Civil Rights Movement Essay Sample

The Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s was necessary because of the fact that African Americans were being denied their rights as citizens during that clip. This was largely seen in the Souths system of legal segregation. The Civil Rights Movement helped with many issues. The first would be Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow Laws made it so that inkinesss couldn’t marry a white individual. black and Whites had to utilize separate installations. black and Whites used separate schooling. and etc. The Civil Rights Movement took this away leting inkinesss and Whites to utilize the same installations. schools. assorted matrimonies. and etc. Another is Brown V Education. This was a instance in which the tribunal ruled province Torahs doing separate schooling for black and white pupils. Blacks did non larn the same. got the old books. and etc. The Civil Rights Movement helped with allowing inkinesss get the same instruction as Whites had. Another was Emmitt Till. Emmitt Till was beaten and killed at the age of 14. by two white work forces. that say they were seeking to learn him a “lesson” .

He went into town and bought something. he so handed the lady his money alternatively of seting it on the counter to allow her catch it. He said a comment. in which her instance was “bad” . That dark. she went and told her hubby about what had happened. Her hubby and his half brother had went to the house he was remaining in. and kidnapped him. They so took him to an abandoned hovel and round and shooting him right in the caput. His slaying affected the Civil Rights Movement highly. At his funeral. his ma wanted them to go forth the coffin unfastened so that the media and many others could see what they had done to her babe. Another is Small Rock Nine. They sent nine inkinesss to Little Rock Central High School. which was an all white school.

Many Whites were ill-mannered to the nine black childs and bicker at them. walked behind them and yelled “lynch um” . and many other average comments. merely one after another. The Small Rock Nine challenged segregation. they drew attending to the impact of the integrating crisis. which their entryway to the school sparked a countrywide crisis. Last but non least. Plessy V. Ferguson. It was an incident about segregation with “Separate but equal” . The 14th amendment guaranteed separate but equal protection for all citizens. and it ruled that segregation of public installations was approved. Thankss to The Civil Rights Movement. it helped set up the rights for inkinesss in which they all couldn’t battle for. They had equal rights as everyone else. were able to utilize installations. acquire same instruction. segregation. and much more.

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