Zara Case Essay Sample

1. 1. Company Background
Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega. who saw the demand for retailing and fabrication to work closely in the vesture industry where consumer demands are difficult to foretell. The first Zara shop was opened in La Coruna in 1975. In 1985. Inditex was formed as a keeping company atop of Zara. other retail ironss and a web of internally owned providers. Zara’s current CEO. Jose Maria Castellano Rios shared Ortega’s belief that the usage of Information Technology ( IT ) was cardinal in enabling the sort of concern they wanted to construct.

In 2003. there was a argument between Xan Salgado Badas ( Head of IT for Inditex ) and Bruno Sanchez Ocampo. the proficient lead of POS ( Point-Of-Sales ) system about the demand to upgrade Zara’s POS system. Salgado thought that the clip was right to upgrade the company’s POS system as it was still running on out-of-date DOS engineering. Yet. Sanchez argued that the bing POS terminuss were working absolutely and that their POS should go on running on DOS.

1. 2. Business Model
A. Speed and Decision Making
Ortega and Castellano believed that Zara must be more antiphonal to demands of mark clients as manner tendencies and customer’s altering gustatory sensations were difficult to foretell and to act upon. Hence. Zara aimed to bring forth and present manners on tendency instead than trusting on marketing runs to force gross revenues. Zara’s shop directors and Commercials were given great discretion by direction to make up one’s mind on mid-range determinations with minimum instructions from the central offices ( HQ ) . Besides helping as the contact point for all shops globally. shop directors besides travelled extensively. controlled apparels traffic between shops and made necessary accommodations to the procedure through observations of local tendencies and gross revenues in different parts.

B. M arketing. M erchandising. and Ad
Zara spent small on advertisement and alternatively focused on opening its shops in premier metropolis locations. Across the universe. shop layouts and pricing of the garments were besides standardized by the HQ in La Coruna. while new layouts were implemented every few old ages.

Zara intended its apparels to hold instead short life spans alternatively of bring forthing authoritative apparels. This encouraged clients to purchase it on the topographic point cognizing that it might non be available on following visit and patronize the shop frequently for new manners.

C. Financials and Growth
Inditex opened an norm of one shop per twenty-four hours across the universe. However. although there was rapid and profitable growing in company’s earning. Inditex’s top direction believe that there was still room for growing within its bing markets with the support of its current substructure.

1. 3. Operationss
Zara’s operations were facilitated by 3 of import procedure that help it to react expeditiously to the of all time altering consumer demands. viz. . telling. fulfillment. and design and fabrication. A. Order

The shop directors placed an order to La Coruna twice a hebdomad to refill their stock list and new points. While replenishment measures were determined by appraising the shop and by speaking to salespeople. directors merely learnt about information on freshly available points via hand-held computing machines that were linked to the information systems at La Coruna every dark. A digital order signifier was transmitted to all stores’ handhelds within a twenty-four hours before each order deadline. The offer displayed information on freshly available points. handiness of replenishment points. Offers were besides developed by Commercials based on garment handiness. regional gross revenues form and anticipations about future gross revenues forms in single geographical location. As shop directors faced tight deadlines. the order signifier was frequently distributed to a few employees to make full up. Once the employees completed the order. it will be transmitted back to the shop director for reexamining and consolidation before directing the completed signifier back to HQ.

B. Fulfilment
Once the shops had placed their order. another group of Commercials will fit supply from distribution centres ( DC ) to stores’ demands by working with two sets of information – entire orders placed by all shops and entire stock list available in the DC at stock-keeping unit ( SKU ) degree. In the instance of deficient supplies. the stock list will be distributed based on stores’ recent merchandise SKU gross revenues consequence. Otherwise. Commercials will let the computing machine to administer the stock list based on each shop order.

Subsequently. these commercials will join forces with merchandise directors to find future production for each SKU. and adjust production velocity based on the demand required. The efficient order fulfillment procedure enabled the shops to have their points one to two yearss after order arrangement. Additionally. orders were taken from each subdivision of all Zara shops twice a hebdomad with cargos received on different yearss.

