The “American Dream” Essay Sample

The American Dream is a widespread thought. Depending on whose dream it is. it can besides hold many different definitions. The United States was founded on the thought of single worth. and the ability of people being able to do their ain picks to impact their ain fate. Being in a state which allows one to make these things is a privilege in and of itself. Culture and one’s upbringing will impact their thought of the “American Dream” . Most everyone is bound to hold a different thought because of their alone personality.

Although all people can ne’er hold the exact same thought for the American Dream. there would be some definite similarities between all sentiments. Populating in a state that allows everyone to go anything they want to be. if they are willing to work to accomplish it. is a really common dream. Being happy. healthy. and affluent is another widely known dream. In older films a really typical kind of “American Dream” is shown. A large house. a loving partner. two kids. a Canis familiaris. good occupations. plentifulness of money. a happy household. and of class the white lookout fencing. For the characters portrayed. these are the things that are of import to them.

In Of Mice and Men. George and Lenny have a large program of how their dream will look like. “‘Well. ’ said George. ‘we’ll have a large vegetable spot and a coney hutch and poulets. And when it rains in the winter. we’ll merely state the snake pit with goin’ to work. and we’ll build up a fire in the range and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof…’” ( 14-15 ) . “We could populate offa the fatta the lan’ . ” ( 57 ) . These two work forces merely needed a farm. and to be able to do a nice life for themselves to accomplish their American Dream. No large inside informations. non a batch of money. merely to be happy and self-sufficing. However. non everyone’s dream is that simple.

Another book that talks about accomplishing the “American Dream” is Farewell to Manzanar. In this book. the author’s household is imprisoned into internment cantonments after the bombardment of Pearl Harbor because they are of Nipponese descent. They are forced out of their place. their “American Dream” was about complete. but so it was ripped off. Jeanne ne’er thought she could make that dream once more. Her “Dream” was a safe place. plentifulness of household. and to hold some kind of sheltered perceptual experience of the inhuman treatment of the existent universe. When she arrives at Manzanar she is exposed to the existent universe. and this shatters her dream. Later in life. nevertheless. she begins to understand the true values in her life.

In literature we see that a batch of the clip a child’s position of the “American Dream” is much different than an adult’s. As one grows older. felicity. wellness. and household become more of import. What good would the American Dream be without these three factors? To believe in the stating ‘money can non purchase happiness’ . means one depends on these three things to do them happy. Children. like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird think more along the lines that money can repair jobs. Although money can repair many things. even make one feel better. many people feel it is non an indispensable portion of the “American Dream. ”

By seting people in charge of their ain lives. they have the pick to organize their ain “American Dream” . No affair what they decide that dream is. it will go around around their beliefs and values. This manner everyone can take how to do him or herself happiest and work towards carry throughing their dream.

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