Brain Death Essay Sample

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A immature girl’s instance drew national attending and fueled argument as a ferocious tribunal conflict unfolded between devastated household members contending to maintain her on a ventilator and physicians reasoning she’d already died. Family members say the eighth-grader was watchful and speaking after physicians removed her tonsils. pharyngeal tonsils and excess fistula tissue in a surgery. The immature miss went through the surgery mulct and was awake. qui vive and speaking. Not long after the surgery. the immature miss began shed blooding abundantly. went into cardiac apprehension. and is now encephalon dead. From what you have learned in the stuff this hebdomad. reply the undermentioned inquiries.

• Ethically. is encephalon decease non every bit concluding as cardiac decease? Why or why non? This all depends on what the doctor’s. tribunals. Judgess. and households decide on what decease really is for said patient. Furthermore. the encephalon is such a complex organ with several different hemispheres. cipher truly knows all the enigmas the encephalon has to keep. and cipher knows if it is possible for the encephalon to mend that much harm to a organic structure over clip.

• How does the Prudent Person Rule apply in this instance?

Yes this does use to the instance because this immature miss came into the infirmary for a simple surgery taking her tonsils. pharyngeal tonsils. and excess fistula tissues. And was shortly determined encephalon dead after get downing to shed blood abundantly. and went through cardiac apprehension. intending the serious disfunction of an organ.

• In your sentiment. could this calamity have been prevented? If so. how? In this instance I don’t know the particulars of this said instance. because there is so many losing pieces between pre-op and post-op that I’m unsure of how this really happened to find if this calamity could hold been prevented.

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