Nowadays, the issue of responsibility of universities has stimulated a heated discussion. As far as I am concerned, the responsibility of university is not only to equip students with knowledge and professional skills, and cultivate qualified citizens to deal with various challenges with full developed character and talent, but also to serve and lead the forward of the society. First of all, the universities have a leading role and responsibility in the scientific education of future professionals. As we know, scientific research training should be considered essential if you want to be a graduate student in areas such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and so on. Besides, it is crucial for job-hunter because well-known companies take the academic performance as an important selection standard . So all universities request us to value the opportunity to perfect ourselves for the future competition.
Second,universities should improve the comprehensive quality of students and enhance their competition ability in employment. For example,, universities should strive to strengthen exercise our communication, adaptability, practical ability. In recent years, Central Party and Ministry of Education issued documents for many times to emphasize the strength of the university students’ comprehensive character development by various ways.
Last but not least, in the time of globalization and the turning from society of industrial economy to knowledge economy, universities are not only required to take up the responsibility endowed in education, academy but also should step out of the tower of ivory, serving and leading the forward of the society as well as international responsibilities. A university must monitor changes and needs in society in order
to behave in a social responsible way.
Nowadays, with the policy of college enrollment expansion in china, higher education is no longer the privilege only enjoyed by minorities. So the university play a…

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