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If for some ground you can non make the assignment in groups. you will hold to make it separately ( notice that single assignments will be penalized. The maximal mark a pupil can acquire is 8/ 10 ) . The single assignment must hold a length between 8 and 10 pages about ( without including screen. index or appendix –if there is any ) . The assignment has to be done in this Word papers and has to carry through the regulations of presentation and edition. as for quotation marks and bibliographical mentions which are detailed in the Study Guide. Besides. it has to be submitted following the process specified in the Study Guide. Sending it to the teacher’s electronic mail is non permitted. All the members of the group have to direct the assignment.

In add-on to this. it is really of import to read the assessment standards. which can be found in the Study Guide.

The assignment grade is 100 % of the concluding grade.


Carry out the following undertaking
You are expected to subject a ‘kit’ of own-produced stuffs for a specified group of scholars in your current or a future context. The kit should be a
consistent block of work. produced in response to some ascertained demand of the scholars. It must be prefaced by a principle. in which the issues that have been raised about design. trialling. version and rating in the topic are discussed. as they are relevant to your fortunes and the stuffs. A principle might include treatment of the context. the age and degree of the pupils. the nature of the course of study and stuffs used by the scholars. the demand you perceive. the belief about linguistic communication acquisition and instruction that the stuffs represent. and any other issues that are relevant to your stuffs ( for illustration because of the peculiar media chosen ) . You must besides include information about how you intend to measure the stuffs when they are used. You must subject transcripts of the stuffs you produce. with the teacher’s instructions that make it clear how they are to be used. Write these instructions as if they were for another instructor who could utilize them. Note: You may happen it utile to mention to the reading available in Assignment Materials subdivision ( at the same topographic point where you can happen this paper ) .

Important: you have to compose your personal inside informations. the option and the topic name on the screen ( see the following page ) . The assignment that does non carry through these conditions will non be corrected. You have to include the assignment index below the screen.

We live in Bogota . Colombia. The stuffs herein proposed by the three of us were chosen based on our common instruction context. We all work for the English Extension classs of the National University of Colombia in Bogota . This Institution offers English classs to general audience who are interested in larning breaking their English accomplishments. We have chosen the first degree to use this Materials and Resources assignment. The groups are composed of 18 pupils whose age ranges from 18 to 60 old ages ; with a entire figure of 8 hours of English a hebdomad The text edition selected by the teaching staff is New American English File by Oxford. This class book combines traditional learning methods with more recent attacks. and with a particular accent on Phoneticss. However. like many other class books. this book was designed presuming that all pupils have the same linguistic communication degree. About rating. pupils are assessed officially and informally. Nevertheless. when we pay close attending to our learner’s features and our educational scene. nil seems to be plenty.

We feel the demand to make our ain stuff in order to run into our learner’s demands or adapt or modify some stuffs from different text editions or beginnings adding some auxiliary 1s so as to acquire closer in our attack to the apprehension of our student’s involvements and features. The different tendencies and developments in theories of linguistic communication acquisition and learning which have most act upon the nature of stuffs written over the last 10 old ages. assist us to be witting about the different facets of linguistic communication which must be taken into history when planing stuffs. But at the same clip. those tendencies and theories show us the broad spectrum English instructors are involved in when make up one’s minding what to learn. when to learn. how to learn. in what context and why. The first and most of import factor that was considered at the minute of planing the stuffs was the students’ needs. at the minute of placing them.

Consequently. the lessons we have prepared for this group is based on the lexical attack. We will be utilizing the term lexical attack to intend that lexis plays the dominant function in the ELT schoolroom. or at least a more dominant function than it has traditionally. which has mostly been one of subservience to ‘grammar’ ( Sinclair & A ; Renouf 1988 ) . Language instruction has traditionally viewed grammar and vocabulary as a divide. with the former class consisting of constructions ( the present perfect. reported address ) and the latter normally dwelling of individual words. The constructions were accorded precedence. vocabulary being seen as secondary in importance. simply functioning to exemplify the significance and range of the grammar ( Sinclair & A ; Renouf 1988 ) .

