”5 O’Clock Shadow” by Sir John Betjeman Poetry Analysis Essay Sample

In Sir John Betjeman’s verse form “5 O’clock Shadow” . imagination. nonliteral linguistic communication and enunciation create a complex tone of dejection and hopelessness. uncovering the fright of deceasing entirely. From the rubric and first line. it is apparent the talker is a male and he is forced to remain in the “men’s ward” located in a infirmary. It is flushing because the verse form portrays a sense of going ; from the doctor’s who have left to play golf to the alleged “loving family” who has gone place to bask tea and telecasting. The “shadow” as referred to in the rubric is decidedly connoting a deeper. nonliteral significance and non merely the actual 5 O’clock shadow on a man’s face. A shadow can hold two different significances. One is “to cast a somberness or darkness” while the other is “to shelter and protect” . The talker is left entirely and “betrayed” one time everyone has left. There is no light to look at or believe in. the lone thing left is darkness and purdah. which is what a shadow can stand for. It is besides dry that a shadow is meant to supply protection because once the physicians and household members have left ; the talker is left to fend for himself. nothingness of any mental or physical protection.

When Betjeman says the auto engines are revving. he has now provided an audile sense. which enhances the imagination and allows the reader to be placed in the speaker’s place. A auto engine “revving” or “starting up” portrays a new beginning. The auto must get down before it’s allowed to venture on its way. However. because the talker is trapped in this infirmary room. he will ne’er be able to be revved up. or travel anyplace outdoors of those walls. In add-on. “changing gears” could mention to the alteration between life on Earth and life after decease. Throughout the verse form. it is apparent that the inevitable awaits the talker. He is left hopeless. expecting his decease. as everyone else carries on with their day-to-day lives. Soon. he will be altering cogwheels from this tiring. ghastly universe. to whatever the hereafter has in shop for him. Another significance for the “changing gears” could be that one time the household has left his bedside. they are allowed to morph back into their usual. normal lives. off from the talker. whom will ne’er acquire to see what it’s like to alter cogwheels back into a normal life.

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