Earthquakes and Volcanoes Essay Sample

As Humans existences populating on Earth we all have to yield to a natural catastrophe of some kind. Whether that may be a terrible electrical storm. twister. hurricane. or a Magnitude 9 temblor there is ever a fiscal effect for most of these natural catastrophes. After a temblor occurs the state affected by the temblor has to reconstruct and reconstitute their state back to where it was before the temblor occurred. The overall job is a state that might non hold sufficient financess to reconstitute after a temblor could be a large job to how the state can travel back to where it was earlier.

My Hypothesis is a state with a low GDP that has been affected by a temblor. will endure a longer clip than a state with a higher GDP that was affected by an temblor. Magnitude would intend a batch on the recovery procedure but I think the country’s GDP is a immense factor to assisting the recovery of the state and conveying it back to where it was before the temblor occurred. If a state does non hold sufficient financess to run efficaciously. it would be difficult for them to recover from a catastrophe that has halted the country’s economic procedures by devastation. decease. and famishment.

The method I plan on utilizing to construe my informations and look into the cogency of my hypothesis is look at the relationship of states who had temblors in the recent old ages and expression at the GDP of the state before the temblor occurred and two old ages after the temblor struck. The deadliest temblors from the old ages 2004-2011 will be used for the informations because these are the temblors that caused the most harm and would impact a country’s GDP more drastically. I have chosen 5 states to analyze China. Japan. Indonesia. Peru. and Haiti. I chose these states because there is a huge difference in their GDP and it would demo a broad assortment of how the GDP could alter.

The graph below depicts the GDP rate before and after the temblor occurred in a state. The clip difference for the GDP was 2 old ages. which seemed like an equal clip for a state to assist retrieve from a temblor with a magnitude greater than seven. The Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate against the clip after a catastrophe occurred measured the information. The X- axis represented the states that experienced the temblor. and the Y – axis represented the Growth Domestic Product Growth Rate ( Percentage ) for each state. The ground a saloon graph was used was because the saloon graph represented the alteration in GDP compared to a line graph and the ocular representation could be clearly seen on the states recovery from a temblor. All the informations represented from the graph came from Central Intelligence Agency. gov.

The information showed a tendency that a state like Peru. was non prepared for a natural catastrophe compared to other states across mistakes. Japan a state with a high GDP was able to derive some strength after the 2011 temblor and even showed growing in their GDP rate. Indonesia was besides able to demo growing in GDP rate after the 2009 temblor. China showed a bead in GDP after the 2008 temblor. Haiti’s GDP rate stayed the same after the 2010 temblor. The states with the larger decease tolls had more difficult of a clip retrieving from the temblor except for Japan.

The Hypothesis did non hold adequate supporting informations. The clip frame did non precisely show the GDP rate during recovery. There were excessively many immaterial factors that led to the decision of my informations. The fact that from 2008-2011 there was a planetary recession did non assist the fact that the GDP would travel down. I would besides look more closely to the estimated cost of amendss and the sum of assistance received from foreign states for the catastrophe.

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