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The verse form “Poem of Hatred. ” by Sayeed Abubakar centres on the thought of the stupidity and frailties of humanity. The verse form itself gives a radical call. and the poet conveys his message by utilizing political relations and the psychological behaviour of worlds. His strong usage of words draws out the reader’s emotions. and allows them to grok the dark subject of the overall verse form. Each stanza besides contains a assortment of different sub-topics. which can change from historical events to the overall behaviour of worlds. seen as a society. The emotion plays as a trigger that helps the reader comprehend the verse form clearly. Many elements are constructing blocks to his verse forms. Therefore. the major elements Abubakar implements into his work impact how the readers comprehend the subject because his strong usage of enunciation. the assorted utilizations of figure of addresss. and the clear imagination presented throughout the verse form.

The choice of words used within “Poem of Hatred. ” expresses the chief point of the verse form. The most normally used word in the whole verse form is “fear” . The usage of “fear” is a word normally associated with the tone of hatred and dark subjects. Multiple words besides harbor the thought of fright. as seen through the line. “Which manner a huffy Canis familiaris detests H2O for its hydrophobia” ( Abubakar 1 ) . The word “hydrophobia” itself. literally means the “fear of water” . Rather than utilizing the word “thirst” . the poet implies the Canis familiaris has a serious and dry disablement. while the word “thirst” could merely connote the Canis familiaris has a minor craving for fluids.

Readers can experience the temper of the verse form. given the assorted deep. melancholic words. Abubakar besides includes many irreversible and incurable diseases worlds face to darken the temper as a whole. “But tell me. o buttocks work forces. Which malignant neoplastic disease makes work forces such boneless like earth-worms? Bing affected by tuberculosis” ( Abubakar 5 ) . Diseases such as malignant neoplastic disease. TB offer a sense of hopelessness. and failing in people’s heads. This failing crumples a person’s head until they fight back the thought of decease. This strong emotional behaviour displays the grim personality of people. in which many can see is a human’s ignorant. unsavory trait. Overall. the enunciation in each stanza. lines express the overall temper of hatred.

Multiple lines use assorted types of figure of address. such as metaphors and similes. Not merely is its exclusive intent is to do the verse form sound more originative. it besides continues to construct off the cardinal subject of hatred. The enunciation Abubakar implement into each line builds his clever metaphors and similes. “When people detest war and decease like a dead rotten rat that spreads unbearable bad smell” ( Abubakar 1 ) . This line compares the attitude of worlds towards war and decease. to the odor of a rat cadaver. The poet implies the bitter. rancid odor of a dead rat is comparable and similar to a human’s attitude towards decease. Death and the physical traits of decease are what many worlds fear. However. fright is non the lone trait worlds harbor.

This specific verse form besides points out other defects. such as lecherousness. greed. ignorance etc. “And a adult male is ever like King Solomon. at whose waving finger the Queen of Sheba along with her province gets belonged to him” ( Abubakar 2 ) . These lines compare the general work forces to King Solomon. who in Judaic civilization. was seen as a wealthy and respected adult male. until he was tempted into greed and lecherousness. As for adult females. Abubakar compared them to the Queen Sheba. who besides in Judaic civilization. gave King Solomon many goods and nurtured his greed. “Along with her province gets belonged to him” ( Abubakar 2 ) . The metaphors and similes the poet are besides a technique at typifying certain facets. such as worlds and animate beings.

Another component Abubakar surely used in his verse form was imagery. The mode in which he implies physical descriptions helps the reader perceive what the poet was deliberately visualizing. Imagery besides sets a physical description of the emotions and tone of the verse form. “So that they could jump into the fathomless beauty of war if the conflict membranophone was heard beating” ( Abubakar 3 ) . This brief description pieces together the mental image of conflict and war. which was a fright stated in the first line of the full verse form. “If the conflict membranophone was heard whipping. ” besides opens another sense ; hearing. Readers can presume the sound of a conflict membranophone whipping. which signals the start of conflict. Through his technique of imagination. Abubakar can hammer the image of the yesteryear.

However. he can besides make the visual aspect of a hereafter. devastated universe. “That habitation so can be called a state of worthless people. where the Sun should non lift of all time. it should non rain. and the harvests should non turn in the fields” ( Abubakar 6 ) . In these few lines. the poet imagines a universe in which worlds should non be allowed to last. This thought of an imperfect universe bends towards the subject of contempt. every bit good the imagination of the universe in the yesteryear.

Many other elements of poesy were besides present throughout the verse form. “Poem of Hatred. ” However. these chief elements were more outstanding amongst the others. His techniques greatly expressed the feeling and subject of hatred. rebellion and defects of human civilisation as a whole. Thus. Abubakar succeeded in conveying the subject because of his usage of clear. challenging words. using metaphors and similes. and making a ocular image for readers to hold an easier apprehension of his position towards human life.

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