C. Design and Manufacturing
Other than coming up with new design aggregations at the start of each season. Zara besides invariably introduced new points with short lead times throughout the twelvemonth. This was made possible by its vertically incorporate fabrication operations and efficient production web. Production demands were besides distributed across a web of installations throughout the supply ironss where duties were good segregated. This enabled Zara to gestate a new garment design and later expose it in its shops for gross revenues within a month. Due to the short lead clip. production measures can be strictly based on Commercials’ initial estimations and any alterations in production can be made easy and quickly.

1. 4. Information Technology ( IT )
A. Approaches and Organization
Zara’s attack to the organization’s use of IT was aligned with its penchants for velocity and decentralized determination devising. There is no main information officer appointed and no formal procedures for puting an IT budget on specific engineering investings and undertakings. Essential applications were developed in-house as most commercial bundles were non suited for Zara’s alone operations.
B. La Coruna
In La Coruna. applications developed internally were used to fix and administer the offer globally via the cyberspace. receive orders from all of its shops and aggregate them. When the supply and demand were imbalanced. it will be highlighted and Commercials’ determinations on merchandise allotment when demand exceeded supply will be executed. Theoretical stock list of each SKU at each shop were managed with a separate application. Though it was non wholly accurate. it was non a great concern since it was merely used to ease stock allotment determinations. C. Factories

Simple applications were used in production planning in the mills. These applications generated information on measures and due day of the months for all production petitions to help mill directors in their production determinations.

D. Distribution Centers ( DCs )
Zara’s DCs were to a great extent automated and computerized to pull off bulk measures of each garment from mills and recombine them into cargos for each shop. The development of applications which enabled Zara’s DC mechanization was a joint attempt with sellers of the conveyer equipment. E. Stores

PDAs replaced fax machines for telling. managing garment returns to DCs and conveying information from HQ to all shops. Furthermore. each shop was equipped with POS terminuss and a modem to pull off information flow. However. POS terminuss and PDAs were non ever connected to the HQ or to other shops. Alternatively. at the terminal of each concern twenty-four hours. one modem-equipped terminus at each shop was used to direct information to La Coruna after consolidating gross revenues informations from other terminuss through floppy disc transcripts. The deficiency of interconnectivity between POS terminuss and PDAs every bit good as between shops meant that telephone was the lone signifier of communicating between shops.

1. 5. Decision
Salgado and Sanchez were both profoundly concerned about researching the option to implement the latest Information technology to their shops as there is an underlying hazard of compromising the bing robust & A ; scalable substructure which had been working good. However. there were hazards being the lone client still utilizing DOS. and spread outing concern operations on top of this progressively disused system may be impacted by the possibility of a sudden loss of support for POS terminuss from the hardware seller. Although the seller had stated that it had no programs to alter the machines and render DOS obsolete. no confidences were specified in Zara’s contract with the terminus shaper.

The acceptance of new engineering besides brings about significant benefits. An updated POS application with better peripherals can easy turn to the shop managers’ ailments about the PDAs’ low public presentation in minutess and day-to-day modus operandi undertakings. Besides. modern POS terminuss can suit more sophisticated capablenesss. such as radio webs within shops which had low installing costs. Wirelessly connected shops eliminate the demand to transport around floppy discs to match up entire gross revenues. Most significantly. lasting inter-connectivity between La Coruna and all shops via the Internet ensures the transmittal of precise information across different shops and better facilitates inter-store stock list transportations petitions.

Ultimately. the attack adopted must be able to help Zara in its hereafter concern developments and enable the house to to the full work its overall computer science substructure across the supply concatenation.

2. Introduction
The ‘Fast Fashion’ industry is a extremely competitory concern country where merchandise life is short and distinction advantages are built on the ability of the company to respond to current and emerging tendencies in the market as rapidly and every bit efficaciously as possible. ( Wei & A ; Zhou. 2011 ) Fast manner houses have replaced traditional designer-push theoretical account with an opportunity-pull theoretical account. in which retail merchants respond to emerging tendencies in the market within a few hebdomads. versus an industry norm of six months. ( Turconi & A ; Sull. 2008 )

The success of a fast manner house depends on its ability to bring forth a merchandise in a quick and cost efficient manner and holding an efficient supply concatenation ( SC ) . ( Wei & A ; Zhou. 2011 ) A company that assures merchandise handiness within yearss is regarded as a market victor. ( Nakhala. 2008 )

2. 1. Zara
Zara is able to keep full control over its merchandise design. fabrication and retailing operations with its perpendicular SC channel integrating. Their insightful market place demand and tendency provided by the shops besides allowed Zara to react rapidly to the ever-changing manner tendencies globally far in front of its closest rival. Hennes and Maurtiz ( H & A ; M ) . ( Palladino. 2010 ) This study will first speak about Zara’s closest rival SC. H & A ; M. followed by Zara’s updates after the instance survey ( Zara: IT for Fast Fashion ) . After looking at Zara’s rival. H & A ; M and Zara’s recent updates. we will discourse possible challenges Zara may confront in the fast manner industry and come up with some recommendations to turn to these jobs.

