings of load costs on machine and direct labour. Although the apportioning cost for the “complex parts” would hold a relatively higher load of overhead allotment than that of the original accounting system. this higher per centum of allotment would truly reflect their cost of review. Therefore. it would let directors to do better determination since the allotment of overhead cost is more sensible and relevant.

Question 4

If we include the new machine in the chief trial. the new Main test’s load rate:

= [ Original load + ( First twelvemonth Depreciation cost + Engineering demands + Estimated operating expense ) ] / ( original machine hr + new machine use )

= 2103116+ ( 500000+75000+250000 ) = 2928116

= 2928116 / ( 33201+400 ) = 87. 14

The cost allotment would be as follows:

@ DLDL Rate * 0. 2 Main Test * 87. 14Mech Test * 112. 63Total

ICA917183. 4740. 691126. 32967. 39

ICB2051410. 21219. 962928. 386609. 54

CAP. 1094218. 8261. 42506. 8532081. 073

AMP. 525105348. 56112. 631091. 19

DIO. 519103. 8609. 98563. 151795. 93

Entire @ @ @ @ 14545. 123

The above method merely multiplies the original chief trial machine hours by the new chief trial load rate. However. non all the occupations would utilize this new machine. Besides. the “machine hours” of the chief room assigned to the above merchandises would be different from those of the new machines. Therefore. this method over simplified the state of affairs by apportioning the cost harmonizing to the original machine hours.

To undertake this issue. we could handle the new machine as a separate cost centre. In this scenario. we would merely use 10 % of the new machine. Therefore. the entire 1st twelvemonth hours of the new machine use would be equal to 4000hrs*10 % . The load rate assigned to the merchandises would be calculated as follows:

( First twelvemonth Depreciation cost + Engineering demands + Estimated operating expense ) /total hours*utilization per centum

$ 825. 000 / ( 4000hr*10 % ) = $ 2062. 5 per hr

The new machine’s load rate would be allocated harmonizing to the occupations which really use it. In other words. we merely allocate the cost of machine to the relevant occupations. As a consequence. the cost allotment would be based on the relevant activities and could be more dependable.


great talkers are never great doers
“you zip up your lips” . I am impartial, rather neutral ,towards this because  both aspects of this statement justify my thoughts .The first quote can be seen in the perspective of day to day life when we  see our on fellows talking so much, planning and rather building castles in the air as if they have got a key to control the world ,you put your hand  under your chin and nod on their great plans but at the end, we know….the result would be total fiasco .Why? Because the energy they wasted on explaining their plans and to others had left them with very less for doing it. It would be hilarious. Look at it as local politicians’ point views who with their great tummies, big mouths, always utter so many benevolent and consolidating words that our poor people beguiled that tomorrow would be a changed world. No!!! it will not be because as usual the people would be crumbling under the sky rocketing inflation.Take the example of our journalists who criticize a lot but never out reach a point of change but in return get the enmity of politicians. Look at our history before partition if Mr. Jinnah had not great speech capabilities and strong voice, who would have listened to him. If his words were not evident how a revolution would have emerged!!! Not only him! Abraham Lincoln was a good orator his words sewn in the hearts of people. The great leaders were excellent talkers but not just mere talkers, their actions and approach was strong enough which dragged a nation from a dismal state to an epoch of happiness where prosperity hugged them.To conclude I would give my own saying rather view: “Unless you talk, you can not persuade people but when you do so, then your actions themselves assembles to bring a change for betterment”.
Charity is universal duty.
Charity means helping the poor and needy persons. Being charitable is one of the good nature of the person. This proverb expresses that it is a moral duty of everyone of…

Do you respect your life

Respect! Respect! Respect! I do respect my life in the way I want and respect it to be the best person I could be. For respect is of outmost dignity. I respect myself, my life is secured and you should respect yours.I love my life and from then on love it to the fullest and I always dream about how my life will change for the better and do good.I am loving my way of life and I bet that I will have a good future if I persevere.I am the power, I am the magic and I am the fire.I will be the strongest and the mightiest person that I can be and I will win the fight and be the most intelligent person in my own imagination.For imagination is the righteous justice and life be there and face it with pride.Pride is my light and I shall love my lifestyle and be a better person.I love myself so much that I do not want to be injured and I want to get well. I dream a lot of winning, of gaining my dignity, of gaining magic to do magical tricks and what to do about my life.
I love the way things are and I love it too greatly.In conclusion, I respect my life and I cherish it to the maximum. Therefore, I do respect my life. I believe you will respect your life as it leaves you proud and strong. You will learn to be ready for a better life and treat yourself better as well.

