“Balaki Ko, ‘Day, Samtang Gasakay Ta’g Habal-habal” by Adonis G. Durado Essay Sample

Analyzing a verse form can be a truly difficult undertaking to carry through. Basically. you have to read it. Normally. these verse forms would be written in English. so that would hold been an easier project. but someway our group was assigned with the one written in Cebuano. So. now we don’t merely have consider its beat and metre. its imagination and symbolism ; now. we besides have to decrypt its significance and. if possible. interpret it into the cosmopolitan linguistic communication. Upon reading and rereading the Cebuano verse form “Balaki Ko. ‘Day. Samtang Gasakay Ta’g Habal-habal” written by Adonis G. Durado. we eventually came up with an analysis.

Adonis Durado’s verse form describes a really common state of affairs in the provincial countries – a habal-habal drive – but the alone thing about this habal-habal drive is that when you yourself see the words articulated by the character you would cognize that it has a romantic and somehow animal feel to it. The talker. the driver of the habal-habal. state his rider. a adult female who is most likely his lover. to keep on to him tighter for him to experience her pulse more clearly against his dorsum. His privation for her to cleaving to him tight can be interpreted as an look of love. This craving of physical familiarity between the characters suggests of immature love. as immature twosomes normally act as if they can’t acquire adequate of each other and has to hold their custodies on each other invariably.

The verse form besides has an about sexual tone to it. The term “habal-habal” comes from the word “habal” . which is a Cebuano term for animate beings mating. Since a habal-habal bike drive makes the riders and drivers seem like a clump of animate beings mating. they coined the term “habal-habal” . This sexual tone can besides be proven from the usage of nonliteral linguistic communication suggested on the 14th to the 16th lines of the verse form. every bit good as its concluding 6 lines which concludes an orgasm-like stoping to the verse form.

Chiefly. the verse form is about a immature twosome who go for a drive on a habalhabal. with the driver utilizing the propinquity as a ground for the miss to be intimate.

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