writing a “Bad news letter”

Johnny’s Heating and Cooling
1235 Kietzke, Reno, Nevada 89449
(775) 867-5309, Fax 586-2255April 29, 2015Ellen Ramsey
Sierra Mtn Rental Properties
1555 Mtn. Path Rd.
Reno, Nv 89449Good Afternoon Ellen,
Im happy you are pleased with the work we have done on your exquisite rental condos and the continued service we have provided you over the years. As you know we value you as a customer and strive to complete our work in a timely manner according to the date and time agreed to. As of April 27 we were on schedule to complete the job a couple days ahead of schedule. However, upon inspecting the job site I located one of the newly installed refrigerant lines had been cut. The line appears to have been accidentally cut by the sheetrock company (Steele’s Construction) when installing a wall. I conducted an assessment of the damage and determined a 12 foot section of the refrigerant tubing needs to be replaced as well as the section of the sheetrock that needs to be cut into to gain access to the tubing. Not the worst of damage but nevertheless will be a minor setback in the completion of the job. I have contacted Steel’s Construction foreman, Jim, and advised him of the damage. Jim apologized for the mishap and agreed to pay for the damage done to the refrigerant line and repair the sheetrock ASAP. I have worked out the financial aspects with him individually and is nothing you should be concerned with. However, I have provided his number below should you have any questions and/or concerns. I have my crew working on the damaged line already and expect the job to be completed no longer than a day longer than the original completion date (May 01, 2015) we agreed upon. I apologize for the potential delay but will still make every endeavor to complete the job as scheduled. Feel free to call me any time on my office or cell phone if you have additional questions or concerns. Again, I thank you for your continued business….

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