I am from…
-Before Class: have about a twelve images of celebrated icons from different states. besides it is necessary some images of celebrated people from different states. -Aim: Use the students’ cognition of the universe. present balls at novices flat -Time: 20 proceedingss

Show pictures of icons from different states to the category. Students name the states they represent. . e. g. France. Brazil. Japan. Teach any names they don’t know. Write on board I am from __________ I am ___________

Give pupils a twosome of illustrations e. g. . I am from France. I am Gallic. I am from United States. I am American. Give pupils some clip to come up with their ain for the other states Brainstorm and look into on board

Show the image of a celebrated individual.
Write on board he/she is _______ he/she is from __________ he/she is ___________ . Give some images to your pupils and give some clip to come up with their ain for the other characters. Brainstorm and look into on board

Variations: you can utilize different merchandises that good known in the universe. e. g. Food. cellular telephones. autos. java or whiskey on the chalkboard. Students come up with their ain balls and so compare them. Note that there is more than one correct reply.

Taken from:
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. 123rf. com/photo_7441799_set-of-icons-for-travel-to-various-countries. hypertext markup language

-Before Class: have a deck of fire hook cards
-Aim: Use the students’ cognition of the universe. present balls at novices flat -Time: 20 proceedingss
1. Give each pupil one card. Explain that the card with the missive A follows as 1 and the Letter Q could be figure 0
2. Ask to some pupils what is your figure? Write on the board. My figure is __________
3. Give pupils a twosome of illustrations e. g. . my figure is two. my figure is seven.
4. Give pupils some clip to come up with their ain for the other cards
5. Check on board composing the Numberss as follows:

Ask your pupils to finish the list
6. Now inquire your pupils to fall in two cards and state the figure. You have to give an illustration utilizing your instructor card and one of the student’s. e. g. Your instructor card is 1 and the one from your pupils is 4. So the figure that you two have is 14 14.
7. Check on board composing the Numberss as follows:

Ask your pupils to finish the list
8. If you want to go on this activity you can come up with the Numberss up to thousand or even million fall ining three. four or more pupils. 9. Insight and look into on board
-Variations: you can utilize printed Numberss ; besides you can compose some zeros and inquire your pupils to compose them down. Students come up with their ain balls and so compare them.

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday…
-Before category: Fix the vocal called Friday I am in love you can happen the picture on this nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=mGgMZpGYiy8 Your pupils might bask listening to this great vocal ; fix a transcript for each pupil ( at the terminal of this activity you can happen the wordss ) .
-Aims: hearing for balls. choosing known balls from a text pupils don’t understand as a whole.
-Time: 20 proceedingss

1. State the pupils they are traveling to listening to a vocal.
2. State your pupils to listen for single words. looks or whole sentences. Explain they will non understand everything.
3. Play the vocal once more and inquire the pupils to compose down the balls they think they hear. State them they can utilize ‘approximate’ spelling at this phase. 4. Ask to your pupils to compose on the board the words. phrases or balls they listened to.
5. Give out the wordss and state them to finish the blanks pupils.
6. State your pupils to compare with their spouses the drama the vocal once more to finish the missing words.
7. Complete the vocal with the whole category traveling line after line.

Friday I’m In Love
The remedy

I don’t attention if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s Grey and Wednesday excessively
Thursday I don’t care about you
It’s Friday I’m in love
Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday Wednesday interrupt my bosom
Thursday doesn’t even get down
It’s Friday I’m in love
Saturday wait
And Sunday ever comes excessively late
But Friday ne’er hesitate…
I don’t attention if Monday’s black
Tuesday Wednesday bosom onslaught
Thursday ne’er looking back
It’s Friday I’m in love
Monday you can keep your caput
Tuesday Wednesday remain in bed
Or Thursday watch the walls alternatively
It’s Friday I’m in love
Saturday wait
And Sunday ever comes excessively late
But Friday ne’er hesitate…
Dressed up to the eyes
It’s a fantastic surprise
To see your places and your liquors rise
Throwing out your scowl
And merely smiling at the sound
And every bit sleek as a scream
Spining unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition
Always take a large bite
It’s such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the center of the dark
You can ne’er acquire adequate
Enough of this material
It’s Friday
I’m in love
Friday I’m In Love
The remedy
I don’t attention if Monday’s __________
__________’s Grey and __________ excessively
__________ I don’t attention about _____
It’s __________ _____ in __________
__________ _______ can fall apart
__________ __________ interruption my bosom
__________ doesn’t even get down
It’s __________ _____ in __________
__________ wait
And __________ ever comes excessively late
But __________ __________ hesitate…
I don’t attention if Monday’s __________
__________ __________ bosom onslaught
__________ __________ looking back
It’s __________ _____ in __________
__________ ______ can keep your caput
__________ __________ stay in bed
Or __________ watch the walls alternatively
It’s __________ _____ in __________
__________ wait
And __________ ever comes excessively late
But __________ ne’er hesitate…
Dressed up to the ________
It’s a fantastic surprise
To _______ your places and your liquors rise
Throwing out your scowl
And merely smiling at the sound
And every bit sleek as a scream
Spining unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition
Always take a large bite
It’s such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the center of the dark
You can ne’er acquire adequate
Enough of this material
It’s Friday
I’m in love

