Promote and implement health and safety Essay Sample

The scholar will:
Appraisal standards

The scholar can:

1. Understand ain duties. and the duties of others. associating to wellness and safety

1. 1Identify statute law associating to wellness and safety in a wellness or societal attention work puting 1. 2Explain the chief points of wellness and safety policies and processs agreed with the employer 1. 3 Analyse the chief wellness and safety duties of: ego the employer or director others in the work puting
1. 4 Identify specific undertakings in the work puting that should non be carried out without particular preparation

2. Be able to transport out ain duties for wellness and safety

2. 1 Use policies and processs or other agreed ways of working that relate to wellness and safety

2. 2 Support others to understand and follow safe patterns

2. 3 Monitor and describe possible wellness and safety hazards

2. 4 Use hazard appraisal in relation to wellness and safety

2. 5 Demonstrate ways to understate possible hazards and jeopardies

2. 6 Access extra support or information associating to wellness and safety

3. Understand processs for reacting to accidents and sudden unwellness 3. 1 Describe different types of accidents and sudden unwellness that may happen in ain work puting

3. 2 Explain processs to be followed if an accident or sudden unwellness should happen

4. Be able to cut down the spread of infection

4. 1 Explain ain function in back uping others to follow patterns that cut down the spread of infection

4. 2 Demonstrate the recommended method for manus lavation

4. 3 Demonstrate ways to guarantee that ain wellness and hygiene do non present a hazard to an person or to others at work

5. Be able to travel and manage equipment and other objects safely

5. 1 Explain the chief points of statute law that relates to traveling and managing

5. 2 Explain rules for safe moving and handling

5. 3 Move and handle equipment and other objects safely

6. Be able to manage risky substances and stuffs

6. 1 Describe types of risky substances that may be found in the work puting

6. 2 Demonstrate safe patterns for:
Storing risky substances
Using risky substances
Disposing of risky substances and stuffs

7. Be able to advance fire safety in the work puting

7. 1 Describe patterns that prevent fires from:
get downing

7. 2 Demonstrate steps that prevent fires from get downing

7. 3Explain exigency processs to be followed in the event of a fire in the work puting

7. 4Ensure that clear emptying paths are maintained at all clip

8. Be able to implement security steps in the work puting

8. 1 Demonstrate usage of agreed processs for look intoing the individuality of anyone bespeaking entree to: Premisess

8. 2 Demonstrate usage of steps to protect ain security and the security of others in the work puting

8. 3 Explain the importance of guaranting that others are cognizant of ain

9. Know how to pull off emphasis

9. 1 Describe common marks and indexs of emphasis

9. 2 Describe marks that indicate ain emphasis

9. 3 Analyse factors that tend to trip ain emphasis

9. 4 Compare schemes for pull offing emphasis

Extra information about the unit

NOS ref
HSC 32
Content recurs throughout HSC NOS cognition demands

Unit intent and purposes

This unit is aimed at those working in a broad scope of scenes. It provides the scholar with the cognition and accomplishments required to advance and implement wellness and safety in their work scene.

Additional appraisal demands specified by a sector or regulative organic structure This unit must be assessed in conformity with Skills for Care and Development’s QCF Assessment Principles. Learning outcomes 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. and 8 must be assessed in a existent work environment.

Guidance for developing assessment agreements for the unit ( if appropriate ) Work puting may include one specific location or a scope of locations. depending on the context of a peculiar work function

Policies and processs may include other agreed ways of working every bit good as formal policies and processs

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