Technology – Yesterday and Today Essay Sample

Technology is a Grecian word that has two parts. The first portion is ‘techno’ and the 2nd 1 is ‘logia’ . Techno means an art or accomplishment that can be made by the manus. Logia average alteration. or usage of cognition of tools and machines to execute a undertaking. In other words. engineering is a complex word that describes a procedure where simple tools and machines can be used to better life. It involves the cognition and usage of tools and machines to work out jobs in an organized and conventional mode. As an art and scientific discipline. engineering is an of all time bettering procedure that aims at supplying machines and other complex tools to replace human labour in the work topographic point. Through engineering. technicians. scientists. and other interest holders are able to alter the universe in any sector. These sectors might include information engineering. building. and medical engineering.

Technology has a batch to make with scientific discipline. In fact. some people have claimed that the two are inseparable. Indeed. this is true. Through scientific discipline. people are able to larn about atoms. negatrons and other molecules. Technology so manipulates these molecules to make machine which ease life ( Salter. 2010 ) . Therefore. engineering is an of all time altering entity. It keeps turning mundane with the innovation of new stuffs and elements. In this mode. one needs to distinguish the types of engineering. Ideally. two types exist ; yesterday’s and today’s. There is another type known as future engineering. In this paper. the first two will be discussed and demo how they are related to each other.

Yesterday’s engineering and its development
This type refers to the yesteryear. It does non cover with the present. but involves the beginning of world all the manner to merely a few old ages ago. Yesterday’s engineering is like history. It began 1000s of old ages ago and has been germinating over the old ages. Technology is said to hold started with the innovation of fire by the Homo erectus more than twenty two hundred thousand old ages ago. However. this might non be true since adult male started developing tools even before he invented fire. A precise beginning can be related to the early Stone Age. when adult male started developing petroleum arms and tools for runing and assemblage. This must hold been the Paleolithic period. which span from 2. 5 million old ages to about 10. 000 BC. From early Stone Age. adult male moved with engineering to the in-between rock age. Here. adult male realizes the chance that rock offers. He starts developing flints and rock knives to kill big animate beings for nutrient. He so invents fire to assist in coking of meat and sharpening runing knives. At this point in clip. adult male is populating in caves ( Salter. 2010 ) . In the late Stone Age adult male has realized the potency of rock in bring forthing larger and bigger tools and arms. He so develops linguistic communication and society. This so is engineering.

From Stone Age. engineering caputs towards Mesopotamia where the wheel is invented to ease motion of goods. people and services. It is of import to observe that development of the wheel is one of the most of import stairss in the history of world and engineering. At this point in clip. the Sumerians and Egyptians had besides started developing composing in papyrus. The innovation of authorship was so a signifier of revolution as it created the impulse for cognition and instruction taking to a series of innovations. Some of the of import innovations during the yester old ages included the innovation of telescope by Galileo. innovation of steam engine by Stevenson. the innovation of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell every bit good as the innovation of electricity by Michael Faraday. Many other people besides started analyzing other subjects in order to derive cognition on how some phenomenon worked. Of importance were Isaac Newton and his jurisprudence of gravitation. every bit good as Archimedes and his jurisprudence of flotation. In the agricultural sector. the Agrarian revolution saw addition in engineering with people like Jethrow Tull contriving the ox drawn Big Dipper. Yesterday’s engineering has evolved a great trade. Many people have devoted their lives to the survey of mathematics. natural philosophies and other basic scientific discipline with a position to bettering life through proviso of other innovations. Greatest bookmans like Aristotle and Hippocrates ensured that the yesterday’s engineering got a house foundation.

