Drunk Driving Visual Argument Essay Sample

It is believed that a image is worth a 1000 words. and that can non be any more true than in respects to anti-drunk drive propaganda. These runs expose the harsh world behind imbibing and drive. with the expectancy that they will cut down the sum of fatal clangs that unluckily happen on a day-to-day footing. The images shown are frequently in writing and unsettling. a technique used by the runs in order to present a strong and powerful residuary message. The ocular attached comes from an anti-drunk drive run located across the Earth in Thailand and goes absolutely with was merely described. Because this is a world-wide calamity. states are contending back through rigorous penalties to those who are caught driving under the influence and besides with the aid of advertizements which present a strong rhetoric. like the one presented.

The ocular statement shown is of a adult male in his mid mid-twentiess. taking down a shooting of what appears to be liquor. Obviously. the “shot” of vodka is being depicted as a existent “shot” . one that is bing him his life. The dorsum of the man’s caput is being blown out as if the “shot” was coming from a existent piece. Portrayed as the slug. projecting outward from his braincase is a bantam Ag auto ; so basically. the shooting glass is stand foring a gun in an act of self-destruction. with the cause of self-destruction being the auto. The natural image shown is meant to halt people who have been imbibing. from come ining an car and put on the lining their life. This peculiar advertizement contains no catchy slogan. statistics or rubric. simply the powerful and dramatic image that leaves viewing audiences rubing their caputs. The fact that this ad contains nil but the dramatisation of imbibing and drive is so influential that many of the environing states of Thailand have caught on and begun their ain anti-drunk drive runs.

Presentation of the ocular is a strong ground for the statement being so converting. The image is singular ; it is a high contrast exposure with a big sum of ocular entreaty. The image of the splinter auto moving as a slug. blaring through the dorsum of the man’s caput is traumatic but draws the spectator in. When analysing the rhetoric. it is apparent that the ad leans more to a poignancy entreaty than a Son or ethos entreaty. even though those are presented in lower sums. The deathly in writing shows a great trade of emotional entreaty and works with the poignancy entreaty to carry witnesss to non imbibe and drive. Ethos and Sons are shown but in little doses.

The overall message being projected is meant to convey logic to the viewing audiences head and assist them to recognize that driving under the influence is a drastic error that should be avoided at all costs. Ethos is besides touched upon in the political orientation that driving and drive is a foolish error. Together the three work in partnership to make a powerful and convincing ad that will go forth witnesss panting.

Drinking and drive will do unsafe auto accidents and kill the individual that drinks. every bit good as those involved. While decease is non a direct cause of imbibing. driving a vehicle under the influence is. Therefore. the auto stand foring a slug in the scenario.

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