Summary Deborah Tannen Essay Sample

Deborah Tannen in her essay “Why Can’t He Hear What I’m Stating? ” relates to a job that every individual regardless of age. race or sex. will hold to confront many times in his or her life-time. It explains the author’s theory that both work forces and adult females are listening to one another. but because they have been taught different ways of pass oning. different values and to hold different intents when talking. they feel as if they are non pass oning. Deborah Tannen notes that work forces are confused by the assorted ways adult females use conversation to be intimate with them. because adult females see their work forces as the closest friends. The writer besides tells the reader that the work forces are normally straightforward and to the point. and they use conversation to accomplish or keep societal position.

Womans. on the other manus. frequently use more words that imply feelings and emotions. because the conversation for them is a manner of linking and negociating. In decision. the writer states that work forces are expected to be tough and adult females are expected to seek support. These subjects seem to be the root of the struggle between the sexes. so I would suggest that each sex should make their best to interrupt away from these outlooks. Work force should endeavor to be more unfastened and less concerned about continuing a butch image whereas adult females should endeavor to be less dependent on the blessing of others. While my proposed solution would non wholly abolish miscommunication between the sexes. it would be a big measure in the right way.

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