NT1310 Triple play

Unit 2: Exercise 1 – Triple Play Marketing
Startech will be announcing its newest bundle offer to its customers.   This bundle will be a triple-play bundle consisting of cable, high speed internet, and phone and will be available to all new and current customers of startech.   This bundle is a must have for all households because it has everything that you could need in today’s society.   Our newest triple-play bundle starts as low as $85.00 which is inexpensive when you compare the price of each individual service.
First of all when, purchasing the triple-play customers will have access to premium channels.   For the first 5 months, triple-play subscribers will receive Starz, HBO, Cinemax, and Encore.   After 5 months subscribers can have the option between keeping HBO and Cinemax or Starz and Encore for another 5 months. With access to over 100 HD channels as well as Pay-per-view you can immerse yourself into the highest quality digital TV.   For no additional cost a digital cable box can be placed in up to 2 separate rooms allowing families to have access to their own television experience, making this a must-have for every family.
Secondly in our new triple-play bundle will be our High-speed internet.   With massive speeds over 100 megabits per second, you will be able to surf the web with ease like never before.   While using a wifi network you can access many apps like HBO GO using your startech login information, allowing you to access your favorite channels
Finally with startech home phone you can now make local and worldwide phone calls without any extra charge.   You also get access to visual voicemail.  Our phone services are also managed over a private network and are not routed over the public internet, allowing for maximum privacy.

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