Teenage Life Essay Sample

Every one will. is or has been a adolescent at some point in their life. It is a clip filled with peer force per unit area. emphasis. and grief. but besides growing. love and friendship. What is genuinely amazing about being a adolescent is that every person’s experience is different. For some people their pinnacle of popularity is in their adolescent old ages. others find that these old ages are distant memories they long to bury. Therefore it is unjust to presume being a adolescent can be universally characterized. What is true about about all of adolescents is that it is a clip of self-discovery and adulthood. This besides highlights nevertheless that even though most are in hunt of their individuality. each individual approaches their journey otherwise.

Imagine the “popular kids” walking up to you and forcing you out of their manner. You wouldn’t dare and stand up for yourself in fright of farther physical maltreatment. Now imagine being the popular adolescent seeing the undistinguished swot in forepart of you. This impulse arises in you obliging you to force that inferior individual out of your manner. How can these people relate to each other when they are evidently polar antonyms? Neither the stereotyped popular or nerdy individual genuinely has an apprehension of who they are. The diffident adolescent may happen comfort and security in their reserved stance. The other stripling may happen that strong-arming provides a sense of intent and belonging. Is this true for every individual that goes through high school wrongfully thrust into a class?

Personally I have found that being a adolescent involves emphasis. insecurity. diffidence and yet the necessity for a content frontage. No 1 wants to believe that adolescents really struggle through these imperative old ages when in fact many do. I can non state that my experience as a high school pupil is the transcript of person else’s. nevertheless many people. like myself. have no thought how to specify themselves and are seeking for any and all available replies. I may be the lone 1 who deals with a deficiency of assurance. uncertainness in my individuality and a demand to look happy. but I doubt it.

Teenage life nevertheless is non entirely filled with rebellion and ill will. it is besides involves love and unbreakable friendly relationships. In my coevals being immature is about moving immature. We are free to make whatever we want. whenever we want because we make the regulations. Adolescents complain about their deficiency of freedom which I really believe is wholly untrue. We are trusted with ulterior curfews. fellows or girlfriends and frequently at parties our parents are unmindful to. Adolescents today live the good life and yet they will ever desire more. Every individual visualizes. grips. and remembers their teenage old ages in a really alone manner. Most will acknowledge that they struggled to happen themselves and that they should hold asked for aid. What is amazing about being a adolescent is that you ever experience undervalued and laden. Bing a adolescent is about arising against society and their low outlooks ; nevertheless it is genuinely the complete antonym. Society is trying to model the young person into respectable grownups that will one twenty-four hours be the executives. presidents. and workers of the population. Although adolescents feel stray. entirely and underestimated. we can all happen comfort in cognizing that each of us undergoes this confusing and important passage into maturity.

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