Today’s engineering
Today’s engineering can be summarized into one thing: computing machine. This is so the age of computing machines. This period can be said s to hold started in the seventiess with the innovation of really big computing machines which were subsequently replaced by chief frame computing machines. Computers have been used to command and supervise virtually every machine in the universe. Talk about microwaves. aero planes. autos. industrial machines. and phones. All are due to computing machines. This age of engineering is referred to as the age of unreal intelligence. This intelligence has been used to command lives of people and other animate beings all over the universe. Of importance is communicating. Though computing machines. many devices have been invented to help in communicating. The innovation of phones has ensured that the universe becomes a planetary small town where people can pass on with each other despite the long distances ( Salter. 2010 ) . Today’s engineering can be clearly referred to as modernism and the heroic poem of man’s cognition. From the 1960s adult male had advanced his cognition to such a degree that he was able to construct infinite ships for researching outer infinite.

In fact. 1969 was the twelvemonth America managed to supply a infinite bird known as Apollo II. which safely landed in the Moon. doing Neil Armstrong the first adult male to of all time walk on moon’s surface. USSR followed suit by establishing a infinite ship which travelled around the universe in the twelvemonth 1970. Over the past 40 or so old ages. engineering has advanced a great trade. All Fieldss have been represented every bit. More advanced infinite ships have been created and launched. In fact. there are programs underway for colonising planet Mars. This is how far engineering of today has gone ( Salter. 2010 ) . In the field of communicating. phones have been created and modified to ease communicating. Smart phones have been created with unreal intelligence that enables people to make a batch within short periods of clip. Together with these has been the creative activity of smaller and portable computing machines in the signifier of note books. lap tops and thenar tops. Indeed. engineering has brought us far in footings of communicating.

The of all time germinating dynamic engineering has made progresss in the simple signifiers of communicating like moss codification. Right now. people can pass on unrecorded through internet interface. Skype and other modes. The field of conveyance has non been left behind either. Long gone are the yearss when people used to sit animate beings as the lone beginning of conveyance. Today. autos. planes. ships. and trains have been modified to heighten faster conveyance. In fact. there have been developments that have led to the innovation of electric autos and trains. One can non assist but wonder at how fast the universe has changed in footings of engineering. Today’s engineering has replaced human labour. Peoples can work at the comfort of their places utilizing computing machines and phones to organize their work. At the same clip. this engineering has done a batch in the universe of diversion. amusement and wellness. The wellness sector has besides benefited from the new engineering. This is though proviso of better imagination modes which have improved diagnosing. intervention and direction as a whole.

Comparing and contrasting engineering of yesterday and that of today Technology of yesterday and today has contributed positively to the alteration in life manner. This has chiefly been due to betterment in life through the handiness of adequate nutrient andemployment chances. Technology has led to the addition in figure of industries which process nutrient material. doing them available for usage by many people all over the universe. This has been indispensable in supplying fortified nutrient material hence bar of lack diseases among kids and grownups ( Salter. 2010 ) . Technology as a whole has helped in the betterment of conveyance and communicating systems all over the universe. Conveyance has become inexpensive and faster. Together with communicating. conveyance has led to development of many industries and betterment in concern chances and economic system as a whole. Indeed. the universe has become a planetary small town. Technology has besides led to the promotion in cognition and betterment in the wellness sector. Peoples have been able to utilize computing machines and typing imperativeness to publish and print text books and other acquisition stuffs taking to betterment in the instruction sector. Health has besides been improved with the innovation of imaging modes and better intervention method.

On the other manus. there are some differences that emerge between the two coevalss of engineering. To get down with. yesterday’s engineering is more inferior as compared to today’s engineering. This is because today’s engineering is constructing on yesterday’s engineering to better itself. Again. yesterday’s engineering depended excessively much on steam. dodo fuel. and crude oil. while today’s engineering depends on electricity. solar and geothermic energy. Yesterday’s engineering caused a great pollution to the environment through the combustion of dodos and fuels while today’s engineering produces small or no fume at all and is friendly to the environment ( Salter. 2010 ) . Last. it is of import to observe that today’s engineering has led to the progress in arms. This has led to creative activity of atomic arms of mass devastation that has contributed to terrorist act and loss of 1000s of lives through wars. This is a reverse that yesterday’s engineering did non experience.

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