Road Widening of Daang Maharlika Essay Sample

Filipino transit in the early old ages of 1900 is depending mostly on trails. waterways. Earth roads. rail roads and partialy graveled roads. Proper roads or main roads in those times were simply a dream for Filipinos. The development of roadways in our state was simply initiated by the clip that the Americans stayed in our female parent land. The popular Macadam route type which originated from England was simply intruduced. Later-on gained broad credence because of the abundant supply of rocks and crushed rock. After World War II. the rehabilitation. building and beautification of roads and briges were continued by the new independent Filipino authorities. They money paid the Japannese authorities for the war amendss and every bit good as reperations. Other were grants from the authorities of the United States of America.

After about five decayes. main roads and freewaies were constructed through the aid of foreign Bankss. who approved loans and fiscal aid. As a consequence of betterment in the roadways the vehicles of different types started to deluge the roadways. The LTO reviled that there are about 80 1000 ( 80000 ) new vehicles were added in their list every twelvemonth. By this enormous rise of vehicle occuping and utilizing the roadways. the authorities along side with other bureaus. decided to makean betterment started to call the national route as the “Pan-Philippines Road” or some call it “National Road of the Philippines” and now ist name is “Daang Maharlika Road” . It connects Laoag City in Luzon with Zamboanga City in Mindanao. It has a entire length of 3. 517 kilometer ( 2. 185mi ) .

Subsequently on the authorities realized that there is demand for the national route to be widen in order to suit the still increasing vehicle and besides to guarantee the sefety and fast and smooth travel of the automobilist. On 18th twenty-four hours of September in the City of Manila. FERDINAND E. MARCOS. President of the Philippines amended the Executive Order No. 113. as looking in the last sentence of paragraph I. General Provisions. page 1. about the right-of-way of national route. as stated below ; “National roads shall hold a right of manner of non less than 20 ( 20 ) metres. provided. that such minimal breadth may be reduced at the discretion of the Minister of Public Highways to fifteen ( 15 ) metres in extremely urbanised countries and that a right of manner of at least 60 ( 60 ) metres shall be reserved for roads constructed through unpatented public land and at least one 100 20 ( 120 ) metres reserved through of course forested countries of aesthetic or scientific value. ”

This indicate that there should non be any infrustructure along the ROW to guarantee the proer use of national route. so as the authorities bureaus decided to eliminate the infrustructure along the Daang Maharlika. This undertaking is named as the Road Widening Program. this invoved film editing of 1000000s of trees and taking any infrustructure along the route that is bonded by rigth-of-way. To some people. this undertaking will convey advancement to any metropolis or municiplity. but to some. it will merely convey desruption of the environment. This survey will concentrate on detecting the impact of Road Widening Program on the environmental and in the economical stableness of Naga City. Philippines. and how this undertaking will impact the balance in the environment and in the betterment in the economic system of Naga City.

This survey focuses on attemting to cognize the importance of route broadening and the possible impact on environment and economical stableness of Naga City. specialy on the affected countries viz. Mabulo to Concepcion Pequena Naga City

1. ) What is route widening?
2. ) What are the barangays affected by route broadening?
3. ) To measure the environmental impacts of route broadening
a. in the Ecosystem of Naga City
b. in the Topography of Naga City
c. to the balance of environment
4. ) To measure the impacts on the economical stableness of Naga City
a. Private Sectors
B. Government Sectors
c. On Tourism
5. ) To measure the consciousness of public. specialy on the people along the affected countries.

This survey will be the key on understanding the importance of route widening specialy in the turning metropolis like Naga and farther more to understand the undermentioned facets:
1. ) It’s impact in the environment of Naga City.
2. ) It’s impact on the economical stableness of Naga City.
3. ) On the consciousness of the populace.
The research worker anchored this survey on the undermentioned hypotheses:
1. ) That the route widenig in Naga City will hold a possible impact on the environment but this impact will non impact the balance of ecosystem either destruct the current environmental province of Naga.

2. ) That this survey will demo that rod broadening will do a singular betterment in the concern industry and farther more. it will open new chances for the private and authorities sectors to spread out there concerns.

3. ) That this survey will do the public aware and understand the importance of widening the roads within Naga City.

Significance OF THE STUDY
The sudy will greatly profit nd supply of import information to the undermentioned organisations and public and authorities bureaus:
1. ) The Academic Community
This survey will be a usefull beginning of information that will assist the instructors. pupils and caputs of school and section to educate pupils and colleagues in the impact of the route broadening in the environment and on the economic position of Naga City. It will besides function as a good medium of subject in the lessons refering environment and economic system.
2. ) The Government and Private Sectors and Agencies

This survey will lend on the portion of gavernment gencies and private sectors that have a nexus or related to the field of technology like the office of Public Works And Highways ( DPWH ) and in the Local Government Unit of Naga City that is responsible in the said undertaking. This survey will besides be a good information feeder in the portion of private sectors. to farther recognize the potency of Naga when the undertaking takes topographic point.

This survey is dounded in Naga City route widening programme of DPWH.

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