“Chicago” by Carl Sandburg Essay Sample

“Chicago” . written by Carl Sandburg is a strong meaningful verse form exemplifying the pride and assurance that pours out of the metropolis of Chicago. Throughout the verse form he points out the defects of the metropolis. but at the same clip challenges the reader to happen another metropolis as olympian despite its defects. He admits that first feelings of the metropolis are negative. but there is more than meets the oculus. Behind all its fume and haughtiness is a metropolis built upon a foundation of assurance. pride. and creativeness. Sandbur’s curious usage of nonliteral linguistic communication truly defines the verse form. His extended usage of personification throughout the full verse form sets the temper and flow of the narrative. Sandburg personifies the metropolis of Chicago to give it traits of assurance. haughtiness. vainglory. finding. cunning and pride. This is apparent throughout the full verse form from “Under the fume. dust all over his oral cavity. express joying white dentitions. ” ( 30-31 ) to “Bragging and express joying that under his carpus is the pulsation. And under his ribs the bosom of the people. Laughing! ” ( 36-38 ) .

From these lines. Sandburg is merely stating that if the metropolis were human. it would demo braggart and confident features. Besides present in this verse form is great illustrations of metaphors. In one line. Sandburg compares the metropolis of Chicago to an evil Canis familiaris ready to assail. ( 7 ) Despite a twosome of lines. every stanza is fluxing with nonliteral linguistic communication which strongly dictates the subject of the verse form. Upon reading the first stanza. I believed Sandburg’s purpose of composing the verse form was to commend his hometown of Chicago. After reading a spot more I changed my hypothesis of Sandburg’s to an effort to diss the blowy metropolis. The verse form disguises itself. and reveals its true individuality in the last two stanzas. Sandburg uses a instead somber tone throughout most of the verse form. but in world it is non a cheerless verse form at all. Most of the negative sounding cons in the verse form are non really intended to pique the metropolis at all. Alternatively. Sandburg is merely acknowledging that the metropolis has many defects. but when it’s all said and done no metropolis is comparable.

The writer really has great pride in his metropolis. as do the characters he portrayed. The existent message of the verse form is that behind all of its mistakes. Chicago is a proud. confident and at times braggart metropolis. Citizens of Chicago are proud to be difficult working blue collared mean Joe’s. and although people can set down their metropolis. nil can deprive them of their pride. I enjoyed this verse form. chiefly on the fact that it kept me thinking. It kept me focused on what I was reading. because to be honest for most of the verse form I didn’t know Sandburg’s message behind the words. The verse form had an first-class flow throughout and the last two stanzas truly characterized it. My favourite line of the verse form came in line 13 when Sandburg says. “I leer at those who sneer at my city” . I would be interested in reading more of Sandburg’s poesy. and am funny about the messages and tone of his other plants.

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