In the design stage. H & A ; M centralized the planning activities through coaction with purchasers and interior decorators with accent on “fashion. quality and price” . Two major dress aggregations are introduced yearly that chiefly highlight past successful merchandises and the approaching dress releases. ( Cheng & A ; Tsan. 2010 )

B. Production
H & A ; M does non have any mills. Production is alternatively outsourced to independent providers. chiefly in Asia and Europe. through H & A ; M’s local production offices. ( H & A ; M. 2012 ) 60 % of H & A ; M’s production are allocated in Asia while the remainder are located in Europe to optimize both clip and cost. ( Cheng & A ; Tsan. 2010 ) H & A ; M’s double SCs are configured in such a manner where its SC located in Asia purchases on cheaper labor costs and adopts efficient fabricating methods to maximize net incomes. On the other manus. H & A ; M’s European SC chiefly focuses on the “Rapid-reaction” for unpredictable manner points to enable rapid refilling and short bringing clip. ( Ye. 2007 ) H & A ; M production offices have a mediating map to intercede between their external providers and their internal purchasing sections. to guarantee that providers abide to H & A ; M’s codification of behavior and that goods produced are of the acceptable monetary value and quality. This allows H & A ; M to accomplish low cost production without compromising on the quality and adapt to rapid altering market tendencies. ( Databank Consulting. 2004 ) On the other manus. Zara is unable to optimize overall production cost every bit expeditiously as H & A ; M due to the deficiency of production outsourcing.

C. Distribution
Distribution is centralized through H & A ; M’s individual major warehouse in Germany. The function of the warehouse is to refill point degrees in shops harmonizing to selling tendencies. This big warehouse besides serves as a theodolite terminus where most of the finished goods from planetary production centres passed through en path to finish states. ( ICMR India. 2008 ) In bend. the finish state besides has its ain distribution centre ( DC ) to ease H & A ; M operations. While stock direction is chiefly managed within H & A ; M. conveyance is contracted to 3rd parties. Logisticss is managed centrally from the company’s central office in Stockholm. ( ICMR India. 2008 ) This consequences in H & A ; M incurring higher stock list costs due to the possibility of extra stock list in every DC. ( Databank Consulting. 2004 )

On the other manus. this distribution attack enables H & A ; M to transport day-to-day to the shops from its local DC to restock the store’s stock list and increase turnover rate. In comparing. Zara operates with two big DCs located in Spain and this might ensue in uncertainness to run into the customer’s demand on clip. ( Databank Consulting. 2004 ) Therefore. H & A ; M will more likely be able to fulfill most of its customers’ demands as compared to Zara which utilizes the merchandise scarceness attack to drive gross revenues. D. Retail

By outsourcing labor-intensive production stairss ( e. g. . run uping ) to lower-cost labor beginnings. this consequences in significantly longer lead clip than Zara’s but lowers the costs of its merchandises. Therefore. this attack allows H & A ; M to accomplish important cost advantage as its merchandises are priced on an mean 40 % lower. While Zara barely advertises and alternatively take to renovate its shops more often. advertisement is a strong communicating tool for H & A ; M. Zara prides itself on minimum advertisement. The trade name is promoted via geting of premier shop locations and holding smart frontages. insides and window shows. The shops are hence Inditex’s and Zara’s chief communicating tool. Despite holding shorter lead clip and higher reactivity to market tendencies and customers’ demands as compared to H & A ; M. Zara still faced some SC challenges such as higher production cost and slower refilling rate. This may impact Zara’s market portion negatively in the fast manner industry. ( ICMR India. 2008 )

4. Zara SCM Updates after the Case Study
Zara’s current CEO. Pablo Isla. is invariably researching options to polish investing precedences. aims and better operational efficiencies. Improvements were chiefly targeted at certain constituents of Zara’s SC such as the retailer’s work procedure. distribution web and centre. and inventory direction.

