great talkers are never great doers
“you zip up your lips” . I am impartial, rather neutral ,towards this because  both aspects of this statement justify my thoughts .The first quote can be seen in the perspective of day to day life when we  see our on fellows talking so much, planning and rather building castles in the air as if they have got a key to control the world ,you put your hand  under your chin and nod on their great plans but at the end, we know….the result would be total fiasco .Why? Because the energy they wasted on explaining their plans and to others had left them with very less for doing it. It would be hilarious. Look at it as local politicians’ point views who with their great tummies, big mouths, always utter so many benevolent and consolidating words that our poor people beguiled that tomorrow would be a changed world. No!!! it will not be because as usual the people would be crumbling under the sky rocketing inflation.Take the example of our journalists who criticize a lot but never out reach a point of change but in return get the enmity of politicians. Look at our history before partition if Mr. Jinnah had not great speech capabilities and strong voice, who would have listened to him. If his words were not evident how a revolution would have emerged!!! Not only him! Abraham Lincoln was a good orator his words sewn in the hearts of people. The great leaders were excellent talkers but not just mere talkers, their actions and approach was strong enough which dragged a nation from a dismal state to an epoch of happiness where prosperity hugged them.To conclude I would give my own saying rather view: “Unless you talk, you can not persuade people but when you do so, then your actions themselves assembles to bring a change for betterment”.
Charity is universal duty.
Charity means helping the poor and needy persons. Being charitable is one of the good nature of the person. This proverb expresses that it is a moral duty of everyone of…

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