Stress Management Essay Sample

When you are stressed. your organic structure responds as though you are in danger. It produces endocrines that speed up your bosom. do you breathe faster. and give you a explosion of energy. This is called the fight-or-flight emphasis response. Some emphasis is normal and even utile. It can assist if you need to work hard or respond rapidly. But if stress happens excessively frequently or stopping points excessively long. it can hold bad effects. It can be linked to concerns. an disquieted tummy. back hurting. or problem sleeping. It can weaken your immune system. doing it harder to contend off disease. It can do you Moody. tense. or down. Your relationships may endure. and you may non make good at work. In this essay. I have shared my ain experience at work topographic point ; the common causes of emphasis and how I have fought emphasis and I will besides explicate some managerial attacks to cut down emphasis.

A theory that could be used to cut down emphasis
Daniel Goleman’s ( 1994 ) . emotional intelligence theory is one of its sorts to cut down emphasis. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to pull off and utilize our emotions in positive and constructive ways. It’s about pass oning with others in a manner that draw people towards us. overcome differences. fix wounded feelings and defuse tenseness and emphasis. The four major constituents of emotional intelligence in a work topographic point are: •Self – awareness – The ability to acknowledge our emotions and their impact while utilizing gut feelings to steer our determinations. •Self – direction – The ability to command our emotions and adapt to altering circumstance. •Social – consciousness – The ability to feel. understand and react to other’s emotions and experience comfy socially. •Relationship direction – The ability to animate. influence and connect to others and pull off struggle.

If you look at the issues that I have described in my calling you will see a great trade of emotional intelligence is required. I have understood myself that if I pattern the four constituents of emotional intelligence it will enable me to hold a more comfy clip and public presentation at work will increase. Soon as I am working in managerial function and my experience made me recognize that my subsidiaries will travel through quiet similar state of affairss and at such times I have shared my experience with them and at times I have told them the importance of emotional intelligence. The importance of explicating my state of affairs and how it can associate to emotional intelligence is to stress as directors it is of import to hold cognition of stress direction and when supervising subordinate’s public presentation we should be able to happen critical issues and how to undertake those issues suitably.

I have realized that success and failure on the occupation depends on how you pull off your emphasis degree and stress degree will impact the quality of work and public presentation at work. To acquire quality out of the subsidiaries as directors we have to understand their state of affairss and happen ways to cut down emphasis by constructing a good interpersonal relationship with them. I believe that I have explained the common causes of emphasis and a theory that can be used to cut down emphasis. I have felt. realized the impacts and decreased my stress degree. I wrote this essay from my bosom and I cried myself while I was composing this essay and felt how difficult my life was. And besides. I realized I can convey a alteration. Complete freedom from emphasis is decease – Hans Selye

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