4. 1. Retailer’s Work Process
Undertakings that were excessively time-consuming for the shops employees were either shifted to third-party logistics suppliers or mills. or improved by heightening the manus held devices. In order to guarantee shop employees’ clip was spent sagely. Isla requested the third-party logistics suppliers to drop the ware and convey it to the merchandising floor. ( Ton. Corsi. & A ; Dessain. 2010 ) Additionally. the undertakings of attaching dismay tickets to freshly delivered garments had been shifted to the mills. This enabled gross revenues forces to pass 3 % more clip functioning clients and selling the garments every bit shortly as it arrive at the shop alternatively of losing up to three hours of premier merchandising clip in the yesteryear. ( Rohwedder & A ; Johnson. 2008 )

Personal digital assistant that were used by shop directors to put orders were besides upgraded. The device now shows how each garment rank by gross revenues and enabled clerks to re-order best-sellers in less than an hr that antecedently required about three hours to treat. ( Rohwedder & A ; Johnson. 2008 ) More significantly. the upgraded PDAs enabled shop directors to direct client feedback to in-house interior decorators. updating the interior decorators about fast altering tendencies immediately. This allowed Zara to take note which merchandises are less desirable and therefore. cut downing obsolescence costs. ( Matchette & A ; Lewinski. 2008 )

4. 2. Distribution Network and Center
Zara amalgamate transit across Zara’s different trade names to cut down transit costs. ( Ton. Corsi. & A ; Dessain. 2010 ) By uniting cargo of assorted trade names into larger volumes. it allowed Zara to establish twice-weekly air cargos with Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo. Hence. Zara now delivers ware and receives natural stuffs and half-finished apparels more often. leting them to convey new ware into the market even faster. ( Rohwedder & A ; Johnson. 2008 ) Furthermore. Zara’s DCs are now equipped to manage little scale consumer orders to provide to the debut of Zara’s online shop. ( AlTai. 2011 )

It was noted in the instance survey that in 2003. Zara merely had a web site that served as a digital show window demoing a few typical garments at any clip. However in 2010. Zara launched its online shops to sell garments incrementally. get downing by doing the site available to Spain. United Kingdom ( UK ) . Portugal. Italy. Germany and France. ( Mulligan. 2009 )

Unlike many of its rivals such as Forever21. Zara has lagged behind in the e-commerce platform country. mentioning grounds such as waiting for on-line demand to construct up before establishing its online services every bit good as holding sourcing and logistics jobs for its online shop. ( Signature 9 ) However in recent old ages. as more and more clients prefer shopping online as compared to squashing with the crowd in a brick and howitzer shop. the demand to hold an on-line presence is of all time more prevailing for Zara. Furthermore. despite recent instability in the planetary economic system. on-line retail gross revenues is said to be one industry which received minimal impact during this economic crisis. With on-line shops. retail merchants can besides track gross revenues and indicate new tendencies within yearss as compared to the traditional methods which could take up to hebdomads. ( Signature 9 ) Hence. it was important that Zara decided to establish its online shops and its complementary nomadic application in 2010 to reciprocate to the built up of the on-line demand.

4. 3. Inventory Management
Since 2006. Zara began utilizing sophisticated operations research theoretical accounts to find stock list cargos it sends from its two cardinal warehouses to its worldwide shops. Although Zara’s old manner of finding stock list cargo seems to be work good for them and back up their comparatively little distribution web. by 2005. with the recent growing of its planetary web. Zara realised the demand to turn to several related betterment chances. and finally plan a more scalable cargo procedure for its warehouses and shops. ( Caro. Gallien. Correa. & A ; Calamonte. 2009 ) The new procedure will assist Zara calculate its hebdomadal shop cargos by utilizing the cargo petitions from shop directors and past historical gross revenues to construct demand prognosiss. It besides uses the prognosiss and stock list available in warehouse and shop of each article to do shipment determinations to assist maximise Zara’s planetary gross revenues. ( Caro. Gallien. Correa. & A ; Calamonte. 2009 ) With the development of this scheme. it was observed that the new procedure aid increased Zara’s entire gross revenues by about three to four per centum. The scheme besides helps decreased transhipments between shops and increased the clip spent by articles on show within their life-cycle. It besides help Zara’s warehouse stock list allotment squad keep its staffing alternatively of engaging more staff to get by with their spread outing planetary shop web which in bend aid maintain operating costs low.

