“Continuum” by Allen Curnow Essay Sample

“Continuum” is a poem written by New Zealander Allen Curnow in which he illustrates his intended subject equivocally. yet unfeignedly. The construction. along with the tone and overall authorship quality of the verse form. introduces to the reader a disagreement of uncertainness and emotions that reveals the author’s rule motive. but non instantly the true reconditeness behind this work of art. Curnow gives off to a obscure start ; nevertheless. the reader is still able to acknowledge a glooming surroundings – chiefly created by the reduplication of the moon’s lonely presence in the dark sky. Immediately. we are able to detect that he was really doing a mention to himself. This could be because of the fact that he feels entirely ( to the similitude of the Moon ) . or possibly because he believes that an debut of his exclusive character is undeserving of a reader’s attending. He so emphasizes on his defeat with his inability to believe consciously. and his disorganised flow of ideas implies to us that he is really easy going from his craftsman. poetic ego. Soon thenceforth. he proceeds from what is thought to be his sleeping room to the porch of his house hurriedly plenty as to pretermit have oning his places ahead. He looks at the outside universe as a dark. washed out topographic point.

The significance behind this could really perchance be that he himself experience washed out of the unjust existence he exists in. or that his aesthetic thoughts are being washed out of him. As he admires two clouds in the sky. he refers to one of them as his opposition. an opposition that sits in a ‘dark place’ that seems to suit everything capable presenting a job to him. This adversary. as he calls it. fluctuates harmonizing to the air current. implying that he has no control whatsoever of the obstructions he is confronting in life. His bipolar insensateness of clip and temperature may stand for his old age or insanity due to insomnia. On the other manus. the sudden cold he feels in his pharynx as he admires the washed out universe can really good stand for his coming to a realisation. In that minute he realized that he did non belong where he was. so much. that he cringes merely at the idea of it. It is about as if there was two of him at one time – his poetic ego and his current insane ego.

It is implied that merely creative persons can hold the privilege to look up to to beauty of the universe that is in fact non so beautiful on his behalf. and so he so proceeds to pick up what he claims as ‘litter’ ( which may be mentioning to his plants of literature ) . as he stealthily gaits back to his sleeping room as if ashamed of his unworthy composings. which have cost him his topographic point in the universe of poetry. In decision. this verse form can be seen as obscure and even somewhat self indulgent. Allen doesn’t even seek to do it easy to understand ; nevertheless. the simpleness of the construct is where the beauty of the verse form lies. The several beds of absurd combinations of words. enjambement. and metaphors convey a certain deepness of confusion. and one must set an attempt to understand the author’s curious manner in order to truly see the poem’s significance.

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