MGT 216 Final Exam Guide 100% Correct Answers

MGT 216 Final Exam Guide 100% Correct Answers
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Which of the following statements is FALSE
Which of the following are correct steps and order of steps in the ethical decision-making process
Which of the following statements is TRUE:

The type of language used when describing a situation affects moral awareness

The _________________ states that an ethical decision should maximize benefits to society and minimize harms.

In the ___________ perspective, social responsibility is primarily a means of avoiding economic harm that can be imposed by multiple stakeholders.

The U.S. sentencing guidelines use a “carrot and stick” approach to managing corporate crime. What is meant by the use of “carrot” and “stick”
People are rational economic actors motivated solely by self-interest.

Most people expect fair play in their interactions and will even forgo economic benefits in order to maintain a fair system.

An organization can be convicted of a crime even if only one employee breaks the law.

Which of the following is TRUE
The Tailhook Scandal is an example of:

Which of the following is FALSE
Federal law prohibits discrimination against individuals with specific characteristics. Which of the following characteristics is not on that list (i.e. protected under Federal law)
Research has show the best way to encourage ethical behavior is to create an organizational culture that is built to enhance employee engagement.

Managers play a limited role in increasing engagement and building an ethical culture.

Because of a family emergency, John was unable to complete a report for his boss. Instead he asks a co-worker to finish it for him and in the morning, John tells his boss that he did the report. Is there anything wrong with John’s action
In a 2002 poll, __________ ranked…

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