Micro and Macro environment factors Essay Sample

In this study I will be seeking to assist and advice selling director of Dynamic International Ltd. I will explicate what are micro and macro environment factors and how do they impact his selling determinations every bit good as consumer purchasing behavior. I will suggest him segmentation standards. aiming and positioning for his merchandises. Micro environment

Micro environment consists of the different types of stakeholders outside the administration. The components or stakeholders of the micro environment include clients. providers. creditors. distributers. traders. etc. Although these components aren’t the direct control of the administration. still they can be influence by administration through its policies and schemes ( Dr. Karminder Ghuman. 2010 page 37 ) . Micro environment factors which could act upon Dynamic International Ltd are: Employees

Employees are critical to success of the administration. the dynamic international is manus baseball mitts fabricating company and their employees are the 1s responsible for maintaining their company traveling. Using the right material. supplying them preparations and maintaining them motivated gives ability to run into customer’s deadlines and produce high quality manus baseball mitts.

Suppliers are those that provide goods and services which are transformed into value by administrations. Dynamic Ltd should look for right providers and maintaining good relationship is important to administration. acquiring competitory monetary values and high quality goods are the one of the good relationship illustrations.

Customers are the 1s who make a market ; they are the 1s who buy goods and utilizing them. Customers are the ground why companies start concern. why companies developing new merchandises and differentiated their existing merchandises. By selling the goods to the clients administrations makes a net income. that’s why Dynamic Ltd have to concentrate on fulfilling their clients demands and wants.

Macro environment
The macro environment consists of components that are beyond of the concern administration. The components are social-cultural. technological. economical and political factors which constitute their ain single environments ( Dr. Karminder Ghuman. 2010 page 37 ) . Macro environmental factors which could act upon Dynamic International Ltd are:

Government is the 1 that responsible supplying the ‘rules of the game’ which make concern map swimmingly. authorities responsible for presenting new Torahs and ordinances. revenue enhancement for the concern. For illustration if authorities decides to cut financess for public sector in order to salvage money. all councils may hold to look for cheaper options to purchase baseball mitts for their workingmans. which means Dynamic Ltd could lose their clients.

It is really of import to look at economic environment. Almost every concern depends on it. some states have strong economic system some states don’t. Economic environment is really dynamic ; it keeps on altering in alterations with authorities policies. If economic system is hapless there will be negative consequence on the concern and administrations would hold to happen the manner out to do people purchase their merchandises. For illustration if there would be high unemployment in the state Dynamic Ltd would hold to utilize different selling schemes by utilizing commercials or advertisement. or dropping their monetary values to demo compassion for their clients.

Technology is altering fast and the acceptance of the new engineering could be a good investing in the concern. for illustration Dynamic Ltd decide to purchase a new fabrication machine. this could be a competitory advantage for them. and it could increase a velocity of the production and salvage the money alternatively of engaging excess employees.

Cleavage Standards
To section the market is important because you have to apportion resources and to cognize who you are concentrated at. There are four types of cleavages which is geographic. demographic. psychographic. and behavioral cleavage. I will be suggesting two cleavage standards for Dynamic Ltd which is:

Demographic cleavage

Dave Needham ( 1999 ) suggests that this is the most normally approach to the market. The division of consumer groups harmonizing to demographic variables such as age. gender. income. business. instruction. household size helps you to aim market. Dynamic Ltd could utilize this to understand how these features influence the merchandises they selling. For illustration. cognizing that client demands alterations with age they could advance their merchandises to run into the demands of all age of groups or utilizing gender cleavage they could increase productiveness purchase start selling both male and female manus baseball mitts. Behavioural cleavage

Behavioral cleavages concerned about purchasers behaviour. they are divided into sections harmonizing the manner they behave. such as use of the merchandise. cognition of the merchandise. trueness. and attitude toward the merchandises. For illustration loyal clients might be able wage excess monetary value for a brace of baseball mitts. because their trust the quality and criterion of the merchandise. but some may non be interested because they know small or nil about it. Targeting Schemes