Greetings and Farewells
-Before category: Fix the image you find at the terminal. besides prepare the phrases you find in it. Your pupils might cognize some of them. Fix some balls of salutations and farewells you want your pupils use in and outside category. -Aims: usage students’ cognition about salutations

-Time: 20 proceedingss
1. Ask your pupils if they know the words you paste on board 2. Ask them if they know any other looks in English. Listen to them for single words. looks or whole sentences. 3. Write on board “GREETINGS” and “FAREWELLS” Give the first illustration in each column ; inquire to you students to give excess words and give the marker to compose them down.

How are you?
How make you make?
How are you making?
Good forenoon
Good afternoon
Good eventide

See you
See you tomorrow
Take attention
Good dark
Have a good twenty-four hours

4. When they have finished composing read them out loud and add the 1s you want and inquire them to read them. 5. Now write on board:
A: Hello. how are you?
Bacillus: Fine. thank you
A: My name is _______
Bacillus: This is _______ . nice to run into you.
A: Nice to run into you excessively.
6. Practice this conversation with one of your students and state them to work by braces practising this conversation.
7. Give the chance to pattern it for a twosome of proceedingss so inquire them to state it out loud. Check for pronunciation and compliment their attempt.

States and Nationalities.
-Before category: Print and cut out the following sets of flash cards ( flags with representative images and nationalities ) so that each state and nationality is half the size of a letter-sized piece of paper. -Procedure:

1. Introduce the subject by demoing the flag-and-images flash cards to the pupils to arouse information from them about the name of the states. 2. Show them the spelling and look into their pronunciation. After that. demo them the nationalities flash cards to assist them get by with spelling and pronunciation. Have pupils assist you with some extra states and nationalities they are already familiar with. 3. Divide the board in two parts. Stick both sets of flash cards up-side down on each side of the board so that states and nationalities are apart and in different order. 4. Divide the category in two groups and have a member of each group go upfront and impudent one card on each side. If the cards lucifer with the right state and nationality in the same bend. the group earns a point and can go on to toss cards. If the member does non fit the cards consequently. the cards must be flipped back and it is the other group’s bend. The group with most points awarded at the terminal of the activity is the victor.


Nationalities crossword
-Before category: transcript the press releases of the undermentioned two pages. One transcript per brace of pupils. -Procedure:
1. Divide the category into braces. Give each brace a transcript of the crossword.

2. Explain what the words Across and Down mean. Write them up on the board. with the appropriate pointers next to them. Across Down

3. Let 15 proceedingss for them to make full in the crossword and to work out the concealed state. Remind them that the replies are nationality words and non the name of the state.

4. Check orally by inquiring different braces for the replies to the Across words foremost. followed by the Down words. Then inquire if they have worked on the concealed state ( Portugal ) Key

Across: 2 French. 5 Greek. 6 Irish. 8 Swedish. 10 Nipponese. 13 Indian. 17 Australian. 18 Russian. 19 Dutch. and 20 Spanish. Down: 1 English. 3 Chinese. 4 Mexican. 7 Brazilian. 9 Italian. 11 Scots. 12 Turkish. 14 American. 15 German. and 16 Swiss.

Nationalities Crossword
Expression at the drawings and fill in the crossword. When you finish. take the eight letters in the Grey squares to do another state in Europe. ( They
hold really nice beaches there. )

The concealed state is:

Taken and adapted from: Jones. P. ( 2001 ) . Vocabulary 2: Games and activities ( No erectile dysfunction. ) . Harlow: Penguin English.

Fizz and Bucks
Have pupils sit in a horseshoe manner so you can maintain the order and the control of the activity. Tell pupils they have to number one by one around the category. Make it usually for the first unit of ammunition so that pupils experience confident about it. Now for the 2nd unit of ammunition state them that alternatively of stating 5 or a multiple of 5 they have to state Fizz. E. g. . 1. 2. 3. 4. Fizz. 6. etc. Practice for a twosome of unit of ammunitions. Then state them to go on to make so but with 3 and the multiples of 3 with the word Bucks. E. g. . 1. 2. Vaulting horses. 4. etc. Finally after practising a piece. state them to make both words at the same clip. If the figure is a multiple of both 3 and 5 they have to state Bucks Fizz. E. g. . 1. 2. Vaulting horses. 4. Fizz. Bucks. 7. 8. Vaulting horses. Fizz. 11. Vaulting horses. 13. 14. Vaulting horses Fizz. 16. etc. The pupils who get it incorrect are eliminated.