5. Challenges
After looking at its close rival H & A ; M and the updates it made after the instance survey. we have identified several cardinal challenges we felt Zara should turn to to remain competitory in the fast manner industry.

5. 1. Restriction of Companywide Interconnectivity
There is a deficiency of a companywide system to associate different concern units together for better communicating flow. The deficiency of companywide interconnectivity may forestall the interior decorator to supervise the gross revenues of trial garments more closely. alternatively of trusting on manual orders from shop directors. Due to manual computations done. disagreements between orders and gross revenues can besides go on. ( 123 Help Me. 2012 )

From the instance survey. we know that POS terminuss used in shop were non interconnected via any instore web. so employees had to reassign day-to-day gross revenues sums from each terminus onto a floppy disc. and so transport these discs to a modem-equipped terminus to carry through passage. Furthermore. POS terminuss and PDAs could non portion information and did non incorporate information that could be used when one shop wanted to cognize if a nearby one had a peculiar stock maintaining units ( SKU ) in stock. Store forces telephoned one another to reply this inquiry. All the jobs meant that shop directors would non hold comprehensive overview of the store’s stock list and gross revenues information to assist find order demands since it is strictly based on human observation and at times. feedback from some clients which could be distorted when conveyed from client to plan squad.

Information transmittal can be slow. inefficient and inaccurate. Furthermore. although tendencies and manner can normally be found global-wide. there are still some distinguishable fluctuations between different locations and population demographics. Furthermore. gross revenues will hold to be tallied manually as is presently the instance. since stock list information can non be made available from any POS terminus in the shop. Therefore. shop employees will necessitate to give more clip and energy to administrative work alternatively of supplying to customers’ demands. ( 123 Help Me. 2012 ) Shop operations will besides be inefficient as shops are merely able to look into for stocks from other mercantile establishments via telephone. holding to do client delay to cognize the stock’s handiness. making unhappiness with its client service.

5. 2. Obsolescence and Limitation of Technologies Used
The out-of-date DOS operating system which Zara has been utilizing to run its stores’ POS for decennaries is no longer being supported by Microsoft. The implicit in concern of utilizing an outdated operating system means that any ascents on the machines made by Zara’s POS terminal seller would render the bing machines DOS-incompatible. Zara’s seller besides did non warrant that they will non upgrade their system and phase out DOS. This puts Zara’s nucleus operations system at hazard. Furthermore. the current DOS system has limited capablenesss. puting Zara at a disadvantage when compared to other rivals utilizing more advanced package. Furthermore. shop directors are progressively kicking about the demand to add more characteristics into the POS terminuss and PDAs for more in depth maps for analysing shop public presentation. Furthermore. most of the current POS system was written by the internal IT squad. peculiarly the caput of IT. Therefore. it put Zara’s concern continuity at high hazard depending on the team’s cognition.

While sweetenings had been made to the PDAs used by shop directors. it is important to observe that PDAs are widely going disused due to the permeant acceptance of smart phones. ( Smith & A ; Wempen. 2011 ) Therefore. if Zara was to go on deploying PDAs in their shops. they may shortly be unable to happen sellers to provide or serve this progressively out-of-date piece of hardware. In add-on. it could be hard to engage developers to make applications for the out-of-date platform. There is besides a restriction to the capablenesss of PDAs ; hence if in the hereafter. Zara’s employees find it necessary to add in more capablenesss. the PDA might non be able to supply the service.

5. 3. Limited Global Reach of Zara’s Online Store
Although Zara now has an online shop catering to the online market. it is noted that the online shop merely operated in states which Zara has a big client base instead than presenting it to the planetary market. ( Fashion United. 2010 ) Despite being the largest vesture retail merchant in the universe presently. yet they lagged buttocks in the online commercialism country. It is merely in 2010 that online shop has incrementally become a portion of Zara’s scheme to spread out gross revenues as compared to retail merchants like Gap which has a stronger online planetary influence. ( Kenna. 2011 )

As Zara is considered a late entrant in the cyberspace retailing sphere and arrives in a crowded and competitory market where other on-line retail merchants like Amazon and ASOS have had important loyal client bases. it will necessitate to happen advanced ways to do usage of their expertness in distribution and stock list direction to lift above the remainder.

