Consumer Awareness Essay Sample

The gradual development under the Scopess offered by globalization and broad economic system has increased the figure of consumer related issues. Consumer protection has earned an of import topographic point in the political. economic and societal dockets of many states. India is potentially the largest approaching market with consumer wonts promoting for the maker. But a broad economic system brings with it its portion of concerns for the incognizant consumer. Manufacturers are non frequently concerned about the quality of goods and services and their impact on the wellness of people and the environment. Alternatively of the consumer steering the manufacturer about what should be produced. it is the manufacturer who decides what the consumer should desire. Ad doubles the job doing the people fleeceable and enticing them to purchase merchandises without complete information. It becomes imperative that we teach our consumers to be cognizant as broad economic system is fastly replacing old theoretical accounts.

Typical consumer ailments involve faulty goods. ill-defined footings and conditions. unjust monetary values and unrevealed wellness or environment dangers. In instance of comestible merchandises. non all the ingredients are known and some of them might be harmful. Manufacturers rarely follow the safety ordinances in the merchandises like electrical contraptions. cement. LPG cylinders etc which may ensue in fatal accidents. Adulteration in milk. comestible oil and other such mass consumed merchandise leads to large scale consumer terror. Severe environment jeopardies may be unleashed by certain merchandises taking to chemical instability in dirt and H2O.

The conflict for consumer protection has to be fought by many bureaus. The Government has to play an of import function. by ordaining suited Torahs and implementing them efficaciously. India has been detecting 15th March since 1989 as the National Consumers’ Day. India has been internationally praised as the lone state in the universe which has sole tribunals for consumer redressal. But over the old ages. its failure on assorted foreparts shows that it is required to be made more fleet and hassle-free as no consumer has much of clip or disposition for it. Parties found guilty must be black-listed and acted against in public involvement. Govt. should utilize the platforms of mass communications to convey characteristics of consumer consciousness in English every bit good as regional linguistic communications. Formation of consumer groups should be encouraged and supported. Policy shapers. bargainers and consumer representatives must be co-ordinated by authorities and they should work aboard for best terminals.

Govt should hold a machinery to look into environmental and wellness viabilty of consumer merchandises and they shouldn’t be brought into market without proper certifications. Misleading advertizements must be dealt with purely. Further. the authorities must edify the concern community on its ethical and legal duties to keep quality of the merchandises. services and to be crystalline in covering with consumer. Secondarily. the manufacturers must be given to ordinances and guarantee proper labeling. sharing of information. wellness warnings. termination day of the months etc. The methods of production must be in scrutiny and complacence shouldn’t set in as to the monitoring of quality. Third. consumers themselves have the societal duty of exposing the maker or the service supplier for fall backing to illegal trade patterns. Consumers need to recognize their function and importance. The consumer motions can be winner motions merely with our active engagement by cognizing our rights and implementing them. It requires a voluntary attempt affecting the engagement of one and all. If the consumers remain inactive. they will go on to be exploited. It is necessary that consumers take action with solidarity to acquire a just trade and seasonably redressal.

Conclusively. it can be said that current scenario leaves a batch to be desired and monolithic re-organization is called for earlier prodcuts start hitting our country’s deep deferrals in a large manner. Without an effectual scheme. the job will decline so multiple creases. But if appropriate steps are taken. an watchful consumer base. mammoth in proportions and guarded by good executed Torahs. will develop. This is a gift for any state that aspires to maintain order while developing at break-neck gait.

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