Personal Information
-Before category: Print and cut out the personal information signifier showed below and give each pupil one of it -Procedure:
1. Introduce the subject by demoing your existent ID to the pupils and inquiring if they know what it is and what it is used for.
2. Student will do a list of the information that is required when finishing a signifier.
3. Show pupils the construction of inquiries with Wh. Wordss on the board

What is your first name?
4. Students will go on doing appropriate inquiries about existent information from their schoolmates.

First name: …………………… Surname: …………………………… . . Age: ………… Date of birth: ……………………… Sexual activity: M / F ( male / female ) Nationality: ……………………… .
Address: ……………………………… . . Postcode ( ZIP codification ) : ……………………… . State: …………………………… . .
ID figure: ………………………… .

1. Write on the board the undermentioned states:
Australia. Canada. Ireland. New Zealand. South Africa. the US. the United Kingdom Ask pupils about how many people do they believe are analyzing English in those states. state them the Numberss are expressed in 1000s Write this ball on the board:

_____________ people study English in the United states
2. Students will go on thinking different Numberss as they are thinking instructor will state hot if they are stating a closer figure. or cold if they are non really near to acquire it. 3. Continue until they have complete the whole states on the board.

In the visible radiation of Cunningsworth ( 1984 ) . we have made a short rating of the stuffs above selected and it is showed as follows: -Aims and attacks
The stuffs do correspond with the purposes of the programme at the establishment and with the demands of the scholars since they need basic tool to assist them to interact and present themselves among their spouses. The stuffs are suited to the learning/teaching state of affairs and besides they are really comprehensive and cover all what pupils need for the first clip they face a L2 state of affairs. Probably. the flexibleness about instruction and acquisition
manners at this point is non really apparent since the attack is focused chiefly on the lexis and non on other facets which can be adopted in farther lessons -Design and organisation

Since the stuff is authentical and self-generated. the list of resources and text editions for the chosen lessons are non broad. although our academical context in which we use them has text edition and multimedia resources that reinforce the lessons and subjects. Contented organisation is equal and tight to the class course of study for the simple degree we intend the kit of stuffs for. The content is sequence on the footing of complexness and lexis. so pupils will increasingly adopted anterior constructions to new 1s learnt. As scaling and patterned advance are given by pupils category public presentation and truth. it is wholly suited for these lessons. -Language content

Main grammar points are covered suitably for simple degrees. and basic scholar demands at this degree is decidedly taking into history. Vocabulary instruction is equal. anyway its accent is non set in those stuffs since lexis taken every bit linguistic communication as a whole is the chief end for these lessons. Besides. it lacks of schemes for single acquisition development. Pronunciation work is non included explicitly ; although word emphasis and modulation are implicitly given on some lessons. There are plentifulness of constructions and conventions above sentence degree. Greetings. farewells and common specific contexts looks are given through the lessons. Style and appropriacy are decidedly match to the societal state of affairs it is given because basic existent interactions are covered.

The accomplishments work are non integrated because it is an simple degree and we consider the chief facet we have to cover is unwritten production and comprehension. So. the stuff included is related to existent state of affairss but graded to simple degree so that aid pupils comprehension. -Topic

The stuff can non hold echt involvement for scholars. anyway it is varied and give pupils a existent position of given state of affairs which are paramount to get down the procedure of larning another linguistic communication. Decidedly subjects are presented every bit in footings of gender. race. faith or any another facet. -Methodology

As cited in the principle the lexical attack is taken and we consider is the most appropriate for the grounds explained above. -Practical considerations
The appeareance of stuffs can be attractive to some pupils. anyhow the pupils profile in the classs are so varied. the perceptual experiences can differ from one pupil to other. None of the stuffs presented need particular equipment. merely an appropriate schoolroom and an tidal bore and dynamic instructor to take these on.


Cunningsworth. A. . & A ; Tomlinson. B. ( 1984 ) . Measuring and choosing EFL learning stuffs. London: Heinemann Educational.

Sinclair & A ; A. Renouf ( 1988 ) A lexical course of study for linguistic communication acquisition. In R. Carter & A ; M. McCarthy. Vocabulary and linguistic communication instruction. London: Longman. 140–58.

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