6. Recommendations
6. 1. Mobile Enterprise Applications
Smart phones such as Blackberry. Android. iPhone and tablet devices are capable of running complete operating system package. They provide a platform for application. or “apps” designed to assist the user perform singular or multiple undertakings. Some apps provide maps such as control. trailing and messaging that can be really utile for supply concatenation direction ( SCM ) executing. The scope of possible nomadic apps is apparently immense – from basic visibleness and traceability via order to warehouse direction solutions and transit direction systems. For illustration. SAP Transport Tendering app allows its users to have Request for Quotation ( RFQ ) for cargo bringing anyplace. anytime. Users can so treat the RFQs straight from their nomadic devices. This allows concern users to better client response times and service while streamlining efficiency. Our recommendation for Zara is to present nomadic endeavor applications throughout their SC and bit by bit replace their bing PDAs with smart phones and tablets. in order to back up and optimise their operations.

A. Benefits
Mobile Enterprise Applications can convey approximately many alone advantages to Zara’s SC. ( 1 )

Improved Timeliness and Correctness of Data

Discrepancy in informations can make confusion amongst users and may ensue in incorrect concern determination being made. However. by linking the nomadic app to Zara’s chief information systems. information like gross revenues informations. tendencies and order history can easy be retrieved and displayed on the app in existent clip for employees’ use. This eliminates the possibility of sing conflicting or double informations entries particularly when Zara depends to a great extent on PDA devices to reassign informations such as orders and gross revenues tendencies. Furthermore. overall concern procedures can be executed more expeditiously. Employees that use nomadic apps are able to capture and come in informations faster irrespective of location or clip. For case. the bringing driver can utilize the nomadic app to enter bringing position. while the system can corroborate his entries and bringing clip every bit good as procedure the information. All the information is instantly made available on their several platforms and is displayed via the company’s information systems. More significantly. all relevant spouses in the SC can entree it readily. Accurate. real-time informations can greatly better order-to-delivery rhythm clip and efficiency of strategic concern procedures. ( 2 )

Improved employee reactivity

Employees with nomadic devices can utilize them to better “reachability” and reactivity. Through the nomadic apps. workers can recover precise information whenever they need it. This besides enables the employees to manage questions from clients and spouses more rapidly and accurately. For illustration. shop director can entree current shop stock list information and commercials at La Coruna can see stores’ public presentation informations to find future production.

( 3 )

Better scalability and easiness of updates

Outdated engineering like the PDA Zara is presently utilizing in shops will meet proficient support issues bit by bit as they become disused as compared to apps on nomadic devices that are comparatively easier to get and develop apps for. It is besides easy to deploy updates on applications for modern nomadic runing systems such as Io and Android. This means that updates for package on the nomadic devices can be easy downloaded for usage in all their shops globally to repair bugs and present new functionalities. All devices in Zara’s SC will be invariably kept up to day of the month with the latest version of the app.

B. Feasibility Evaluation
However. there may be possible challenges and concerns with the execution of nomadic endeavor applications. First. the cost of execution may be high as it was mentioned in the given instance survey that Zara’s concern theoretical account can non be easy addressed by off-the-rack bundles and requires customized apps. This would intend that Zara will necessitate to engage developers to develop specialized apps. Furthermore. it may besides be clip devouring to develop shop and warehouse forces to follow and use the new devices to their full potency. On top of that. the deficiency of nomadic device ownership amongst cardinal users may besides impede the success rate of the nomadic endeavor application being adopted. However. ache phone incursion is increasing particularly in Europe. with Vodafone saying in 4th one-fourth of 2011 that they are selling an increasing figure of the devices in each one-fourth. ( Wireless Intelligence. 2012 ) This is assuring since more cardinal users can follow the passage to mobile endeavor application.

C. Recommendation Overview
Overall. we feel that in the long tally. the benefits of nomadic endeavor apps far outweigh the costs involved. Furthermore. Zara can see a phased attack or run pilot undertakings by implementing it in a few shops at a clip to assist extenuate any possible hazards to hold a more successful execution.

