Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas Essay Sample

In reexamining attacks to ethical quandary. we were asked to pick a instance survey and discourse the ethical issues at manus and the attack that we personally would take. I chose instance figure 15. The undermentioned paragraph is an debut to the instance. Shandra was a senior in her concluding semester of the Health Information Management ( HIM ) . She was merely get downing her concluding class. every bit good as her Professional Practice Experience. Shandra was engaged to Andre. the Assistant Director of Respiratory Therapy at St. James Medical Center. Andre’s foreman. Henri Pioche. the Director of Respiratory Therapy. had been rumored to be in bad wellness. Shandra had a 4. 00 grade point norm. She had high hopes of going a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) conformity specializer after graduation ( a freshly created place being created at St. James Medical Center. the lone infirmary in the country ) . Her Professional Practice Experience was traveling to be at St. James Medical Center. On the first twenty-four hours of orientation. Shandra was required to subscribe a confidentiality understanding. since her Professional Practice Experience would set her in a place of being in direct contact with really personal and private information.

Shandra was making really good in her Professional Practice Experience Program. finishing all the undertakings put before her with easiness. As Shandra settled into her plan. she began taking tiffins with her fiance and his colleagues. Shandra heard the rumours that Henri Pioche. Andre’s foreman was ill. One twenty-four hours. Shandra and Andre were entirely on a interruption ; Shandra asked Andre if the rumours were true. Andre wanted to progress into his boss’s place. should he so be ill. Andre. without straight inquiring Shandra to go against HIPPA Torahs. expressed how much he would wish to happen out if the rumour was true. Shandra. holding entree to all the hospital/patient information. accessed Henri Pioche records and found that he was in fact ill. that he had late had several really serious diagnostic trials run. Shandra shared that information with Andre. Andre approached Henri Pioche. his foreman with the rumour and told him he wanted to be of aid and would be honored to take on more duty. Andre went as far and state he would happy to step in every bit Interim Director should Henri Pioche need to take an drawn-out leave of absence. Henri Pioche was non ready to portion any information about his unwellness and was outraged that somehow person had gotten his private information.

Henri Pioche called the Information Manager and a computing machine log was run to see who had accessed his information. Bing familiar with these computing machine logs through school. Shandra knew she had been caught. When confronted. Shandra admitted what she had done. Shandra’s actions could decrease possible for employment in any place at St. James Medical Center for several grounds. First. she signed a confidentiality understanding and defaulted on that contract. Second. she violated HIPAA Torahs. Both are evidences for legal action and immediate expiration in any health care puting. I am non certain Shandra could of all time reconstruct any opportunity of being hired by St. James Medical Center. in any capacity where she would be in direct contact with privileged information. The infirmary would be even more apt since they would hold advanced cognition that Shandra had violated policy before. should she make it once more. the infirmary would confront immense liability. Shandra should ne’er be considered for the place of HIPAA conformity specializer after graduation because she has proven she does non hold the fortitude to stay by HIPPA and infirmary policy. It is a affair of character. Shandra. after go againsting both the HIPPA policies and the confidentiality understanding. should non be allowed to go through her Professional Practice Experience.

She should hold to reiterate it at another installation. Although St. James Medical Center has ever had an first-class relationship with the University in respects to hosting pupils and housemans. this stray incident will at the really least. do the infirmary weary of the University’s plan and the pupils and intern that they allow in their installation. if non do the infirmary to end the relationship all together. The University will travel along manner in maintaining the relationship if they present the infirmary with a new and improved orientation to their Professional Practice Experience Program. This new orientation should stress Confidentiality Agreements and HIPAA policies. The internal and external forces that impact this instance are multi-layered.

Internally. we have the neglect for conformity of the confidentiality understanding and the blazing neglect for the HIPPA Act. the really same Act that most of Shandra’s schooling was based upon and the really Act that brought forth the place she was so interested in obtaining. The external forces are the University’s relationship with the infirmary and the relationship with the fiance . The legal issues addressed in this instance are the misdemeanor of the HIPPA Act and the default on the confidentiality understanding signed by Shandra the first twenty-four hours of orientation. All and all. every bit rough as it may look. to take away any opportunity Shandra has at working at the infirmary. and to neglect her in her Professional Experience Program at the University and protract her clip to graduation. there truly is no other method of managing the instance of Shandra and the HIPPA misdemeanor. Shandra. although immature. exhausted four old ages larning about information direction in the health care industry. and with one little push from her fiance . Shandra violated some of the most of import ethical criterion she had been taught. She compromised her ego and put her ego in a place of misgiving. Shandra should hold to confront all the effects of her actions. If she is let off the hook. because she is a pupil. there will come a clip and topographic point where she does this once more. and at that point the harm could be even greater.

Grebner. L. A. ( 2009 ) . Ethical motives instance surveies for wellness information direction. Clifton Park. New york: Cengage.

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