Jenn Smith
Instructor Brian Lambert
May 3, 2015
Christianity and the Religions Essay
Can Christian dialogue with other religious traditions be a part of the calling to proclaim the GospelThis message additionally characterizes the relationship of the Christians to individuals from different religions, and the way that the Church relates to them. This does not require a fearful separation from these individuals, their understanding of God, their manifestations of love, or their morals. Understanding that these are individuals who are additionally adored by God, the Church should relate to them consideration and respect. Christians look for contact with individuals from different religions and are not put off by things that at first have all the earmarks of being outside and incomprehensible. Taking after their bonus to witness additionally to Muslims that they are God’s dearest manifestations, these Christians will likewise remain for appreciation for the Muslim religion (Zaehner, 78). This, in fact, reflects the dignity and consideration with which God experiences each person.
 The Christian mission incorporates the witness to the Triune God, who, through Jesus Christ, liberated individuals to enter genuine humankind. For the Protestant Church, staying noiseless on this affirmation, and not imparting it to the followers of different religions is impossible. That would render the experience, even with Muslims, not exactly honest to goodness from the earliest starting point, and steer it in the wrong direction. The Christian religion discusses God in the assurance that God is indeed uncovered to humankind through Jesus Christ (James, 75). Individuals can unequivocally depend on God’s truth as communicated in the Bible. Indeed, even individuals who talk about the Triune God are not ready to possess this truth or make their particular utilization of it. They remain miscreants who rely on upon this truth to free them from sin and blame. They…

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