JetBlue case analysis Essay Sample

To measure the external environment of JetBlue airways we will utilize the PESTEL analysis. PESTEL analysis stands for “Political. Economic. Social. Technological. Environment and Legal analysis” . Political Factors

How and to what extent the authorities does intervenes in the economic system. Political factors can be revenue enhancement policy. labour jurisprudence. environmental jurisprudence. trade limitations. duties. and political stableness. Political factors that are found in the JetBlue instance are: Government proctors the air hose industry more conscientiously as a consequence 60 % of air hose industry is nonionized

Heightened sense of consumer information privateness
Airport slot/gate allotments
Security considerations since 2001 onslaughts
Economic Factors
These factors have major impact on how concerns operate and make determinations. They include economic growing. involvement rate. exchange rates. and rising prices rates. Economic factors that are found in the instance are: 1978 Airline Deregulation Act created intense competition between air hoses Downturn in air hose travel after 9/11 2001 affected most air hoses – JetBlue reported 18 back-to-back quarterly net incomes IT Spending continued station 9/11

Fuel costs spiraled. aggressive competition and increased operating costs Availability of venture capital
Interest Ratess
Legacy Airlines go outing bankruptcy and streamlining operations Strategic Alliances
Fair Pricing is an of import competitory factor
JFK Expansion
Social Factors
Tendencies in societal factors affect the demand for a company’s merchandises and how the company operates. They include the cultural facets and include wellness consciousness. population growing rate. age distribution. calling attitudes and accent on safety. Social factors that are found in the instance are: 2001 Terrorist onslaughts in US negatively affected air hose industry Anxiety about safety at airdromes

Travel has become inconvenient due to safety safeguards
Internal Culture at JetBlue – Management is custodies on – a great topographic point to work

Technological Factors
The technological factors determine barriers to entry. minimal efficient production degree and influence outsourcing determinations. They include ecological and environmental facets. such as R & A ; D activity. mechanization. engineering inducements and the rate of technological alteration. Technological factors found in the instance are: Aging fleet

Diffusion of Technology
Digital Revolution – cyberspace does off with ticket agents but allows monetary value comparing Customer service working from place reduces operations costs
Environmental Factors
These factors include conditions. clime. and climate alteration. Environmental factors that are found in the instance are: War. Political Convulsion and Natural Disasters drive fuel monetary values from $ 30/bbl. in ‘03 to $ 60/bbl. in ‘05 Airport slot/gate allotments

Security conditions build barriers to ease of travel

Legal Factors
These factors can impact how a company operates. its costs. and the demand for its merchandises. They include discrimination jurisprudence. consumer jurisprudence. antimonopoly jurisprudence. employment jurisprudence and wellness and safety jurisprudence. Legal factors that are found in the instance are: 1978 Airline Deregulation Act eliminated authorities control over menus and paths Airport and FAA denseness ordinances

Security Torahs since 9/11

Porter’s Five Forces

In order to understand Jet Blue’s external environment. Porter’s 5 forces are a helpful tool in order to evaluation the company’s competitory environment and the grade of competition amongst rivals within the air power industry. The competitory environment will be evaluated in footings of 4 different facets. viz. the bargaining Power of clients and providers. the menace of new entrants and new replacements. The dickering power of clients within the air power industry is instead high as there are standard merchandises and services that are less alone and can be easy imitated by rivals. Furthermore. there are merely low shift costs incurred for the purchaser in general. significance that there is normally a lower grade of client trueness towards one individual company and that clients can compare offers easy particularly due to the option to buy tickets online. Suppliers by and large have a moderate to high bargaining power within the industry due to the limited figure of providers which forces air power companies to take from the figure available and consequently to accept their monetary values.

In fact. fuel is the 2nd highest cost for air power companies. There are extremely depended on supplier’s monetary values and the handiness which indicates on a comparatively high dickering power of providers. In add-on. there are high shift costs which are strongly in favour of the providers and means that the company experiences an addition in operating costs when exchanging to another provider as winging another type of aircraft leads to extra costs ( care. preparation etc. ) . Aircrafts are vulnerable to holds due to the location of gate locations which leads to a lessening in use and hence to an addition in costs. In footings of the menace of replacements there are non a batch serious menaces and options to merchandises within the air power industry. therefore the menace can be rated as medium. However. private aircrafts can be seen as a replacements within the industry. Within the transit industry there are more options for replacements such as trains. coachs. autos and boats.