Television Violence and its Effects on Children Essay Sample

Frequently thought of as one of the most absorbing innovations of the Twentieth Century. telecasting has doubtless become a major portion of our lives. supplying us with amusement and information. However. much of what is on the telecasting today involves force. Why? Because viewing audiences want to see action and exhilaration. which normally involves something being blown up. or person being shot. The lone job is that many of these viewing audiences are kids. They watch so much violent telecasting throughout their lives. one must inquire if it has any consequence on them at all. After reexamining all the grounds. it is obvious that violent telecasting screening does affect kids in a negative manner.

By the clip a kid becomes an grownup. he has witnessed over 144. 000 Acts of the Apostless of force on a telecasting screen ( APA. 1997 ) . These Acts of the Apostless of force are absorbed by a child’s head. and the kid learns about violent Acts of the Apostless. and how to perpetrate them. through telecasting. But does this mean that merely because a kid tickers force on Television. they will perpetrate these Acts of the Apostless of force in existent life? There is grounds to turn out that yes. kids do copy what they see on telecasting. By the age of three. kids frequently imitate characters they see on telecasting ( Ledingham. 1993 ) . Oftentimes. what a kid is watching on telecasting involves an act of force. and hence a kid. at some point or

another. will perpetrate an act of force in existent life. due to what he learned from Television ( Ledingham. 1993 ) . When a kid tickers violent actions that are either rewarded or non punished on telecasting. the chance of copying the behaviour additions ( Ledingham. 1993 ) .

As a kid ages. they become more mature and get down to understand that what is on telecasting is non what world is like. By the clip they are adolescents. most have learned right from incorrect. and they are less likely to copy violent Acts of the Apostless which they learned from telecasting. However. this does non intend that force on telecasting does non hold a negative impact on kids and immature adolescents. A 1993 survey by the American Psychological Association ( APA ) found that “viewing force additions desensitisation to force. ensuing in callused attitudes towards force. ” What this means is that as a kid grows. they begin to accept force as a normal facet of their lives. At first. mild Acts of the Apostless of force are considered normal. But as a kid continues to watch Acts of the Apostless of force which get more and more violent in nature. they begin to see these Acts of the Apostless as portion of their mundane lives. which can take to jobs ( Leone. 1995 ) . Because of this desensitisation towards force. a individual acquiring round up or an carnal being hurt may look normal to the kid. who may even take part in these Acts of the Apostless of force.

Another fact to indicate out to turn out that force on telecasting has negative effects on kids is that violent scheduling increases the viewer’s appetency for going involved or exposing themselves to violence ( APA. 1993 ) . This is a chilling fact. because it means that after watching violent Acts of the Apostless on Television. a kid wants to see more force. and even be involved in some type of violent act. This fact goes manus in manus with the fact that violent offenses have increased well since the debut of the telecasting. lifting more and more as shows become more and more focussed on force ( Josephson. 1995 ) .

Many people have realized that force on telecasting is altering the manner kids act and express themselves for the worst. One solution is to maintain kids from watching violent shows. and therefore the kid will non be affected by the violent Acts of the Apostless on Television. This is the chief ground why the “V-Chip” was created. a device which blocks out shows that contain force. sex. drugs. etc. However. the V-Chip can merely make so much. It is obvious that kids will ever be able to entree violent telecasting shows. whether at a friend’s house. or in a place without the presence of a V-Chip.

Another solution that has been implemented is to “create struggle without killing” ( Leone. 1995 ) . Michael Landon. star and manager of the hit telecasting show “Little House on the Prairie” . managed to include moral lessons into his shows. While force was sometimes present. the focal point was non on the existent force. but instead its effects ( Leone. 1995 ) . This
solution is likely a really effectual tool in cut downing the sum of force on telecasting. the lone job is that most shows do non and will

non cut down the sum of force in their Television shows. Violence sells. and every bit long as it continues to make so. force will ever be a major portion of telecasting plans ( Ledingham. 1993 ) .

