Parking Sensors Market Analysis, Share, Trends And Forecasts To 2020: Hexa Research

Industry Insights
Dimensions of cars have undergone changes in recent times, thereby increasing the risk of physical
damage to the vehicle while parking. Parking sensors help boost safety, and alleviate the risk of
potential injury to pedestrians. Since they help in the detection of objects which are ordinarily
obscured from view, the parking sensors market is expected to witness considerable demand over
the forecast period.
Parking sensors, which are installed into the vehicle’s rear bumper bar, can significantly mitigate the
risk of accidents caused when the vehicle is in the reverse gear. They work in synchronization with a
siren or internal buzzer, which gradually increases in frequency as the vehicle approaches an
obstacle. An optional LCD display which displays the distance to an obstacle may also be installed
or integrated in the rear view mirror. Two or four sensors are usually used along with an internal
siren and control interface. Six or eight sensor systems may be employed to avail greater coverage.
The parking sensors market is comprised of both, sensor manufacturers and original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs).
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Technology Insights
Ultrasonic and electromagnetic are the two primary types of technologies integrated into parking
sensors. Ultrasonic parking sensors can detect obstacles even when the vehicle is stationary.
However, they have a limited detection range and are difficult to install, as the vehicle’s crash
protection bar restricts access to some extent. Electromagnetic sensors do not contain any visible
parts and eliminate the need for drilling holes, thereby preserving the vehicle’s aesthetics.
These sensors also help in detecting obstacles adjacent to the bumper in addition to the ones
behind it. Electromagnetic sensors detect objects only whilst the vehicle is in motion. They have…

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