Influence of Visul Entertainment Media in American Culture Essay Sample

Over the old ages their have been many ways that assorted signifiers of ocular amusement media. like films. and telecasting has influenced American civilization. All you have to make to see an illustration of this is look at how our manners change decennary after decennary and look to travel right with Hollywood. About any new manner that hits is started by the star of some telecasting show or a musician. In the 1970’s all of the misss had to hold the Farrah Fawcett hair manner from Charlies Angels. or the cut off trunkss that have been known every since as Daisy Dukes. Hollywood has decidedly been a major influence on our society and civilization.

The societal influences of the ocular amusement media have been both positive and negative. On the positive side. I think that ocular media. like telecasting and films has helped to queer racism and convey equality to both. people of colour. and adult females. This is merely an illustration of one of the positive facets. A negative facet that I can believe of is that it has made us hated by a batch of other civilizations. They do non see us as who we are. They merely see us as what has been portrayed in films by person. Besides. I think that a batch of the force in schools these yearss. like the shots and strong-arming would non be traveling on if it was non for these kids seeing it on the telecasting or in the films. They are seeking to emulate one of their favourite film stars or some gangster rapper. They do non recognize that most of these people are no different than the remainder of us and that it is all an act merely to acquire attending and to do money. So I think that if people did non see person moving like they were some sort of hood. and hiting people. or selling drugs. that there would be a batch less of them types of things traveling on in existent life. You do non hear about people acquiring shooting or deceasing from drug overdoses in topographic points where they do non hold entree to ocular media like we do here in the United States.

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