Employment Law Compliance Plan Essay Sample

Per your petition. I have formulated an employment jurisprudence conformity program for a Mr. Galvan. Mr. Galvan is a Human Resources Representative for Bollman Hotels and the hotel concatenation is presently located in Minneapolis. Minnesota with hopes to spread out into the international market. get downing off with India. The hotel concatenation presently employs 25. 000 employees and they plan to increase the work force by 25 % in their new location. The intent of this memoranda is to supply a program that can be incorporated into the concern schemes for a successful entry into the international market. This memoranda will analyze several employment Torahs and the punishments of disobedience. The US and India’s employment Torahs every bit address minimal pay. equal rights and chances. favoritism. restrictions and prohibitions on employment of kids. I combined both US and India employment Torahs for consistence in conformity aligned with company policies and guidelines in the US. Below is a list of applicable employment Torahs and effects for disobedience:

1. Minimum Wages Act 1948
2. The Child Labour ( Prohibition and Regulation ) Act. 1986
3. Equal Remuneration Act. 1976
4. Delhi Shops and Establishments Act 1954 Minimum Wage Act 1948

The US Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) provides criterions for the basic minimal pay and overtime wage for private and public workers ( Cascio. 2013 ) . India has a Minimum Wages Act of 1948 that sets rewards for the different economic sectors and State authoritiess have minimum pay agendas. and another article that covers the prohibition of child labour under 14 old ages old in mill. mine or risky work environment ( Delhi Labour Department. 2014 ) . Disobedience of the minimal pay act are really dearly-won. The authorization can implement punishment up to 10 times the difference in minimal rewards that was outstanding and paid. Child Labour ( Prohibition and Regulation ) . 1986

Child labour is a serious act and surpasses internationally. In the US. employers who violate child labour Torahs are capable to high mulcts for each kid. In India. the Child Labour ( Prohibition and Regulation ) Act prohibits the battle of kids below the age of 14 old ages in certain employments and regulates the conditions of work of kids in certain topographic point of employments ( Delhi Labour Department. 2014 ) . Disobedience with the employment of any kid or permits any kid in the businesss. in which employment is prohibited will be sentenced to prison up to one twelvemonth and/or receive a all right no less than 10. 000 Rupees ( 162. 00 USD ) . Equal Remuneration Act. 1976

The Equal Pay Act 1963 requires equal wage for work forces and adult females making well equal work in footings of accomplishments. attempt. and duty and working conditions in the US ( Cascio. 2013. p455 ) . The Equal Remuneration Act of 1976 purposes to supply for the equal payment of equal wage to work forces and adult females workers and for the bar of favoritism on the land of sex against adult females in the affair of employment ( Delhi Labour Department. 2014 ) Harmonizing to the Act. wage means the basic pay or salary and any extra payments payable­­ to a individual employed in regard of employment or work done in such employment. if the footings of the contract of employment. express or implied. were fulfilled” . ( Delhi Labour Department. 2014 ) . Disobedience of the commissariats of the Act. the effects provided is a all right which shall non be less than 10. 000 rupees. but which may widen to 20. 000 rupees ( 325. 00 USD ) or with the imprisonment for a term of 3 months or more depending on the badness of the discourtesy. Delhi Shops and Establishments Act 1954

The aim of the Act is to modulate the working and employment conditions of worker employed in stores and constitutions including commercial constitutions. The Act by and large provides for arrested development of working hours. remainder intervals. overtime. vacations. leave. expiration of service. care of stores and constitutions and other rights and duties of the employers and employees ( Delhi Labour Department. 2014 ) . Disobedience can take to a all right no less than 25 rupees and can widen to 250 rupees. Punishments can besides include imprisonment up to three months. Recommendation

Bollman Hotels should do it their mission to stay in conformity with the Torahs presented in the memoranda. The organisation should besides retrieve the effects before perpetrating any improper act. Employment Torahs are really built-in to a company and being in conformity with set Torahs. an organisation can derive a great presence in the international market.

If you have any farther inquiries. delight allow me cognize.
Kendre Adams

Cascio. W. F. ( 2013 ) . Pull offing Human Resources: Productivity. Quality of Work Life. Profits ( 9th ed. ) . Boston. MA: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Delhi Labour Department. ( 2013. March ) . Acts Implemented. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Delhi. gov. in/wps/wcm/connect/doit_labour/Labour/Home/Acts+Implemented/

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