The menaces of new entrants is really low as there are certain barriers to entry such as a high sum of investings that are required and it is instead hard to construct up a dependable and trusty from abrasion as the industry is already dominated by several rivals. In decision it can be said that there is a average grade of competition within the air power industry due to a instead high grade of dickering power of clients and providers and a instead low menaces of new entrants and replacements within the industry. One of the redresss to avoid high dickering power of clients would be to seek to distinguish from rivals by constructing a unique and favourable image on the market. On the other manus companies could utilize the scheme of backwards integrating and get their providers in order to avoid the bargaining power of providers. However. those investing determination are ever extremely reliable on the company’s fiscal budget. precedences and ends in general.

JetBlue is systematically below Southwest on the ratios. JetBlue’s liquidness ratios have decreased over the last three old ages and could be considered unreassuring. However. we know that the fleet is aging and the company is doing investings to replace the old fleet and spread out the fleet. This is a really sensible cause for the lessening in these ratios. JetBlue’s equity multiplier is higher than Southwest. At first. you might believe this is better. However. a higher equity multiplier is non a good thing. A high equity multiplier means that a company finances a larger part of its assets through its debt. Therefore. sou’-west has a better equity multiplier. While JetBlue’s net net income border is somewhat lower than Southwest’s. it is in line with the industry norm of 3. 2 % . JetBlue’s return on equity is besides in line with the industry norm of 8 % .

JetBlue has a high capital strength ratio which is all right because. as an air hose. they require a big sum of capital to run. Overall. the fiscal ratios are lower than Southwest’s but they don’t show any jobs that don’t make sense. The net net income border. return on assets. and return on equity have all improved over the last three old ages. The hard currency coverage ratio is besides bettering. The fundss seem to demo that the company is bettering and is stable. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis JetBlue
Customer satisfaction
Employee engagement
Low-cost air hose
JetBlue experience
Strong trade name acknowledgment
Make usage of technological developments. JetBlue is an advanced air hose company Low operating costs
Weak online presence
Weak luggage managing systems
High debts
Shift in client demands
Slow bend around
Focused on middleclass
Interline understandings with more air hose companies
Possible finishs
Technology betterments
Deregulation of international air travel
Rival inefficiencies
Loosening Torahs and ordinances
Monetary value and handiness of fuel
Terroristic onslaughts
Intense competition
Strict Torahs and ordinances
High user revenue enhancements
Currency alterations

When we look at the instance JetBlue shows several strengths. One of the most of import is client satisfaction ; they satisfy their clients by being a low-priced air hose but at the same clip offer first-class experience ( the JetBlue Experience ) . They have new aeroplanes ( that maintain the operational costs low ) with inflight amusement systems. their clients get a drink and a bite and their employers are involved and motivated. JetBlue is an advanced company. for illustration they were the first North-American air hose company that used electronic ticketing and they introduced the first paperless cockpits. Failings

When analysing the company internally we besides see several failings. From the instance it became clear that the company had jobs with confronting mass cancellation ; a weak reserve system and besides no luggage managing systems. The company got high debts because of the lifting fuel monetary values. and besides because of the compensations that they gave their clients after doing errors. Presently the luggage managing system works decently and their on-line reserve systems are besides improved. Another failing of JetBlue is that is focal points on the in-between category of society. therefore they do non hold many high category people that are willing to pass more. Opportunities

The company is besides influenced by external factors. and we will foremost discourse the chances for JetBlue. The instance made clear that JetBlue is acquiring more and more interline understandings with other air hose companies. Due to this fact JetBlue will hold more finishs to wing to and they can besides do reserves under each other’s names. It is hence wise that JetBlue keeps doing new interline understandings with the bigger air hose companies. Another chance for JetBlue is technological betterments. since JetBlue is an advanced company they like to seek new things out such as they did with the paperless cockpit. Besides the deregulating of international air travel and loosening Torahs and ordinances are chances for JetBlue. There are a batch of ordinances around air travel. particularly after the terroristic onslaughts on 9/11 and besides the revenue enhancement Torahs influence the company. Whenever these will go looser the company will hold less outgos. Menaces

When we evaluate the external factors that are act uponing the company we besides find several menaces. One of the biggest menaces for the air hose industry are fuel monetary values. since they are the biggest costs for an air hose company. Another menace for the air hose industry are terroristic onslaughts. after 9/11 the clients got afraid of going by plane. Besides all the safety processs make travellers instead want to utilize another manner of transit. such as the auto or train. Financially the high user revenue enhancements and currency alterations besides influence the air hose industry.

