The road to a housing solution Essay Sample

One of the basic demands of the homo is shelter. which is livable and broad plenty to provide a household. Many in this community have been following developments affecting the shelter. the downtown operation that for decennaries has housed the homeless and those seeking transitional lodging. The truth is that there are many challenges faced by those people who work indefatigably to happen solutions for those in demand of lodging in our state. For some. the shelter has served that function. but the shelter was designed to supply exigency shelter. non long-run lodging. In the past few old ages. stairss have been taken to turn to this issue. The demand for low-cost lodging has long been discussed in our state. Harmonizing to article that I’ve read. in the Philippines less than 1/3 can afford proper shelter. In Metro Manila entirely. there are 3. 1 informal colonists ; 23 % stay in authorities land. 22 % in private belongingss. 15 % in danger zones ( which include the streets. Bridgess. riverbanks. and along develop paths ) . and 40 % on substructure sites. There still exists a immense job on lodging in the Philippines. Assorted factors affect this such as funding. authorities policies and intercessions. institutional subsidies. and the values and civilization the Filipino people illustrate.

The concern for lodging should turn because of the fact that the Philippines are considered to be portion of the ‘typhoon belt. ’ More and more people would endure in such catastrophes if proper lodging is non addressed. I believe that money is non merely the issue that involve of lodging jobs. I think migration of people in rural countries to urban countries is one of grounds. Most people normally think that they will hold a better life if they live in urban countries instead than rural and a higher income comparison to rural countries. Robust population growing was besides concerned this affair. if the population was still increased. the authorities should go on to bring forth lodging until all people have their owned house. but the instance is the authorities still doesn’t have a solution to supply lodging and if it is continue to increase the population. the deficiency of lodging besides increased. Poverty due to unemployment is another ground. Increasing of unemployed people was large impact why people can non afford lodging. And in conclusion. I think minimal pay of Filipinos. if they have adequate wage that will prolong of all their demands. I think there will be no Filipinos doesn’t have their ain house.

I think the author has a point on stating that hapless households wanted to populate where they can able to populate in their ain and can state that they owned it. but I think it is non the right scheme that one floor house is the solution to the job. The fact is that the available land is fast vanishing around the metropolitan country and the extended public lodging and subdivisions. I think that High denseness lodging is what we need to make located within the metropolis centres where commercialism is dynamic and besides the substructures are bing including roads. electricity. H2O. schools and more significantly occupations. These lodging units should be liveable with Parkss and diversion and should non be located in an country to neglect. We need to blend these lodging units within successful communities to do them work alternatively of making unreal lodging.

There are countless of grounds on how to work out lodging. but the chief factors would enormously depend on the authorities ( both national and local ) . people. and non-governmental organisations willing to assist in the lodging plan of the Philippines. First of all. the authorities has the biggest function amongst all. It is the function of the authorities to make policies that will accommodate good the country’s needs. It is besides the government’s function to decently pull off and modulate the Filipino people in following such policies. Torahs have to be examined and cleared particularly with respects land usage. This is specifically addressed to illegal crouching issues. Peoples have to be given notice about these regulations. so they can purely implement the policies and lawbreakers should be apprehended rightly. We all know that ignorance to the jurisprudence is non an alibi. but of class. being a hapless state. non all people have entree to basic information. It is still. I believe. the undertaking of authorities to convey these of import information to populace.

Another issue that can be touched here is revenue enhancement. There is a demand for systematic information on land and existent estate belongingss in the Philippines ; this would heighten a better revenue enhancement. Better revenue enhancement can take to more budgets for plans in assisting the lodging job in the Philippines. Of class. corruptness is another issue that surfaces from here. This is where the values of the Filipino people have to be fixed. The Filipino people should get down valuing other people’s lives. We are giving here lives of 1000000s of people while the few get rich and foul through corruptness. It’s basic. seek to decrease corruptness ; non needfully eliminate wholly. but minimise it to the lowest degree that we can. Everywhere else in the universe exists corruptness. but our corruptness degree is merely manner up high. This should be corrected because we are a hapless state. The worse corruptness gets. the deeper we get into the poorness trap. People’s money should travel to the right topographic points. and these are undertakings and plans to elate human being.

The following solution is repairing the fiscal side of lodging. The authorities still has a function here. and that is to make the right regulative policies in funding for lodging undertakings or plans. This is specifically in line with middle-cost lodging. It shouldn’t be excessively tight or excessively relaxed. Making it excessively tight would restrict the chance for citizens to really take portion of such plans. Making it to lenient on the other manus could be cumbersome every bit good. merely like what the recent fiscal crisis in America demonstrates. When people see chances such as relaxed rates. they evidently would take it. even though a batch of them really take more than what they can afford. it’s a common physiological reaction of human nature. Banks on one manus will be given to take advantage of the relaxed policies because more people would certainly desire to borrow money from them for funding. But as we see. the market does neglect besides at times. By the terminal of the twenty-four hours. the policy that triggered such events to go on is still the one to acquire most of the incrimination. And it does merit the incrimination. So authorities has the biggest duty to play and weigh things right.

Subsidies and other beginnings of support is besides a solution to this job. International organisations and non-governmental organisations do play a immense function in turn toing such jobs. It is a fact that authorities can non make everything efficaciously and expeditiously. This is where the function of these organisations comes in. These organisations do non be to vie with authorities or to do authorities expression bad. They do be to complement the authorities in countries where it lacks in supplying its services. Subsidies and support are good ; it’s merely that these organisations need to pass on and work with the right people. I still believe in the effectivity of such organisations working with the authorities particularly the local authorities units ( LGUs ) . They should incorporate be aftering with one another to do certain that things don’t overlap ; as this would blow resources. I would besides desire to emphasize out that such grants should be directed at the right undertakings. Middle-cost lodging should be more focussed on fiscal support from Bankss ; and these Bankss should ever a have a dependable footing in loaning recognition. Direct subsidies on the other manus should be more directed at low-priced lodging where more people do need grants.

If the authorities has an unfastened eyed to see all this state of affairs earlier and to hold integrity to assisting each other nor rich people and hapless people and besides public and private sectors will besides collaborate. I think the long discussed issue about the lodging jobs is solve even before.

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