Amy Tan and Richard Rodgriguez Essay Sample

Language is the system of words or marks that people use to show ideas and feelings to each other. Language has an urge on a individual that allows them to do ties with a certain society. therefore giving them a cultural designation. When occupants of another state come to America and talk a contrastive linguistic communication to English. immigrants most likely feel uneasy holding to accommodate to a wholly new civilization and larn the English linguistic communication. During this journey. the individuals’ cultural individualities might melt away every bit good as losing their efficient eloquence on their native linguistic communication. In Amy Tan’s. “Mother Tongue” and Richard Rodriguez “Aria: A Memoir of A Bilingual Childhood” . both writers experience the troubles of linguistic communication barrier and adjusting to a different life style in order to develop as an person in the United States.

Having a cultural individuality can do the populace to see you as “different. ” Due to this affair. the “normal” persons will seek to avoid any interaction with you. This is one of the obstructions immigrants have to confront when accommodating to the American civilization. In the essay. “Aria: Memoir of a bilingual Childhood” written by Richard Rodriguez. Rodriguez experienced the battles of being a bilingual Hispanic being raised in the American society. Rodriguez’s household was considered as “foreigners on the block” and sometimes the neighbours would do them experience unwelcomed. For this ground. Rodriguez felt intimidated and felt the demand to go forth behind his Latino civilization. He allows the reader to see his alteration from standing out to suiting in. from talking his “intimate” linguistic communication – Spanish to talking English and transitioning into the American civilization.

Rodriguez accentuates you must be fluent in a public linguistic communication in order to “belong” and be able to take in “social or political advantages” in able to accumulate a “public linguistic communication. ” Rodriguez continues to confirm that. “The societal and political advantages I enjoy as a adult male consequence from the twenty-four hours that I came to believe that my name is so “Rich-head Road-ree-guess. ” Rodriguez supplications that the public linguistic communication. which for this state of affairs is English. will supply better chances for those who are able speak the “public linguistic communication. ” For Rodriguez the “public language” exposed him to greater chances that he would non be have been able to hold entree to if he did larn the English linguistic communication.

In an admirable essay that describes linguistic communication deeper than merely words. speech pattern Markss. punctuation. and letters. but to demo us depth of a individuals worth. Amy Tan discusses “limited” or “broken” English – a linguistic communication she uses with her Chinese immigrant female parent who isn’t fluent with the English linguistic communication. The linguistic communication that Tan describes as “limited” is really personal to her. In the essay. Tan says. “It’s my female parent lingua. Her linguistic communication. as I hear it. is graphic. direct. full of observation and imagination. That was the linguistic communication that helped determine the manner I saw things. expressed things. made sense of the universe. ” Tan attempts to demo us that her female parents “limited” or “broken” English is tantamount to the “right” English. but it shaped her into the individual that she is today.

In Tan’s text. she suggests that our first or chief linguistic communication that we learned has an consequence on how an person will look from the outside looking in. The spoken communicating we use plays a major function on the individual we develop into and how different our position can be for certain state of affairss – our personal individualism is linked to our linguistic communication. Tan shows the readers that immigrants like her female parents who are non fluid in English tend to be discriminated for the deficiency of “intelligence” they have due to them being from a different state. For this state of affairs. their public image is perceived to others as stupid – which is frequently wrong.

Tan portions personal experiences about how her female parent was treated. “People in section shops. at Bankss. and at eating houses did non take her earnestly. did non give her good service. pretended to non to understand her. or even acted as if they did non hear her. ” There was besides a state of affairs where an chesty infirmary staff claimed they lost her trial consequences and denied her petitions. She was treated in a disrespectful mode due to the fact that she spoke “broken” English. When Tan demanded her female parents test consequences talking her “correct” English. the hospital staff apologized and fulfilled her female parents petitions. This shows the power of linguistic communication. one can be identified as an uneven one out. and frequently unreasonably treated as an inferior.

I am non an immigrant. but from personal experience my parents were one time “aliens” to this state. After 20 old ages. they still sometimes struggle seeking to understand the American civilization. I remember when I was younger. besides like Tan. I’d be embarrassed hearing my female parent speak on the phone with a representative seeking to pay a light measure. or hearing my male parent talk to the teller at a food market shop. But as I grew older. I am eventually recognizing to encompass my civilization. I love being able to talk and to the full understand two complete different linguistic communications. I realized this is who I am. this is where I come from. and this linguistic communication shaped me into the individual that I am today. Both Rodriguez and Tan express that they and their households over came a conflict with being immigrants and come ining into the United States. Language is the system of communicating used by a peculiar community or state. It is besides important facet to our public individualities. The two writers taught us to ne’er bury and encompass our cultural individualities.

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