There are many people who believe that violent Acts of the Apostless on telecasting have no consequence on kids. Many parents frequently use their ain childs as grounds. stating that their kid has watched many violent plans with no sick effects. While this may be true. it does non intend that every other kid out there who watches violent telecasting will move the same manner that the one male child did.

Still others believe that violent scheduling has positive effects on kids. A kid releases built up choler while watching violent Acts of the Apostless. and hence a kid is less likely to perpetrate violent Acts of the Apostless in existent life ( Leone. 1995 ) . There is no existent grounds to turn out this theory ; instead. there is much grounds against it. such as the fact that violent offenses occur more and more as force in telecasting rises.

It is obvious that force on Television has a negative consequence on its viewing audiences. particularly kids. While the V-Chip and telecasting shows like Little House on the Prairie do cut down the sum of force seen on telecasting. there will ever be a show on telecasting that portrays violent Acts of the Apostless. The best manner to battle force on telecasting prevarications in the parent of the kid ( Ledingham. 1993 ) . It is their responsibility to supervise what a kid tickers. and be cognizant of any possible effects that violent plans might hold on their kids. A parent who talks about violent shows with their kid is a really effectual manner to cut down the opportunity that violent plans will hold inauspicious effects on their kids. Violence on Television is happening more often than of all time before. and hence the parent’s occupation of maintaining an oculus on their child’s telecasting sing wonts is more of import than of all time.


1 ) American Psychological Association ( APA ) . Violence on Television. APA Public Communications. May 1997. Internet Site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. apa. org/pubinfo/tv/violence. hypertext markup language

2 ) Josephson. Wendy L. Television Violence: A Review of the Effectss on Children of Different Ages. Canada: Minister of Public Works and Government Services. 1995.

3 ) Ledingham. Jane E. The Effects of Television on Children. Ottawa: National Clearinghouse on Family Violence and Prevention Division. 1993.

4 ) Leone. Bruce. Violence in the Media. San Diego: Greenhouse Press. 1995.


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HIS 105 Assignment 1.2 – Impact of Industrialization After the Civil War on American Society
After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865 and 1920.
You have already developed a thesis statement and developed an outline in which you identify three main points relevant to your topic. Now you will develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail.
Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:
1. Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statement.
2. Identify three (3) major aspects of industrialization during 1865 and 1920 that influenced U.S. society, economy, and politics. Consider issues such as geography, entrepreneurship, legislative representation, etc. Explain your responses with specific examples and details.

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HIS 105 Assignment 1.2 – Impact of Industrialization After the Civil War on American Society
Course Home Work, HIS 105…


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Evaluating performance
Source:New Straits Times
Date: 03-07-2004
Author: Andrew A.L. Tan
WHAT is the ideal ratio of “soft” and “hard” skills to render excellent
performance? Does Pareto’s principle, the 80/20 rule, apply? To be
effective and efficient managers, does the ideal combination consist of 20
per cent technical (hard) skills and 80 per cent managerial and people
(soft) skills, or the other way around? Or is it a combination of 30/70,
40/60 or even 50/50 Business is all about people skills and technical skills. Human
resources training is undertaken to equip managers and executives with
leadership qualities, management skills, business acumen and technical
know-how. Issues of competence and professional skills are as important as
the ability to get along with your superiors, peers, colleagues and
It has been said that if the paymaster does not like the messenger,
chances are that he may not even read the message, let alone appreciate
how well it is written. The most excellent designs or brilliant business
proposals will have no chance of being read by the people who count.
Indeed, we need to rub people the right way. Such is the scenario of the
manner the game is being played, or you end up being the loser.
As a leader or manager, there is a need to harness the positive skills
sufficient to get along with others and implement the business plan with
the rest of the team until its successful completion and achieving set
corporate goals and objectives. It will also assist a great deal in
reducing inevitable conflicts. How should a company evaluate performanceHere are some yardsticks.
Staff evaluation/appraisal. The following are some attributes that
* Fast and quick action to the boss’ instructions
* Understand the boss’ thinking and requirements
* Ability to organise and schedule priorities
* Ability to…