TOWS Analysis

After measuring the SWOT analysis we can now look at the externally-focused TOWS analysis. The TOWS analysis lucifers external chances and menaces with internal strengths and failings. Maxi-Maxi Scheme

How can you utilize your strengths to take advantage of the chances? If we compare the strengths and chances of JetBlue. some of the schemes they could implement are: Focus on the engineering betterments ; JetBlue is an advanced company and they like to seek out new engineerings. They can do the JetBlue experience even better than it already is. Focus on the interline understandings ; when JetBlue has more interline understandings with other air hose companies their clients will hold more pick of states where they want to travel. it will besides be easier for them to do a reserve. Lower the operating costs ; whenever the jurisprudence and ordinances will be in favour of the air hose industry the company can take down its operating costs and hence besides lower their monetary values. Maxi-Mini Strategy

How can you take advantage of your strengths to avoid existent and possible menaces? The strengths that JetBlue could utilize to avoid existent and possible menaces are: Focus on technological developments ; once more they should concentrate on this for illustration they could possibly develop new security cheque machines that are easier to utilize and besides safer to avoid terroristic onslaughts Develop the JetBlue experience ; there is intense competition in the air hose industry. nevertheless JetBlue should distinguish itself by bettering the JetBlue experience which is already known for first-class client service. friendly forces. new planes. amusement systems etc. If they improve this experience and maintain focussing on being a low-budget company they will win
more clients. Mini-Maxi Scheme

How can you utilize your chances to get the better of the failings you are sing? There are several chances that JetBlue could utilize to get the better of the failings that they are sing. such as: Loosening Torahs and ordinances ; whenever the ordinances will be looser the turnaround procedure of the aeroplanes will be easier and faster. New engineering ; the new engineering could assist the company to better the online presence. The on-line presence was in the instance truly bad but presently they already improved this. However E-business and M-business is acquiring more and more popular so it is ever wise for a company to maintain on path with this by bettering their on-line systems. Mini-Mini Strategy

How can you minimise your failings and avoid menaces? The schemes that JetBlue should utilize to minimise its failings and menaces are: Better the systems ; some of the failings are weak luggage managing systems and on-line presence. Besides in the instance it became clear that JetBlue faced jobs with mass cancellation. This could wholly be improved by implementing ERP systems so that it is clear what is precisely traveling on in the company. For on-line presence they should hold an IT section that focusses on that. Improve safety systems: there are a batch of safety processs because of the fright of terroristic onslaughts. The aeroplane industry should put in have safer and easier systems to better the safety of its travellers. Distinguish itself from other air hose companies ; there are a batch of air hose companies and this causes intense competition. However if JetBlue makes certain that they offer their merchandise in an sole manner the company will win clients. Balanced Scorecard

In the followers we will set up a balanced mark card for Jet Blue by roll uping and analysing informations on the company’s current public presentation. The overall end of the balance scorecard is to analyse the gathered informations and compare it to the desired public presentation and strategic ends. Furthermore it is a helpful tool to aline concern activities to the company’s current mission and vision. At big. there are 4 major positions that are analyzed during the balanced scorecard which are the client. internal concern. invention & A ; larning. and fiscal position. In footings of the internal Business Perspective it becomes clear that Jet Blue has one of its major nucleus competences in speedy turnarounds. One of the chief grounds for this is the “paperless cockpit” innovated and introduced by Jet Blue itself. In fact. the paperless cockpit ensures faster takeoffs by cut downing paperwork which finally leads to quicker turnaround rates. every bit good as higher aircraft use.

