Does the Media Create News Essay Sample

An Ukranian slave-girl. who by purposeful intriguing succeeded in going non merely the married woman of. but besides a most influential advisor to Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. one of the most famed swayers of the Ottoman Empire. Roxelana is besides known as Khurrem ( “The laughing One” . Hurrem in modern spelling ) or Rossa ( mentioning to her Ukranian-Russian Orthodox beginning ) . 401320456628500

What was traveling on during the Ottoman Empire during Roxelana’s life? During Roxelana’s life. the Ottoman Empire was under the regulation of Sultan Suleiman. The Ottoman Empire was easy get downing to weaken due to the onslaughts from the Safavid Persians and the failure to suppress Vienna. The Empire had already started disintegrating and the armed forces had started to go corrupt. How could Roxelana improve/save the Ottoman Empire? What is your program? Roxelana could hold saved the Ottoman Empire by non uncovering Mustafa’s plans to subvert Suleiman. That would hold made it possible for Mustafa to go the following Sultan. and the Ottoman Empire would hold been stronger since Mustafa was trained to be an emperor from a really immature age. It would hold helped to halt the diminution of the Ottoman Empire.

Why is Roxelana important to the Ottoman Empire? What was her “claim to fame” ? Roxelana was the favourite consort and subsequently the legal married woman of Sultan Suleiman. She achieved power and influenced political relations of the Ottoman Empire through her hubby and played an active function in province personal businesss of the Empire. Roxelana’s claim to celebrity was when she uncoiled Ibrahim’s secret plan to take over the place of Suleiman and revealed Mustafa’s program of killing his male parent. Suleiman. What was the significance of Roxelana’s life/actions on the Ottoman Empire? ( Why was it of import? ) Roxelana’s actions were important non merely for the adult females in Harem but all of Ottoman Empire. She made the programs of Ibrahim and Musa about catching Suleiman’s populace. ensuing the choking of Ibrahim and executing of Mustafa who was to go the replacement of Suleiman.

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