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MKT 230 ( Introduction to Marketing)Complete Class All Assignments ,Discussion Questions  and checkpoint
MKT 230 week 1 CheckPoint Marketing Concepts
CheckPoint:  Marketing  Concepts
Using the information found in  Ch. 1 of the textbook, complete the Marketing Concepts table found in Appendix  B.
Post your completed Appendix B as an attachment in the Assignments link of the  ecampus.
MKT 230 week 2 Assignment Marketing Plan Exercise
Assignment: Marketing Plan Exercise
Review the Marketing Plan Exercise found on p. 136 of the textbook.
Answer questions 1–5 of the Marketing Plan Exercise.
Include two to three outside referencesto support your answers with research.
Post your assignment as an attachment in the Assignments link of the e campus.
MKT 230 week2 CheckPoint Market Planning at Qode
Read the case scenario, Decision Time at Qode, on pp. 38–39 of the textbook.
Write a200–300 word response describing how the three steps of business planning–strategic, functional, and operational–can be seen in the marketing decisions being made by Qode.  Include information on who the decision makers are at each level and what they do in the in planning process. Use figure 2.1 on pp. 41 of the textbook as a guide.  Post your response as an  attachment in the Assignments link of the e campus
MKT 230 week3 CheckPoint Consumer Decision Making Process
In this CheckPoint, you exercise critical thinking skills and identify the stages of the decision-making process involved with purchasing a new product. Describe the logical inquiry and problem-solving methods that were used to evaluate alternatives, select a product, and evaluate the product post-purchase.

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