Animal testing Essay Sample

Many adult females and misss apply makeup every forenoon. When seting on make-up or using a small Cologne or aroma. most people do non hold to worry that it will harm them in any manner. We all merely anticipate our cosmetics to be safe. but how precisely are they tested to do certain they are safe? To do certain these merchandises are safe we test them on animate beings. That leaves the testing to be done on animate beings. At first. it seems like a good thought to prove on animate beings. Testing on animate beings seems like a good manner to do certain that cosmetics are safe for worlds to utilize. until we realize that animate beings are in no manner similar to worlds. Animals have fur. their tegument is different. their organ make-up is different. and they even feel pain otherwise than we do. “The merely cosmopolitan theoretical account for a human-that is. one which would outdo predict what would go on at a given end point across the full scope of chemical constructions. concentration. etc. – is other humans” ( Ojeda 105 ) . This proves that we can non merely prove on animate beings. but that farther testing still has to be done on worlds to do certain that the merchandise is safe for worlds to utilize. Testing cosmetics on animate beings should be banned because there are better. more humane. ways of proving cosmetics to do certain that they are safe.

A manner to do it so we will non hold to worry approximately harmful chemicals in cosmetics harming worlds would be to utilize all natural ingredients. Most natural ingredients are non as harmful to the human organic structure. “Natural decorative merchandises and makeups are safer. healthier options particularly when these merchandises are composed of all natural ingredients” ( Stryker ) . Some natural ingredients can even hold positive effects. Some all natural foundations can assist clear acne. When we stop and think about what is really in our make-up. how much of it is truly natural and how much is chemically do in a mill? Some cosmetics have 100s of unidentifiable chemicals in them ( Stryker ) . When we look at it that manner. it seems like a much smarter thought to utilize natural substances in cosmetics.

Another manner to prove the safety of cosmetics would be to prove on voluntaries. Many college pupils and people with a low income are really despairing to gain money. If companies offered to pay people to prove cosmetics. it would make more accurate consequences. Peoples will still reason that this is inhumane. but if people volunteer to prove the cosmetics. it is their ain duty. Animals don’t have a pick if they are to be tested on or non. but yet that is non considered inhumane. A great manner for companies to prove cosmetics. and for people to do some excess money. would be to prove on voluntaries.

There are assorted other ways that a merchandise could be tested for safety. One manner merchandises could be tested would be to prove on felons. Many people would reason that this is a really inhumane manner of proving cosmetics. What about captives that are on decease row or are functioning life in prison? These captives are merely sitting in prison making nil. They could be put to utilize by proving cosmetics for companies. Many people may reason that proving on felons is barbarous and unusual penalty. They deserve to be punished if they have committed such a big offense that they have to function life in prison. Testing cosmetics on felons would be a better manner to do certain that they are safe for worlds. It would besides be cheaper to prove on worlds instead so maintain them in prisons. “Prisons cost taxpayers more than $ 32 billion a twelvemonth. Every twelvemonth that an inmate spends in prison costs $ 22. 000” ( Fortunato ) . Cosmetic companies could pay prisons money to prove on the captives. This would take the cost of maintaining people in prison off from revenue enhancement remunerators. It would be cheaper in the long tally to prove on decease row captives or people who are functioning life in prison. than to maintain them at that place. We should be proving merchandises on captives because it would be cheaper. and the captives would acquire the penalty that they deserve.

Animal testing is a really unneeded manner of proving cosmetics. Many companies have already found ways of non proving on animate beings. so why is it so hard for big companies to follow along? There are many better ways of doing certain that cosmetics are safe. instead so to prove on some hapless animal. Why even bother to prove on an animate being if it won’t even show similar consequences that a homo would? Possibly if we stopped purchasing trade names that test on animate beings. they would see that they are conduction their safety methods the incorrect manner. We need to acquire the message out to these companies that this needs to halt now. but they merely manner that will go on is by people taking a base and offering better signifiers of decorative testing.

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