The Role of Media Essay Sample

The word media means different things depending on how it is used. Media is the plural signifier of the word medium. A medium is a method of pass oning information. amusement. or other messages. Television is one popular medium. Radio. the cyberspace. and cell phones are all illustrations of normally used media. The term mass media refers to methods of pass oning with big Numberss of people. A batch of media exists strictly for amusement. such as films and telecasting situation comedies. But when you hear the phrase “the media. ” normally it is mentioning to the beginnings of our intelligence and information about current events. Paying attending to the media is how we stay informed about what’s traveling on in the universe around us and what our authorities is making.

The Media as Gatekeeper
A gatekeeper stands guard at a gate and decides who gets to go through through and who doesn’t. In its function as gatekeeper. the media decides which narratives and issues are of import plenty to have public attention—and which aren’t. As a citizen. it is of import for you to recognize there are many serious events and issues you will ne’er hear about on the eventide intelligence. Each intelligence mercantile establishment has its ain standards for make up one’s minding which narratives get through the gate and into the public oculus. To understand why. you need to understand two things: the media is a concern. and the media is about ever biased.

Gatekeeper: “B” is for Business
Most people get their intelligence from telecasting. wireless. or a newspaper ( either print or online ) . With the exclusion of PBS. the Public Broadcasting System. most are commercial or for-profit beginnings. They make money by selling clip or infinite to advertizers. But advertizers won’t wage for ads cipher will see. so for-profit media must do the intelligence every bit exciting as possible to pull tonss of viewing audiences. But let’s face it: News plans are non ever every bit exciting as. say. action movies. In order to last in today’s civilization. telecasting intelligence must maintain things short. fast paced. and exciting. On-the-hour wireless intelligence is even shorter. Narratives most likely to acquire through the gate are those that are the most absorbing ( of all time inquire why the “news” is full of auto clangs and house fires? ) or that affect the most figure of people. If a narrative can’t be told in a speedy. 15-second sound bite. it’s likely to be left outside the gate.

Gatekeeper: “B” is for Biased
Biased agencies prefering one position over another. As a human being. it is impossible to be wholly indifferent even if you try. The media is made up of human existences ; hence. even when media mercantile establishments try to be indifferent. they’re non ever successful. Bias may do the media to open the gate to some narratives alternatively of others or to describe narratives in a manner that is weighted toward one side. There are many causes of prejudice. The most common among media beginnings is being more politically broad ( tilting toward the Democrats ) or conservative ( tilting toward the Republicans ) .

The Media as Agenda-Setter
Because of its function as gatekeeper. the media is mostly responsible for make up one’s minding what issues society discusses in the populace sphere. That means the media besides determines which issues are on the public docket. which is the to-do list of issues the public agrees are a precedence. An issue won’t acquire on the public docket unless it is being discussed in the populace sphere. and it won’t be discussed in the populace sphere if cipher has heard about it. The Media as Watchdog

A existent watchdog stands as a guard and barks aloud to alarm the proprietor if there is something incorrect. In its function as watchdog. the media keeps ticker on the authorities and others in power. It speaks out to alarm the populace if something happens that shouldn’t. Local intelligence Stationss frequently have a section in which they investigate jobs for people. Entire. hour-long intelligence shows are devoted to exposes. which are narratives designed to expose wrongdoing. Government functionaries who engage in bad behaviour know they will be on every intelligence show and newspaper in the state if they are caught.

Although a watchdog will bark when there is something incorrect. most of the clip the watchdog merely tickers. Thankss to the media. we live in a universe where we can turn on the telecasting and watch our authorities in action at any given minute. Stations such as C-SPAN broadcast activity straight from the floor of Congress for everyone to see. Simply describing information is playing watchdog. excessively. Without the media. we would non cognize what is go oning behind closed doors. The Media’s Audience: You

A watchdog doesn’t do any good if cipher is paying attending. The populace sphere and the public docket both depend on the same thing— the populace. which is made up of people like you. If the media reported an event and cipher watched or responded. it would hold no influence at all. In the same manner. the public influences the media because the media can’t map without peoples’ attending. How people respond to the media’s coverage can impact which narratives get through the gate. The media’s function as agenda-setter is controversial. Some people don’t believe for-profit corporations should put our public docket.

They worry that many of import issues will ne’er acquire public attending. Some issues merely aren’t exciting adequate to vie with amusement. Others are excessively complex to suit into a short sound bite. Although the populace decides which issues to care approximately. the media merely tells the populace about a few of the issues that exist. Therefore. people worry that the populace does non truly hold much of a pick about what issues are of import. Peoples besides worry that because the media is biased. it influences the public docket toward one manner of thought over another.

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