Sphinx restaurants

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1.Characteristics of the company 1
2. Market Analysis 2
Industry trend 2
Direct competitors 2
SWOT analysis 3
3. Market segmantation 5
Recommendations 6
1.Characteristics of the company
Sphinx-this is the first and largest chain of restaurants from casual dining segment in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. It is a chain restaurant of the company Sfinks Polska. Beside the Sphinx, the company also runs chains such as: WOOK and Chlopskie Jadlo. Whereas WOOK is the chain restaurant which offers Asian food, Chlopskie Jadlo specializes in the traditional polish cuisine that is widely popular not only among Poles, but also among foreign tourists. Moreover, Sfinks Polska plans to develop additional services such as: delivery of dishes, takeaways and catering services.
First restaurant of Sphinx was opened in Lodz city in1995. Currently, under the aegis of the Sphinx operate nearly 100 restaurants throughout the country. The restaurants of Sphinx are mainly located in the big shopping malls or on the main streets of cities. Sphinx restaurants are also available in Czech Republic and Hungary.
Tasty dishes with fresh ingredients, unique atmosphere, and high quality service make Sphinx different from competitors and help to build great popularity among its customers. The most typical dish that they offer is so called “shoarma”-grilled dish, which is inspired by cuisine of Middle East. In addition, Sphinx serves international cuisine with a wide selection of meat dishes, including delicious steaks, fish, vegetarian food and various types of pizza, pasta, salads, snacks and dessert. The restaurants have unique climate and design with lamps made of original gourds which attract customer to spend wonderful time with family and friend while enjoying delicious dishes and high service quality. 2. Market Analysis
Industry trend
Poles have spent 25.1 milliard zloty to eat outside at last year.1 This was the record; because in…

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