Wisdom and Action Essay Sample

A local not-for-profit organisation that webs with other service bureaus in the country was designed to make full spreads in needful services for households. This bureau has been in being for several old ages and has gained the regard of the community. The staff of this bureau can function households who have a demand that can non be served in any other manner through linking these households with community voluntaries who adopt them. The voluntary manager of the bureau works on a unpaid footing and contributes legion hours each hebdomad to carry through duties associated with this place. To cut down her work load. the manager of the bureau applied to seven different foundations to bespeak money for a parttime administrative helper.

The bureau requested $ 10. 000 from each of the foundations. with the hope that they would have aid from one of them. To the surprise of the manager. three of the foundations accepted their proposal and awarded the bureau with $ 10. 000 for the wage of the parttime employee. The bureau ended up with $ 30. 000. which was three times every bit much as was needed for the wage. The granting foundations had different demands for describing on the usage of the money. However. at least two of the foundations asked that the money be used in the mode for which it was requested

1. What are the known facts?
The known facts are that the organisation is in demand of an administrative helper because the voluntary directory has been working many hours on a voluntary footing. The organisation has been in operation for many old ages and that it serves the community by supplying households with community voluntaries. The voluntary manager asked different foundations for $ 10. 000 in order to engage person. and they were offered three times that amount to supply for the wage of the new employee.

2. What facts are losing that demand to be obtained?
We know nil about this organisation accept that it has a voluntary base leading. We don’t cognize anything about what the organisation does for these households or how it interacts with the community outside the fact that it new plants with other service bureaus. What needs of the households does this organisation meet that others can non? It states that although merely 10 thousand was requested. 30 1000 was offered. How is the excess 20 thousand being spent. and is the organisation being honest.

3. Who are the possible stakeholders?
The possible stakeholders seems to be foundations that work with this organisation in this peculiar metropolis. Name callings are non stated.

4. What are the possible results. both good and injury. for all stakeholders?
The result is that if this organisation is being honest. and sing that it has worked with many different foundation in the community and the fact that it has been in operation for old ages. yes. I would state that the result is good for the stakeholders. They wouldn’t be doing much net income because it is a voluntary plan. but it is making fantastic things for the community. we merely don’t know what ‘that’ is.

5. Who would you seek out for input. advice. and audience?
I would talk with the voluntary manager. They seem like person who puts many hours into this foundation. and would be the right individual to travel to. They would be knowing about the foundation and reasonably successful no affair the advice needed.

6. What does your scruples say to you about this quandary?
I believe that there isn’t adequate information about the foundation itself to do an educated determination one manner or the other. We have here. a really general lineation of the foundation. Details would necessitate to be given in order for me or anyone else reading this to do a enlightening determination.

7. What does your scruples say to you about this quandary?
My scruples says that although this foundation seems to make good for the community. it isn’t clear in what or what manner. Does it offer kids athleticss or art categories? What services does it offer that other bureaus can non? My scruples says that there is something fishy about that sentence. and I would wish to cognize more information about.

8. What does your scruples say to you about this quandary?
My scruples says it’s sort of stupid to manus over 30 thousand dollars to an organisation. non count how good their repute and non anticipate anything in return that states where each and every dollar goes. Besides. two of the foundations don’t necessitate a elaborate history of how the money is spent. I could understand if this was a private contribution. but a grant is something different and I don’t trust it.

9. What are the values and positions of those who could be affected by your determination?
The community at big would be affected straight by whatever determination I make refering the organisation. Whatever determinations are made by me or anyone else impact the organisations ability to offer services to the community. and could spread out that aid or cut it off depending on the financess. and the adult male power to make the work.

10. What ethical rules use? What do they necessitate in this state of affairs?
In order to take an organisation that helps the community. you have to hold the will to maintain it traveling in the right way. In this state of affairs. will is needed to make the right thing. and put those financess to work for the community.

11. How do the ethical theories—the agencies or responsibility versus the terminals or greatest good. use to this state of affairs? How would you associate the two? What would be your determination?
Ethical theories in this state of affairs would be the greater good in my book. The excess money would assist the community in the terminal. I would use the excess money to plans that could utilize a small titivating up. To me. this would be a good usage of the money. I would nevertheless. merely do this after informing those who had offered the money in the first topographic point with elaborate studies on where the money is traveling and what it is being used for. To me. this is the lone honorable thing to make. When allowing these foundations know that there was excess money in engaging this employee. and seeing if they have thoughts on how to utilize the money to foster the mission of the organisation.

2. In order to take action. what political. natural. and societal forces need to be considered?
Honesty and Respect are two things that truly necessitate to be focused on here. Harmonizing to Manning. “Treating people respectfully was discussed as a quandary in relation to the grade of Openness of communicating. ” ( Manning. 2003 ) This means acquiring the support needed for the voluntary manager while besides utilizing the excess 20 1000 offered to the organisation in a responsible. respectful manner that will profit non merely the community but the organisation every bit good.

3. What is your civic duty for the good of the organisation and the good of the Community?
My civic duty would be to engage person who is knowing and who would do a good passage into the squad every bit seamlessly as possible. Once that is done. and the helper is trained it would be my civic duty to describe that I was sitting on 20 thousand dollars more so requested and possibly it would be the best involvement of the community to all gather and figure out a good usage for it once it was reported to those who offered it in the first topographic point.

Maning. S. ( 2003 ) . Ethical Leadership in Human Services: A Multi-Dimensional Approach. Boston. MA: Allyn and Bacon.

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