6. 2. Upgrading of DOS-based POS System
Zara should see bit by bit upgrading its DOS-based POS system to current POS terminals’ hardware and package such as Intuit-HP Retail Solution. an industry-proven package. The Intuit-HP Retail Solution comes complete with: HP’s Point of Sale System. proctors. USB keyboard and mouse. Cash Register
functionalities. Barcode Scanner. and Intuit POS package. and is a widely deployed and supported POS system. ( Weidenbaum. 2007 )

A. Benefits ( 1 )

Real-time informations benefits

Adopting a modern POS system will let Zara’s commercials to do just allotments of points in state of affairss where demand exceeds supply as they can establish their determinations on day-to-day real-time gross revenues figures. Besides. if all shops have on-line entree to other shops. a peculiar shop director can either bespeak bringing from other shops. or direct a client to another local Zara shop in instance of a stock out. Unifying informations into 1 system besides enables real-time sharing of gross revenues. telling and returns information ensuing in a more precise measuring of stocks and ensures better determination devising. In add-on. if all employees of Zara use the same system. it will be a good manner of linking independent shops which allows for better apprehension of planetary tendencies and developments. With information sharing in real-time. Zara’s SC can respond faster to gross revenues information and latest market tendencies. and perchance cut down overall lead clip with determinations made at a faster gait. ( 2 )

Company-wide networking capablenesss

Presently. shop employees have to manually tally day-to-day gross revenues and engineerings used in-store does non portion informations. This necessarily reduces employee productiveness as the clip could be better spent on other undertakings. By implementing modern POS terminus system in the shops. the system can automatically roll up and treat informations. With the execution of modern POS systems with broadband cyberspace connexions. real-time exchange of critical information replaces the demand for telephone conversations and manual shop electioneering.

( 3 )

Cost nest eggs

Upgrading to a modern and widely supported POS system. will assist cut down Zara’s trust on a exclusive hardware seller which in bend additions their bargaining power and can take to possible cost nest eggs. Ultimately. the migration from an progressively disused OS will assist to future-proof ZARA’s operations.

B. Feasibility Evaluation
To follow this solution. Zara has to foremost upgrade its web substructure to guarantee handiness of web connectivity in each of its shops and section. We besides are cognizant that the execution of a new IT system across a big administration utilizing a “Big-Bang” acceptance attack will be excessively hazardous and may be met with jobs. Therefore to understate hazards. we recommend that Zara implements the system utilizing a “Pilot” acceptance attack. by first presenting the new system to a few shops to measure its stableness and suitableness before bit by bit making a more widespread rollout. The new system may besides be faced with user opposition. as the staff are more accustomed to utilizing the older system and may happen the new system harder to setup and troubleshoot. However. proper organisational support through staff preparation and authorization can assist cut down the sensed trouble of accommodating to the new system.

C. Recommendation Overview
Although fixing the necessary substructure to back up the “Pilot” acceptance attack of a new POS solution may incur significant costs. we feel that the demand to upgrade from an progressively disused OS is inevitable. Furthermore. the new solution will enable Zara to track clients. manage stock list. and addition valuable concern penetrations. whilst guaranting that their systems are prepared for the unpredictable hereafter.

6. 3. Expanding of E-commerce Presence Globally
There is demand for Zara to spread out their e-commerce presence globally as more and more consumers are unfastened to doing purchases over the cyberspace. This can be seen from the rise of e-commerce gross revenues over the old ages amounted to $ 43. 15 billion in 2012. in contrast to $ 37. 50 billion for the same period in 2011 worldwide. ( Stambor. 2012 ) Therefore. Zara make usage of this chance and capitalise on this favorable tendency to widen its range and mark more on-line clients. A. Benefits

Gathering comprehensive informations

Although Zara managed to travel its concern online. they failed to make out to the international market as they are merely able to supply bringings to neighboring parts near its DCs. Zara being the fast-fashion leader in brick and howitzer retailing is losing out in the moneymaking e-commerce market and this might put Zara behind its rivals. If Zara can spread out its online retailing internationally. they can get significant cognition on the demographics and market incursion of the concern. Internet retailing enables Zara to capture comprehensive consumer penchants instantly when a purchase is made. Apart from that. customer’s information can besides be captured immediately and easy with every on-line dealing. supplying Zara’s interior decorators an instant position of the current state of affairs. ( Kenna. 2011 ) Furthermore. without a physical store forepart. it removes the restriction of operating hours. therefore gross revenues can be conducted around the clock. Ultimately. on-line retailing can enable Zara to speed up gross revenues and derive an border over fast manner challengers.
( 2 )

