”The Whipping Boy” by Richard Gibney Essay Sample

”The Whipping Boy. ” written by Richard Gibney in 2011. is a narrative about a ne’er stoping war. In the narrative we meet three late freed slaves. who don’t cognize how to get by with their freshly given freedom. Officially. they are free to go forth. but different grounds force them to remain for a small while longer. This essay will analyze the chief characters’ relationship with their proprietors. their manner of managing their new freedom. and the significance of Gibney’s usage of boding in the narrative. Furthermore. it will analyze Gibney’s usage of words associated with faith and childhood. To sum up. the essay will analyze and discourse how Gibney’s usage of certain words warns the observant reader of how the narrative will stop.

The narrative is. as earlier mentioned. about three immature. black people who are informed that they are officially free from bondage. The names of the characters are Tommy. Mikey and Martha. When they are told about their freshly given freedom. Martha has a difficult clip believing it “”You’re free. ” he insisted. “Free to make as you like. Understand? ” She stared at him incredulously…” ( P1. ll. 33-34 ) . This can be interpreted as Martha’s missing ability to understand the effects of what she hears. but it can besides be argued that this is a manner for Gibney to warn the reader about something that happens subsequently in the text. Since Martha throughout the narrative could be characterized as the more sympathetic one of the three. the reader will frequently place with her due to the readers common cognition of what is right and incorrect. and if the reader identifies with her. they might besides believe that whatever she thinks is true. Therefore. since Martha doesn’t rather believe that their battles are over. the reader likely agrees with her. and is thereby warned by the author that the terminal of the narrative won’t be happy.

Tommy and Mikey. on the other manus. have a different ground for remaining. They are non willing to fly from their prison of many old ages without acquiring back at the adult male who caused them so much hurting – Sterling Gage. The rubric of the narrative is “The Whipping Boy. ” It is indispensable to detect. that the word “boy” is in the rubric. since it has a batch more significance to the narrative than the reader would foremost believe. The manner the two immature. freshly freed work forces manage their freedom is non man-like. Though Mikey and Sterling are described as work forces “Mikey emerged from the house. naming after his former maestro. Pot turned and saw the whip and his eyes filled with surprise. The two work forces stood opposite each other. ” ( P. 3 ll. 79-80 ) when in combat. it is clear that Mikey merely possesses the power of a adult male. but non the head or adulthood of one. The description of Tommy “Tommy started to shout with euphory. rocking in his chair like a child” ( P. 1 ll. 25-26 ) makes the reader think of Tommy as a male child alternatively of a adult male. It could be argued. that the many old ages of bondage had affected Tommy to go a infantile and irrational human being who lost touch with the universe. Mikey traveling to claim his retaliation by force could besides be interpreted as child-like. though non the more harmless and empathy-worthy version of a kid Tommy could be seen as. but more like the bloody-minded animal-like kid who doesn’t know when or how to halt.

Taking the author wants to portray Mikey and Tommy as kid like. another interesting facet goes to the observant reader’s head – the artlessness of a kid is frequently used in coherency with faith. It is funny. that the lone mature individual in the narrative. being Martha who doesn’t ache anyone or misuses her freedom. is non seen as the usual “innocent kid. ” but alternatively the guiltless grownup. In this narrative. the kids are non the guiltless 1s of God that we so frequently hear of. There is ground to believe that Martha is spiritual – after Mikey proposes to surround Mrs. Gage so he and Martha could run away together. Gibney writes. “Martha baulked at the suggestion and raised her eyes to Heaven. She looked at him in incredulity. ” ( P. 2 l. 45 ) This sentence could be interpreted in two ways – either Martha is merely a spot shocked at what Mikey says due to the before mentioned difference between Martha and Mikeys personalities. Another position of the quotation mark could be. that Martha raises her eyes to Heaven ( which is capitalized. therefore it must be a mention to the “religious heaven” ) and looks at him in incredulity – “him” significance God and non Mikey.

If that is the instance. it could be argued that Martha can non believe how Mikey could state such thing. but in a mention to God and how sad she is that what Mikey merely said could even be an option – in Martha’s point of position the smothering and fleeing could ne’er go on. That tells us about Martha’s deficiency of ferociousness that the two other male childs posses. There is one more clip where faith is included in the linguistic communication where it doesn’t truly necessitate to. unless there was a concealed significance ; “The Sun glinted off the blood and perspiration on his face. He sparkled like an angel. his thorax rising…” ( P. 3 l. 114 ) This illustration of spiritual usage could be Sterling seeking to move guiltless – the context is him seeking to convert Martha by logic to do Mikey halt aching him. Sterling is good cognizant that he deserves the penalty. but he acts guiltless – once more. like a kid. Mikey and Sterling are in fact really much alike – they are both kids in men’s organic structures. who won’t acknowledge the effects to their actions.

Sterling won’t accept the penalty that Mikey gives him. and Mikey won’t understand that he can’t acquire off with it – he keeps crushing Sterling. even though he knows nil good will come out of it ; they are obstinate kids. The amusing thing is. that kids normally have the approval of God. but in this instance they behave like animate beings. Martha. on the other manus. seems to make. She at least has a connexion with God – and on that note. the prefiguration in the text is relevant once more. In most of the largest faiths. the God knows everything – he has decided or at least is cognizant of what will go on. Since Martha believes in God and seems to besides cognize what will go on subsequently in the narrative. one could reason that Martha in some manner represents God in this narrative. Mikey and Sterling could be seen as the leaders of the universe who keeps contending. making wars and aching each other in malice of cognizing that nil good will come out of it. Tommy could in that instance be seen as the incapacitated population of the universe who can non alter or make non hold the physical and psychical strength to halt the ferociousness.

In decision. Gibney’s usage of words related to faith and puerility makes the observant reader know something about the result of the narrative – that the male childs represent the ne’er stoping conflict of humanity. and that Martha. the better knowing character. knows what will go on but does non or can non alter it. Gibney makes the reader identify with Martha. and by that and other puns he makes it clear that the narrative won’t terminal well.

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