Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Sample

My strengths and failings define who I am. My strengths assist me go a better individual and my failings maintain me contending to be that better individual. Acknowledging my ain personal strengths I am able to construct on them and utilize them towards my advantage. I believe these properties make you who you are and demo your true abilities as a individual. The celebrated quotation mark. “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a failing. so I will turn that sensed failing into a strength” . by Michael Jordan. are wise words spoken to actuate one into believing about the manner they choose to life their life and how they go about it. Everyone has his or her ain failings ; it is what you do with it that makes you who you are.

A quality of myself that I would wish to see a personal strength is that I am an highly outgoing individual. With this being said. I have good communicating accomplishments and a batch of assurance. Bing able to talk out loud. do friends easy. talk to anyone. anyplace at anytime and non be a dull individual is a good quality to keep back because it has helped me in school and finally will assist me in my future calling.

Another strength I would hold to indicate out about myself is. that I have strong leading accomplishments. Ever since I have been small I have ever wanted to be the leader of the group and have been told multiple times to maintain these sorts of accomplishments throughout my life-time. I was ever in charge of everything I have been a portion of. For illustration. during school undertakings I set out functions and made certain everyone did their portion to acquire the occupation done right. It is ever a good thing to retain these types of accomplishments because it will one twenty-four hours assist me go successful.

A failing of mine is cunctation. I have a large issue with this because I lack any type of time-management accomplishments. I procrastinate everything I do from acquiring ready in the forenoon to. of class. the most famous–homework. It is a job because I am in college now and is a awful wont to hold and is improbably difficult to acquire rid of. The branchings can take to an unwanted life style. Procrastination is a common wont that can be broken with attempt and realisation of unbending out my precedences.

Another strength I have is listening. I am a great hearer when it comes to other people and any sorts of their jobs. I am the go-too sort of miss that all my friends come up to with their issues. and I love hearing about them. They know they can ever number on me to be at that place to hear them out for what they have to state and wait for my sentiment on the subject. I think this is a great quality to possess because it shows how caring and understanding I am.

Another one of my strengths. that goes along with listening. is advice giving. I love to give advice because I feel like to some of my friends I can portion what I have learned from others and besides portion some of my past experiences with them. I ever try to assist out and make every bit much as I can to assist person acquire through whatever it is that they are traveling through. I hate when I see person who I care about that is disquieted or baffled. I may non cognize it all but everything I say normally makes sense in some manner or another.

I can state that my failing is that I care excessively much. I let the small things bother me when I know that I should non. I care what everyone thinks about me. I care what they talk about. and I care about wholly irrelevant things. I care a batch because I see the best in people. However. if everyone cared and had good purposes this would non be such a negative and failing but I hope one twenty-four hours I will be proven otherwise.

One thing that people admire about me is. I have a batch of aspiration. I am a whizz-kid and work hard for everything. I pay my ain measures in add-on to besides paying for my college tuition. Some people do non hold the bosom. motive and desire to make their ends and dreams so I see this as strength in paving the manner to an exceeding hereafter. The calling that I see myself holding a hereafter in is societal work. I think this is a perfect hereafter calling for me because I work good with others by listening and assisting clarify their ain personal jobs. I love being about and assisting others make it through whatever state of affairs they are in. Working in this field would non merely suit my strengths. but would assist me work on my failings excessively. Every twenty-four hours societal workers help others acknowledge their strengths. travel beyond their failings and recognize their true potency. This occupation would outdo suit me. non merely because of these few grounds. but because I feel like it is what I was meant to make.

All of these strengths and failings make a difference in my life. They define me as the individual I was. am. and going. My failings are what I can work on and my strengths are what I can construct on. All and all. I will finally do my failings my strengths. I will detect and derive new strengths in the approaching chapters of my life. I believe you are merely every bit weak as you let yourself go. Failings in my book are disadvantages and lost chances. In decision. everyone will ever hold a failing but it is the strong that can reflect. acknowledge. and do manner for better strengths towards a bright and successful hereafter.

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