Statement of purpose Essay Sample

My friends depict me as a pleasant. hardworking. and a helpfull adult female. My most distinguishing features is pro-activeness which I possess in my nature. I am a adult female with proficient aptitude and an involvement in direction. I have a passion for going and understanding differnet civilizations of the universe. Both my parents being teachers’ subject was imbibed at a really early age. Having done my early instruction in a rural country like XXXXXXXXXXXX with limited resources. I scored good and carry my farther surveies far off from place in CCCCC. I was able to get by with new environment and civilization with easiness and was one of the top scorer in my section.

My technology grade has given a strong foundation to my analytical accomplishments since Electronics Engg. involves complex and intricate computations and applications of math accomplishments. I was besides in the oranizing commitee of “ZZZZ” – a inter college tech fest and for EEEEE event – assocation for electronics pupils. All these elements gave me a wide mentality. with changing grades of cognition. assisting me to turn as an person.

Over the past three old ages. I have been associated with XXXXXXXXX. My occupation responsiblities includes Clinet Onboarding procedure and keeping client Customer satisfaction. I was one of the initial two members onboarded for my Client YYYYYYY. My dedication and pro- action made it possible for client to believe in us and shortly our undertaking grew. increasing it to a 20 members team. This undertaking required me to believe in myself and take excess duties. I initiated intial preparations and Sessionss for new joinees of the squad. Therefore. started taking the squad at a really early phase. I believe that this alone blend of experiences has made me a more confidant adult female determining the individual what I am today.

I’m peculiarly interested in the facets of direction related to entrepreneurship. scheme and invention. which I want to prosecute. The interdisciplinary nature of the plan at your establishment will decidedly assist me to accomplish these. Last but non the least. by agencies of this plan I intend to acheive the undermentioned – & gt ;

1. Develop new concern theoretical accounts to pull off operations expeditiously.
2. Identify new gross watercourses.
3. Establish new theoretical accounts by incorporating engineering and direction rules.

Throughtout my carrer I have been persistant and dedicated. hence was able to pull off my professional and personal life efficaciously. I aver that I shall use every chance given to me to the best of my abilities. I will be much obliged if I am admitted into your establishment. With the counsel of your high Professors. substructure. rational capacity and an amicable environment. I unfeignedly believe that my aims will be met to the fullest.

Sphinx restaurants

Table of Contents
1.Characteristics of the company 1
2. Market Analysis 2
Industry trend 2
Direct competitors 2
SWOT analysis 3
3. Market segmantation 5
Recommendations 6
1.Characteristics of the company
Sphinx-this is the first and largest chain of restaurants from casual dining segment in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. It is a chain restaurant of the company Sfinks Polska. Beside the Sphinx, the company also runs chains such as: WOOK and Chlopskie Jadlo. Whereas WOOK is the chain restaurant which offers Asian food, Chlopskie Jadlo specializes in the traditional polish cuisine that is widely popular not only among Poles, but also among foreign tourists. Moreover, Sfinks Polska plans to develop additional services such as: delivery of dishes, takeaways and catering services.
First restaurant of Sphinx was opened in Lodz city in1995. Currently, under the aegis of the Sphinx operate nearly 100 restaurants throughout the country. The restaurants of Sphinx are mainly located in the big shopping malls or on the main streets of cities. Sphinx restaurants are also available in Czech Republic and Hungary.
Tasty dishes with fresh ingredients, unique atmosphere, and high quality service make Sphinx different from competitors and help to build great popularity among its customers. The most typical dish that they offer is so called “shoarma”-grilled dish, which is inspired by cuisine of Middle East. In addition, Sphinx serves international cuisine with a wide selection of meat dishes, including delicious steaks, fish, vegetarian food and various types of pizza, pasta, salads, snacks and dessert. The restaurants have unique climate and design with lamps made of original gourds which attract customer to spend wonderful time with family and friend while enjoying delicious dishes and high service quality. 2. Market Analysis
Industry trend
Poles have spent 25.1 milliard zloty to eat outside at last year.1 This was the record; because in…