“Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions” (Smith & Lunde, 2013, P.1). Dementia is Latin for “without mind,” it does not mean crazy as most people assume. There are three stages: an early-to-mild, a moderate, and a severe state of Alzheimer. “This disease’s progression can last for up to twenty years, depending on the health and unique circumstances of the individual” (Wolfelt & Duvall, 2011, p xi). As we age forgetting things are normal, but with Alzheimer’s it puts a hold on life, for everyone involved.
Usually the onset of this disease is very subtle. “Often only in retrospect do family members put the pieces together and recognize the diseases early symptoms” (Wolfelt & Duvall, 2011, p. 1). Alzheimer’s takes its time and over the course of many years it slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Since Alzheimer’s can ultimately leave its victims helpless; unable to perform the simplest of task and completely reliant on another for survival. “Gender, ethnicity, and especially age affect a person’s odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease” (Berger, 2007, p. 663). “A person who inherits ApoE4 from only one parent, as one fifth of all people in the United States do, has about a 50/50 chance of developing Alzheimer’s by age 80; those who inherit the gene from both parents almost always develop Alzheimer’s by their 90s” (Berger, 2007, p. 664).
“At first, increasing forgetfulness or mild confusion may be the only symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that you notice” (Smith & Lunde, 2013, par.1) When someone has Alzheimer’s, they are the first to notice when they are having difficulty remembering things. Forgetting the name of an acquaintance, or to lose track of where one put their keys, is completely normal, but when it affects a person’s ability to function at work and home, it becomes a problem (Smith & Lunde, 2013).
People with Alzheimer’s may: repeat statements and questions over and over, not…

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