Jet Blue’s high completion rate is another important competency of the company’s concern operation ( rate of 99. 6 % compared to 98. 3 % at major air hoses ) . Furthermore. the Jet Blue would maintain operating costs low by incorporating a less dearly-won plane. the A 320. which is significantly less dearly-won than the Boeing 737. In add-on. the A 320 is more fuel-efficient. requires less care costs. and preparation costs are kept at a lower degree which leads to an overall lessening in operating costs and enables the company to offer less dearly-won tickets to the end-customer. However. Jet Blue aims at regenerating its fleet enlargement in 2012. The air hose planes to buy the A321s and A320neo. Besides. the company had to cover with major system issues in respects to the baggage-handling system. online rebooking system. the sabre air hose solution applications which caused important holds in day-to-day operations and lead to dissatisfaction among clients. Another position of the balanced scorecard that needs to be analyzed is the client position. The company markets its service bundle as the “Jet Blue experience” which includes the new aircraft. assortment of Television channels & A ; films. leather seats and more leg room. Furthermore. Jet Blue adds value to its clients by offering services such as precedence embarkation.

The company. in fact places itself as a low-price company. but focuses strongly on clients services ( the ‘Jet Blue experience’ ) every bit good. This scheme enables the company to distinguish themselves from their rivals and adds alone value to their merchandises. However. after the operations meltdown of 2007. clients lost trust in the company. For the hereafter. important alterations are needed to reconstruct customer’s trust. In footings of the company’s fiscal position it can be said that company’s liquidness ratios have been decreased over the past 3 old ages and could be considered unreassuring. nevertheless. as Jet Blue plans to replace its fleet there is a sensible cause for the lessening. Furthermore. Jet Blue’s equity to debt ratio is still below the norm which indicates on a lower sum of equity financed by Bankss and is hence favourable. Jet Blue’s return on equity and net net income border are in line with the industry norm and hence refer to stableness. The net net income border. and return on equity have all improved over the last three old ages which indicates on the profitableness of the company.

The hard currency coverage ratio has improved as good which refers to Jet Blue’s liquidness. Besides the return on assets ratio has been bettering and is above the industry’s norm ( 3 % compared to 2. 46 % in 2013 ) which refers to a preferred efficiency of the company. The fundss seem to demo that the company is bettering and is stable. Sing the invention & A ; larning Perspective it becomes obvious that Jet Blue launched several solutions and systems. The paperless cockpit. for case. that has been explained in a paragraph above is one of the inventions that Jet Blue launched on the market. In add-on. less-congested airdromes reduced the airline’s turnaround clip. Other inventions that facilitated operations and made services more customer-friendly are the tickets and milage statements that do non necessitate paper any longer. Harmonizing to the article ‘Jet Blue air hoses: acquiring over the blues ‘ . ‘…innovation has been everyplace. ’ Subsequent to the operations meltdown and the fiscal dislocation of the company in 2007. Jet Blue attempted to originate strategic alterations within the company by important capital decrease from 2010 to 2011. a alteration of the CEO. a renew in flight enlargements. partnering up with former rivals. and selling $ 42. 6 of common stock to the German bearer ( Lufthansa ) . Generally. mensurable cardinal public presentation indexs need to be established in order to measure the company’s public presentation.

The fiscal ratios are the agencies within the balanced scorecard to measure the company’s position. The client position could be evaluated in footings of market portion. client satisfaction tonss. and client trueness tonss. The internal concern position can be measured in turnaround rates and completion rates for case. Number of inventions. an betterment index. or figure of employee suggestions can be used to set the advanced & A ; larning position into touchable footings. As a consequence. the company needs to reconstruct clients swear and trueness. better on internal runing systems in order to recover former fiscal strength in the hereafter. Particularly. the dependability of the company’s runing system needs to be secured in order to avoid another major meltdown in the hereafter. Furthermore. the company needs to happen equal strategic alterations in order to guarantee conformity with Jet Blues current mission. “Bring humanity back to air travel” which is presently pursued by a low-priced scheme in combination with a strong focal point on customer-services and compare current public presentation to desired public presentation. nevertheless the company’s ends and marks do non go clear from the instance.

Company Information

JetBlue Airways
2701 Queens Plz N. Long Island City. NY. 11101
Tel ( 718 ) 286-7900
Jetblue. com

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