Another measure after we finish cleavage is aiming. Once the market has been segmented. the Dynamic International need take aiming scheme. Targeting is about which and how many groups of clients administrations are traveling to aim with its merchandises or services. There are three aiming schemes: differentiated. uniform. and concentrated. Differentiated scheme

This scheme is when the company decides to aim more than a one market section. Using this scheme the company can distribute hazard across the market. so if one section declines the company still has gross from others. The disadvantage is that it requires a high degree of selling expertness and will incur higher costs ( Marilyn A. Stone. John Desmond. 2007 page 172 ) . Undifferentiated scheme

This scheme is when administration assumes that the market is homogeneous unit. in other words company ignores market section differences and goes after all market with one merchandise offering ( Marilyn A. Stone. John Desmond. 2007 page 172 ) . This attack would accommodate for big planetary companies that have strong offerings. or administrations who sell trade good merchandises. Concentrated scheme

This scheme involves specialising in one specific section. This can take to elaborate cognition of mark segment`s demands and wants. with the added benefit that administration is regarded as a specializer over it mass-market rivals. Advantage of this scheme is that it reduces costs. as there is merely one selling mix to pull off ( Marilyn A. Stone. John Desmond. 2007 page 172 ) . I think the most suited targeting scheme for Dynamic International Ltd would be differentiated scheme. because this scheme is perfect for administrations wishing to turn. Targeting more than one section means that Dynamic Ltd would hold got more merchandises to offer. so even if some sections would neglect they would still acquire net income from other sections.

Consumer Buying Behaviour
Why do we necessitate to understand client behavior? Analyzing customer’s behavior helps to understand why purchasers buy and use certain merchandises and services. it helps concern to set their selling schemes and advance their merchandises. Consumer purchasing behavior is `the determination procedures and Acts of the Apostless of persons involved in purchasing and utilizing merchandises or services` ( BPP Learning Media. 2010 page 131 ) . There are many state of affairss that purchasing behavior could impact selling activities. As I illustrated below in the first state of affairs it could depend on customer’s life style. If the client is immature pupil who doesn’t truly cognize much about engineering and needs new laptop. because the old one is broken down. would likely do up his head quick and easy. While professional IT specializer would likely take is clip and believe about public presentation and quality of the merchandise. Second state of affairs as illustrated below it might be psychological factors. where client is loyal to Apple merchandises and belief that is better than any others. Buying a laptop ( 2nd state of affairs )

Buying a laptop ( first state of affairs )


After completing segmenting and aiming I am traveling to make up one’s mind what type of positioning scheme could Dynamic Ltd usage for its merchandises. Positioning scheme helps to distinguish administration merchandises and services from its rivals. Havaldar ( 2010 ) suggest that placement could be defined as the distinguishable topographic point of merchandises ( or service ) occupies in the heads of the mark clients relative to viing merchandises. In other word. how the houses wants its merchandises to be perceived by mark client on of import properties or benefits. Distinguishing themselves from rivals is important to success. being able to make different perceptual experience about your merchandise in your aiming customer’s heads that is where the success is. First thing Dynamic Ltd could seek to be different by offering different monetary values to their clients ; nevertheless their rivals could exchange their monetary values easy to be competitory. But holding good competitory monetary value and quality merchandises that what makes different from your rivals. Dynamic Ltd should come up new design baseball mitts that are comfy. long lasting and safe baseball mitts that could accommodate both male and female. Bing the first to offer something alone would be a success. They could even utilize a motto for their merchandises such as ‘The Best manus baseball mitts to protect your hands` .

I clearly showed what and how micro and macro factors could impact Dynamic Ltd selling determinations. Besides I suggest you the best suited cleavage standards. aiming scheme and positioning for your merchandise. I hope my suggestions will assist George to do future determinations easier for his company.

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