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Evaluating performance
Source:New Straits Times
Date: 03-07-2004
Author: Andrew A.L. Tan
WHAT is the ideal ratio of “soft” and “hard” skills to render excellent
performance? Does Pareto’s principle, the 80/20 rule, apply? To be
effective and efficient managers, does the ideal combination consist of 20
per cent technical (hard) skills and 80 per cent managerial and people
(soft) skills, or the other way around? Or is it a combination of 30/70,
40/60 or even 50/50 Business is all about people skills and technical skills. Human
resources training is undertaken to equip managers and executives with
leadership qualities, management skills, business acumen and technical
know-how. Issues of competence and professional skills are as important as
the ability to get along with your superiors, peers, colleagues and
It has been said that if the paymaster does not like the messenger,
chances are that he may not even read the message, let alone appreciate
how well it is written. The most excellent designs or brilliant business
proposals will have no chance of being read by the people who count.
Indeed, we need to rub people the right way. Such is the scenario of the
manner the game is being played, or you end up being the loser.
As a leader or manager, there is a need to harness the positive skills
sufficient to get along with others and implement the business plan with
the rest of the team until its successful completion and achieving set
corporate goals and objectives. It will also assist a great deal in
reducing inevitable conflicts. How should a company evaluate performanceHere are some yardsticks.
Staff evaluation/appraisal. The following are some attributes that
* Fast and quick action to the boss’ instructions
* Understand the boss’ thinking and requirements
* Ability to organise and schedule priorities
* Ability to…

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