Deriving bigger portion of on-line retail market

By holding on-line retail presence globally. it allows Zara to make out to huge sum of consumer globally. It is said that bulk of cyberspace users are between 25 and 34 old ages old. alining to Zara’s mark audience. ( New Media Trend Watch. 2012 ) Furthermore. it enables Zara to capture the market of time-pressed shoppers who prefer to shop from place or work. Therefore. spread outing Zara’s ecommerce will decidedly let Zara to catch a immense portion of the on-line retail market and increases its client base and grosss.

( 3 )

M inimize the figure of brick & A ; mortar stores

Online retailing can make a larger audience base. both domestic and international as compared to brick-and-mortar shops. It besides enables retail merchants to offer a broader choice of merchandises and related information in an easy accessible signifier. Having an on-line retailing presence besides means that Zara can cut down the figure of physical shops in a state which can perchance take to cannibalization. Last. constructing an online presence is a low-risk manner to prove new markets credence or complement bing shop footmarks.

B. Feasibility Evaluation
( 1 )

Targeting the right state

Puting up on-line shops globally is non a simple undertaking as the credence and popularity of on-line shopping is besides dependent on the civilization and web substructure of the state ( developing vs. developed state ) . Therefore. anterior to spread outing Zara’s online retail presence globally. it is indispensable for Zara to measure the country’s chances on e-commerce before puting up an online shop because the figure of cyberspace users and how many are
comfy buying merchandises online may find the success of the online shop. Furthermore. Zara may hold to put up extra DCs in the state or in neighbouring states to better cater to online demands in order to open an online shop in the state. This may incur immense costs although it can be compensated with lesser demands to open brickand-mortar shops.

High logistic and transportation cost

Goods bringings to states further from Zara’s DCs in Spain may incur important bringing cost due to logistics issues and restrictions. To cut down its international transportation costs. Zara can renegociate abroad transportation costs and footings. This can be done by leveraging on the fact that Zara is the fastfashion leaders and therefore hold the power to negociate costs with the bringing company. Alternatively. Zara can beginning for other logistic companies that could assure bringings to global-wide locations at a more low-cost cost.

International exchange and return handlings

When international transportation is introduced. there may be complicated issues with the return/exchange of goods. Due to the nature of long transporting clip to international clients. articles may non be available in the DCs for exchange of sizes by the clip goods are delivered to the client due to the high turnover rate of Zara’s garments. Therefore. Zara will necessitate to provide international customers’ demands by leting them to interchange for other garments in local brick-and-mortar shops. C. Recommendation Overview

To sum up. Zara can utilize on-line retailing as an attack to tap into growing markets. construct the trade name and even short-circuit geographical restrictions to make out to more consumers while puting less capital in puting up physical shops. ( Khurana ) With the planetary enlargement for its online shop. Zara will be able to widen to markets where it does non seek to open as many physical shops in the close hereafter. ( Euromonitor International. 2009 ) In bend. Zara’s gross revenues will trump over other challengers.

7. Decision
Having looked at Zara’s closest rival H & A ; M SC to find how Zara has fared against its rivals. Zara have a shorter lead clip and is more antiphonal to market tendencies as compared to H & A ; M. Following that. we besides looked at Zara’s updates after the instance survey and place several of import updates to its SC which includes a more accurate manner of pull offing its stock lists. an add-on to its gross revenues channel and betterments to retailers’ work procedure. However. it is noted that Zara still experiences several SC challenges. These include cardinal issues such as the restriction of its companywide interconnectivity. obsolescence and limitation of the engineerings presently used and in conclusion. the demand to keep its leading in the industry with on-line enlargement.

Based on the challenges discussed supra. we have came up with three different recommendations to undertake the issues at manus. They are set uping nomadic endeavor applications. upgrading of POS terminuss and farther betterments on its e-commerce. However. each of these recommendations has its benefits. disadvantages and associated hazards. Zara will necessitate to carefully measure these recommendations and extenuate possible hazards before implementing them. All in all. we believe that through the execution of more advanced engineerings. whilst holding proper direction of possible hazards. Zara will be able to farther heighten their operations and remain as a dominant participant in the fast manner industry.

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